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So, it's time for me to pick my Commerce major, and I've been thinking about economics. Personally I found it pretty interesting, I'm just unsure exactly what sort of career options an economics major will bring me. Anyone on here studied/ studying university economics?

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Economics is great. I'm in my last year.

There are plenty of career options in the public and private sector. Check out gov. jobs. You can work in all sorts of positions. From policy analyst, to business manager, to auditor, risk manager, investment banking, trader, statistician, etc.

There are lots of entry level jobs and lots of professional certifications you can get to open more options. You can work on an accounting designation (accountants are actually pretty flexible, lots of different jobs they can do), you can work on a CFA (financial analyst) designation...or a professional risk manager designation etc.

You can also work for central banks, or the IMF or world bank, etc. If you get a master's it opens up even more doors.

Economics is super-flexible, and always relevant.

I'd pick it over a commerce, finance or business degree. it gives you a much broader understanding of markets, you can always specialize later.

You should also take a lot of math courses, econometrics/statistics is in demand.

Check this out: http://www.analyticrecruiting.com/list_title.asp?category=A

if you go for a masters in stats or economics, the world is your oyster

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lol economics, do some real math and be a pure mathematician fuckers

>ITT number crunchers

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>do some pure math

sounds boring and impractical as fuck

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Finance is a great major.

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