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"Get a real job, pinko" edition

Last thread: >>16177031

This thread exists to ask questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
>Discussion on academia-based career progression
>Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
>Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

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previous thread: >>16199099

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I did it lads, I defended my doctoral dissertation thesis today

Now I am a doctor of frogs

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Nevermind the first two obvious money drains, but where you're from for a GF to be substantial expense? If she can't handle her own affairs what's her worth to begin with?
I do see the gold diggers attitude towards enginners, but haven't seeen any of those before actually graduating.

Congrats, anon! Keep em grumpy.

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What's the point of a PhD? Most employers don't like people with one.

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>Most employers don't like people with one.
While that is true, you would not want to work for such low grade employers. Instead, find employers that appreciate a solid academic foundation.

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Get a real job, you useless pinko

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How difficult is it for an EE bachelor's to switch to a physics masters?

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why do you want to be poor?

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>Instead, find employers that appreciate a solid academic foundation
Where can I find these employers?

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If you craft your electives and take some summer courses, you’re looking at a semester extra tops.

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Look where people with PhDs in your field go to work. It depends on your field but industrial R&D is big in some of them. For example I know Apple and Meta were hiring specifically PhDs in my field (semiconductor-related). Beyond this, smaller companies (often startup or early-stage) may value PhDs by virtue of being run by them, and do their research in-house.

At the level of actually making use of your PhD things get so specialized that you'll likely have to move. In my current city you can't throw a stone without hitting a biotech company of some size. On the flip side, the probability of finding a perfectly matching skillset also goes down on the employer side and eventually they have to bend and compromise, especially the smaller ones.

Generic ones are consultancy and finance, university prestige matters for these. To be honest consultancy may not value your foundation as much as the ability to sell you as a smart guy, and finance mostly cares about your maths and programming. A physics PhD from a top university will get you into an interview at most finance places (which of course is not the same as getting you the job directly, but it means you at least get to prove yourself and your application is not processed by the shredder).

Then there's national labs and similar research institutions.

As ever, connections are extremely helpful. Even without that you can stalk people on LinkedIn to get a general idea of where people end up.

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>On a somewhat related note, is there any value in the britbong chartered physicist qualification or is it just a scam?

Any bongistanis want to weigh in on this? Or others, if similar systems exist in your countries. It seems like a chartered physicist is a bit of an oddity, which makes me think it can't be worth much. Simultaneously I'll be working in the field anyway, if I can push some button to get a piece of paper that helps I might as well.

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>work in consulting
>bulk of my work comes from one client
>sign up for project with other client in January because main client is slow and expect the work to be done within 2 months
>keeps getting delayed
>now March
>coworker quits, I take on their work
>main client starts getting busy
>now May
>outside clients project starts up, now working overtime
>ask to be relieved of project because of delays, denied
>now today
>other coworker quits, I’m expected to take on a portion of their work, will be working double OT
I’ve asked to be relieved of this outside project again. I’m at a loss bros.

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Which electives should I take? Also can't take any classes over the summer, they only offer intro courses

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starting to see why all your coworkers are quitting

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>will be working double OT
time to cash in on OT pay?

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This is where you start polishing your Linkedin profile.

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did it ever happen in your life a time where you literally couldn't study? it's been years that my days look like this: i wake up tired, i waste my day doom scrooling and then go to sleep late just to wait for the cycle to start again the next.
i've always been passionate about math and programming, in high school i learned on my own stuff that i'm now relearning in uni. if it wasn't for that i would've certainly dropped out because i'm not able to study, physically. i don't know what happened but i lost my spark. it's like my mind hasn't learned anything in the past years and i still leeching off things i already learned.
i feel like i'm losing so much potential i don't know what to do.

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go outside, exercise, eat healthy and talk to people
it might not make you better at studying but at least you'll feel better

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>go outside,
i wish but i can't, i have no friends to hang out with.
>exercise, eat healthy
i go to they gym and i eat generally healthy. i'm overweight or underweight or sick or anything.
the problem is inside my head.
>and talk to people
fortunately i am able to hide my emotions and in uni i meet and talk to a lot of people. mostly new ones since i study in another city. but i also feel that void that follows me since my teenage years.

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>tfw still unemployed

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How do I unPhD myself?

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I have an interview tomorrow for an AutoCAD design technician role for to "create Electrical Distribution and Telecommunication drawings ... for electrical distribution and telecommunications outside plant networks"
Any tips ?? I'm going to be continuing to study today, but i've kinda spent 10 hours of the last 2 days on dark and darker

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>day 164 of unemployment
Getting a math PhD was a huge mistake. Seriously, how do I fix this?

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What's the optimal frequency to blast through concrete with my phone to make the retard above me get headphones?
I only deal with ir/vis light, not sound, so no idea what's the transmission spectrum

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>apply for two PhD positions
>get a PhD with extra funding
>apply for one postdoc position at the end of the PhD
>get a postdoc
>apply for one industry job at the end of the postdoc
>get an industry job

is this meant to be hard or something

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what field are you in?

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Physics/chemistry, more specifically organic semiconductors and spectroscopy.

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That's so cool anon! Congratulations!

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You have bigger issues

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Considered data science? Plenty of job postings:

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>let's define the scattered field such that the total field is the incident field + the scattered field
>surely that won't cause any issue

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Am I crazy or is it much easier to find these types of jobs in Europe? I feel like companies think we are too expensive to hire in the US. Hardly getting any responses.

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For the engineers here, how valuable is it to attain chartership/PE certification in your area practice?

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I'm quite introverted with massive social anxiety. I have very few friends and acquaintances. People tell me I need to have a big network to have any chance of getting a job after college. But, I have completely 0 ideas about how to socialise. Also, I'm afraid of it.

Has anyone been in my shoes? I want to know if someone like me with no social skills managed to network successfully. I'd rather not do it but it seems I don't have a choice. But, I don't know how and where you're supposed to find useful people to network with and who you're supposed to connect with.

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I fucking hate this field of work.
Every job in EE I had made me want to kms.

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Did you have to travel all over the country to get those positions?

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I farted.

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>get a call from the HR person organising a job I interviewed for
>you're one of the two candidates remaining we'd like to check your references
>give them my references
But what's the point of still having two candidates at this stage for one position? Are they just hoping one of us has bad references who say we're retarded?
Whenever I've been involved in recruiting new team members, we'd already decided on the person by the time we did reference checks. It was only if their references were bad, we would go to the second preference (which never happened).

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There's no solution isnt it?

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Or they do work but are poor and want everyone to be the same

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>get math PhD
>3rd year of no stable job

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Do you guys have any wild and creative ideas on how to get funding for research? I was thinking of making either cam girl site or OnlyFans-like website that channels 50% of the profits to my research group.

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I experience that too sometimes. It comes in phases for me though. I could be somewhat motivated to perform well in uni for a couple months but then suddenly all the fun is lost and learning starts feeling like torture. There definitely are moments when I experience a strong passion to learn or do something, but it eventually withers away.

I'm not sure what causes this, but minimizing internet content consumption helps me sometimes. If I manage to spend a few days without browsing 4chan or youtube for hours like I usually do, I can begin to feel more fun in activities that I otherwise would consider too boring. It's definitely hard beating internet addiction though.

We're all different so I guess you'll have to spend some time trying to understand yourself in order to find ways to cope with your situation.

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You don't have to mention your every degree when applying for a job

>> No.16232584

Oh yeah, I did my degrees in the UK, postdoc in the US and my job is in the EU. It definitely helps if you're willing to do that.

Satan himself could not figure out my taxes or track my finances at this point.

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I now understand why
and I hate it even more
>bro internal fields lmao

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>get insta-rejected for having a 4 year gap in your CV

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I wanted to do this and was looking in to it.
Turns out there aren't many "physics masters" programs out there. They want you to commit to a phd. Also they think EEs are basically retarded and think your coursework was kindergarten tier. They have a huge elitist thing so it will be very difficult for you to get accepted. It's all they have really since they can't get jobs so I don't really blame them for gatekeeping so hard.

>> No.16232865

>Turns out there aren't many "physics masters" programs out there
in what third world country do you live?

>> No.16232880

The United States

>> No.16232885

my condolences

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My STEM career is a trail of failure and rejection.

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In the words of George Orwell

>Autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful. A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats.

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Yeah, I have pretty much zero proper friends and not even many acquaintances. There can be overlap but at the end of the day professional connections aren't the same thing as friendships. I made okay networks during my PhD by just working since I was involved in projects with lots of people, I maintained a shared lab facility and I at least attended social events so people knew my face. This was very much helped by the fact that there was a massive group of people working in a similar area and the field relies on collaborations generally. I put in effort to my work and developed a reputation as someone who knows what he's doing, which helps a lot.

Had a much harder time during undergrad, since the opportunities to meaningfully work with people are fewer. During my postdoc it was also hard to network, because the group and institute were unusually small and secluded.

You don't need to pretend to be someone you're not, but it helps if you show your face around and get involved with your community in whatever way you can.

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>i wish but i can't, i have no friends to hang out with.
take a basketball to your nearest court. Practice and ask someone to 1v1 if you can. Get their phone number, ask to play again. Repeat.

>did it ever happen in your life a time where you literally couldn't study? it's been years that my days look like this: i wake up tired, i waste my day doom scrooling and then go to sleep late just to wait for the cycle to start again the next.
You and millions of other people are living the same life. There is in fact a way out.
The thing about motivation, is that its not really what you want. You want discipline. You need to re-evaluate what is hard and what is easy. From experience, I can say, doing what you should be doing , even if it takes a lot of time, feels 100% better than actively avoiding doing what you should be doing. And then you can have a negative feedback loop of anxiety, and escaping from anxiety.
There are so many answers of how to solve the issue you're dealing with, but I'll give you one. Physically write a list of things you want to work on, and just focus on crossing one item off from the start.

>fortunately i am able to hide my emotions and in uni i meet and talk to a lot of people
Good for you, keep it up.

take whatever seems interesting and or easy.

Interview went very well. One of the 2 HR ladies said that my interest was exceptional to the other candidates and I sounded very analytical. Arranging for an AutoCAD proficiency test next Monday. Sounds like It is done over email so I can probably chatGPT it. I have AutoCAD installed and I'd been trying to practice it, and it seems I did not under-prepare.

>> No.16233236

>You need to re-evaluate what is hard and what is easy
what does this mean

>> No.16233242

Apply to jobs requiring a Ph.D or at least a masters. Where do you live anon? I've at least seen jobs asking for these degrees before.

>> No.16233245

Right now, anon, I'm both

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you don't need a big network to have a chance at a job, it just helps when someone personally recommends you. What you do need is skills, and the right attitude. If you want to work, and are capable, you can get hired.

>I'm quite introverted with massive social anxiety. I have completely 0 ideas about how to socialise. Also, I'm afraid of it.
This was me. I went to uni 400 km away, going with 0 close friends. I spent the majority of my time playing games with the same friends from high school. Then I graduated, came back home, and they're still here.
NOW, I am a LOT better at meeting new people and getting along with them.

>But, I don't know how and where you're supposed to find useful people to network with and who you're supposed to connect with.
Your network are just people you know. Its people you play sports with, work on projects with, spend leisure time with, etc. When they get jobs, they remember you and will put in a good word for you, because they know and like you. Spend time with the profs and the people who show up to class and seem to care. If you follow around successful people, you will learn to be like them. But also, if you really don't want to be with people, you don't have to, but you're probably better off in good company.

In terms of social anxiety: Try not to overthink things, just let things fall as they may. A lot of things we worry about never happen, and if they do it isn't as bad as we thought, and if it is, its only temporary. I think being comfortable with getting embarrassed or joked at is good, because it is going to happen. Worry about yourself before other people, protect your energy, treat energy vampires like customers. Try to maintain a baseline level of respect for everyone. Learn to love yourself first, and then everyone else can be after that. Good luck

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I mean is it easier to do things you know you should, or is it easier to forget about those things for another time and push it off.

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Rank the following engineering bachelors programs from least-intensive (math wise) to most intensive:
Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer

>> No.16233310

Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Aerospace

>> No.16233316

Just do ChemE if you want an intellectually challenging engineering major, anon.

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I know what i have to do but i cant, depression made me numb, even for my passions.

>> No.16233529

Well there ya go

>> No.16233569

you can do it. Make a plan to follow, then just do it. Don't think about it, just do it. Life is going to be full of things you have to do but don't like to do, better learn how sooner than later. Being numb can work in your favour, because you can do what you have to do and be removed from it.
Besides that, you need to believe in yourself, every day, and show up for yourself every day, even if it's small. Focus on habits and routines rather than trying to go from 0-100.
You can do it, WAGMI.

>> No.16233574

How common is it for people to go from a Math BA (or BS) to an engineering Masters? Ever hear of anyone doing this?

>> No.16233755


Physics majors makes 95% as much money as Civil Engineering, Economics, and Finance, and 90% as much as ME, EE, and Comp Sci. Why do people here say Physics is useless, when data suggests otherwise. Community college is free, and affordable public colleges cost $10,000 per year. I'm only studying because I love Physics, I don't care very much about money, and I might pursue a Masters anyway.

>> No.16233770

I figured it out myself. Engineers have a massive hate boner for Physics majors because they think they are going to be filthy rich working for some dead end engineering firm as a tech monkey faglord. Meanwhile 50% of Physics majors go on to achieve high level degrees and become actual scientists/researchers or at least can get some easy job in finance making 6 figures even though they've never taken a finance class in their life. Every college girl thinks Engineers are creepy losers but think Physics majors are geniuses and need their Einsteinian cock. Engineers have the charisma of string theory.

>> No.16233848

Wrong analysis. Physics majors make money because they're smart and can learn just about anything on the fly. Engineers tend not to be quite as gifted and try much harder to earn the money that they do, typically within their specialized fields.
Physicists and EE's are the most disgustingly autistic people I've ever met. Many are trannies as well. No fucking shot that bombshell babes want to mate with some weirdo.

>> No.16234007

It’s not that, it’s that in a good physics program you really do cover things in more depth than engineering majors do. When you watch engineers memorising tables and so on for their tests when you’re expected to derive them in physics it’s hard to think of them as having as good of an understanding.

>> No.16234027

Have you tried consuming alcohol and drugs?

>> No.16234047

math majors are the trannies. physicists are pretty cool. engineering majors are either lost frat/finance bros or tony stark wannabe jeets

>> No.16234116

Yeah mine too. God hates me but not as much as I hate women, god bless.

>> No.16234121

I'm assuming some of you wanted to stay in academia but decided it was not worth it. What was your experience?

>> No.16234124

Literally impossible. Engineering BS is like 30 ECTS of math and 150 other shit.

>> No.16234130

6 months+ of unemployment

>> No.16234225

Computer, Mechanical, Electrical
Idk about Aerospace but probably in between MechE and EE
I think some EE jobs can be pretty light on math (power?), conversely CE can be math-heavy if you go into graphics or ML
Isn't the job market for ChemEs pretty bad?
This is possible at my university, we have a "mathematical engineering" masters program, which you can enter with a math BS + 1 year of engineering courses from the bachelor (not exactly sure but it's less than 60 ECTS). They can specialize in stuff like industrial process control, scientific computing or cryptography.
This anon >>16233848 is right, physicists are generally higher IQ and physics programs are more rigorous than other majors. If you as a high school grad have to pick between majoring in physics and EE or CS, you will have an easier time with non-physics and make more in your first job. Physics is objectively more intellectually challenging, if you can make it you have the brainpower to learn another field, but you'll lag behind the EE bro with 3 more years of experience. Physics major is also not great for instilling work ethic since you'll mostly be doing textbook exercises and exam prep and not many projects. It's very hard to do cool things in physics without lab access or a PhD-level grasp of theory.
I'm a physicist (doing ML now) and in my experience physicists are the most autistic major and have awful social skills. Engineers are normies. Math majors and CS majors are also autistic with many trannies but generally better social skills than physicists.

>> No.16234262

The truth is that staring at my phone is much easier than actually working, even though i know that in the long run it will hurt me. I tried making plans bit it never worked, i still have to read stuff i downloaded 6 years ago. And in addition to that, now that i am in uni and met intelligent people i know that i am not part of them.

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>day 166 of unemployment
yabai desu ne

>> No.16234303

Wtf you are an undergrad. You should still have dreams and hopes.

>> No.16234308

I'm in an identical situation.

>> No.16234314

>engineers are normies
topkek. Your normalfag baseline is less than 1% of the population. How does the average walmart employee fit into your worldview?

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How do I minimize my autism during interviews?

>> No.16234330

Its like my life is shifted forward by 10 years. In high school I learned on my own the stuff that they are teaching me now with the difference that they are making me hate it with those stupid exams. Its not fair that for a few good courses i have to suffer for all shitty ones.
I wish i had pill that could take to the state of mind of 15-16 year old me where i learned everything without worries. I have wasted so much potential.

>> No.16234332

>topkek. Your normalfag baseline is less than 1% of the population.
This can't be true. It seems like everyone and their mom dog piled into an engineering program in the last 10 years. And every job has 5000 applicants. Also if we are so rare why do we not demand competitive wages? I'm an EE and I'm pretty sure McDonald's managers make more than me. Clearly my "skills" are not very valued or in demand.

>> No.16234334

Nta but a good 90% of people shouldn't be in university. I met some of the most intelligent but also some of the dumbest people there.

>> No.16234335

I think the bureaucrats panicked and thought they were going to need a highly educated work force so they started social agitation to funnel massive amounts of people into university but they underestimated the degree to which automation and software tools were going to simplify things for end users.
At my engineering job I literally just press a button and everything is calculated for me. I could have done this as a high school student unironically.
It's a really bad state of affairs. Not only is the value of a university education being watered down massively, but normies are being burdened with debt just to get "educated" to perform a job they could have done anyways.
The fucked up thing as an engineer is observing the MASSIVE gulf in knowledge between tradies and newly graduated engineers. Maybe it's not a fair comparison since they just graduated but it really demonstrates just how totally useless those 4 years were when the average tradie can run circles around a new engineer without even trying. New engineers don't know shit, you might as well just hire someone off the street.

>> No.16234337

My shitpostation is based on US numbers and the issue might be competition with the poojeets or other cultures. Fractions of their workforce trying to make it in US or name-your-western-country would absolutely fuck the labor market.

>> No.16234352

clever people succeed whether or not they attend university, that's what i've learned in my short life.

>> No.16234414

>Physics majors makes 95% as much money as Civil Engineering, Economics, and Finance, and 90% as much as ME, EE, and Comp Sci.
I wonder how much of that is so low because many (too many perhaps) Physics majors spend several years of their careers as a low paid postdoc.

>> No.16234425

I think the idea isn't that you can't make money as a physics major, but rather there are less opportunities to do so.

>> No.16234433

>almost 3 years since I got my PhD
>spent 2 years teaching university
>spent 1 year unemployed
Lmao. Fuck this gay earth.

>> No.16234439

Power engineering is incredibly maths heavy Anon

>> No.16234444

hmm ok I stand corrected

>> No.16234447

How do I become accredited when I don't know any chartered engineers?

>> No.16234451

I mean get chartered or incorporated*

>> No.16234457

If it's that important to you then you change jobs to somewhere that has engineers like that.

>> No.16234459

It should be considered (indigo) child abuse to convince a sensitive young man to pursue a career in STEM.

>> No.16234465

But I like my job.

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What kind of spectroscopy?


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I know this site is full of wannabe boomers who think they're "based" if they yell at people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and say you're dumb if you can't get rich by 25, but I'm really concerned by all of this.
I know too many smart people who are in seriously bad financial shape and are wasting their brains doing bullshit jobs all day long, and I come on here and it's no different. There's something really wrong with this society. We're completely wasting all our talented people.

>> No.16234526

Our societies are bad at maximizing their human capital because they have conflicting priorities, such as elevating nogs and undertaking massive demographic replacement projects so whites are too politically disenfranchised to vote for Hitler 2.

>> No.16234557

those 7 posts were made by 1, at most 2 posters

>> No.16234572

What if the top candidate rejects the job offer?

>> No.16234591

Best colleges in USA/Europe for engineering side of game-dev ? I am currently a Computer science and engineering major in my country and planning to move abroad because my colleges doesn't have any sort of game-dev related program, the closest we have to that is graphics programming.

Any universities recommendation anons ? I am currently a freshman and planning to transfer in my after my sophomore. My plan was to transfer to Technical university of munich (TUM, Germany) and do a minor in game engineering, but unfortunately they dont accept transfer.. any alternatives ?

I have stellar ECs and 4.0gpa in freshman, may get a FAANG internship soon

Tldr : looking for colleges with minor in game engineering/computer graphics

>T. Freshman computer engineering

>> No.16234621

Would it be weird if I messaged random chartered engineers or engineers that alumni from the same uni and asked them to sponsor me?

>> No.16234623


>> No.16234647

Time-resolved, ultrafast, optical. And some niche variations in my postdoc.

Just lock me in a basement with my lasers and throw away the key.

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I'm an employed engineer now

>> No.16234760

I doubt it, I made one of them after there were already a fair number of them.

>> No.16234781

If you think the material is too easy, just sit the exams and don't bother going to the lectures. Also take more classes.

>> No.16234855

The irony of all of that is it will lead to the rise of the next Hitler. They never learn from history.

>> No.16234868

Good luck with your job.

>> No.16235299

Pro Tip: if you have your PE and want to make a little extra cash slinging designs, go to the city public works office and ask about any bids they might have going out. You won’t get the big stuff but there are all kinds of little projects you could do that aren’t worth the bigger firms time and you can under bid them every single time.

>> No.16235324
File: 2.35 MB, 480x384, 1718149958746287.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I do a PhD in a foreign country? I'm thinking whether it would be worth the hassle as I can get one here for free and plus I'm on my home turf. I heard that it essentially doesn't matter where you get your PhD but what skills/knowledge you gain.

>> No.16235460 [DELETED] 

Is a PhD in Biomedical Engineering the best thing to do if I want to go down the medical physics path? There's not any medical physics programs in my state and can't really afford moving out at the momebt

>> No.16235498
File: 10 KB, 166x221, Ted_Kaczynski_drivers_license_Illinois_(cropped).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which graduate degree is the best alternate pathway to a medical physicist career? Physics (nuclear/particle), Electrical Engineering or Biomed? Does it even matter?

>> No.16235500
File: 335 KB, 2400x1350, tease_sngbls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the best alternate pathway to a medical physicist career
in what sense?

>> No.16235505

For a position at a university hospital I guess. I heard medical physics only really prepares you for a role as a clinical but maybe I'm completely fucking wrong

>> No.16235523

I was kicked out of my grad program after not enrolling in any classes for 2 semesters. They just randomly shut off my email account one day and that was that.

>> No.16235549

>I was kicked out of my grad program after not enrolling in any classes for 2 semesters

>> No.16235599

idk I guess that's their policy if you aren't enrolling they kick you

>> No.16235610

Then we would check the second candidate's references.

>> No.16235630

>The truth is that staring at my phone is much easier than actually working, even though i know that in the long run it will hurt me.
So you understand. Again, focus on taking things slowly. Don't worry about wasted time, or anyone else. Just keep looking at what you can do, one day at a time.
>Its like my life is shifted forward by 10 years.
That's going to continue to happen, you may as well build something cool, and walk in a better direction.
Everything you said is exaggerated.
I think teaching engineering to more people is a good thing.

>> No.16235733

hey bro just saying this 2 give u a helping hand. ur symptoms are literally due to your dopamine and serotonin being fried.

try doing a dopamine fast or at least half of the main parts of it, get off SM that lets you doomscroll, and start actually conditioning your brain to reward you after work whether its by food or relaxing. get a notepad and start writing down things you want to do tomorrow and then force yourself to do them. if you wake up sleepy always then have a shower, make a coffee, and lay/sit in the sun in your undies for 20-30 minutes, maybe with a book or manga or whatever you've been meaning to read.

all of these things are pretty necessary for ADHD management that isnt medication, but helpful regardless if you're genuinely listless. look into diagnosis if you really need to, but you dont really need to, probably.

start actually writing things down in a pocketsized notepad and use it everyday, keep it on you always. it'll take one week of effort of doing this and then it'll come more natural. just keep doing it. humans never stop learning, you are just frying your synapses by wiring them to the same shitty feel-good easy tasks like doomscrolling etc

>> No.16235825

You're a braindead redditor moron desperately trying to cling to a world that doesn't exist.

>> No.16235885

Literally me in the center

>> No.16235887

Most of those posts were probably made by the unemployed Swedish math professor who posts here

>> No.16235931

I wish I had the opportunity to do classes in grad school, in my country you start off immediately being your supervisors personal pepperoni boy

>> No.16235933

Go wherever has the best supervisor (good publications/you get on with them). That is the single most important factor for a PhD, it will circumscribe your entire experience.

>> No.16235982

This is good advice.

>> No.16235993
File: 511 KB, 1200x908, 1716057004649546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you. Yeah this is what I had in mind.
>good publications/you get on with them
Finding out about their publications is easy enough but I feel like I'm taking a gamble when it comes to our compatability as people. For instance my current masters supervisor/mentor has a great publication record but is an autistic and disorganised as fuck. Changes and compromises at the last minute, the most minimal input and communication. It's a pain in the ass.

>> No.16236052

What kind of background do companies like Intel look for, if I wanted to work on things like processor architecture? I have a CS degree, from Europe.

>> No.16236065

Jewish grandparents

>> No.16236078

without knowing your field (and even if I did) it's hard to say which one would get you the best opportunities
however also consider matters such as how much you're paid if at all
in EU specifically, usually france is to be avoided if you're not confident to land the few well paid positions, while the netherlands have a standard phd candidate contract (paid 2.7k€/m in first year up to 3.4k€/m in last year)

>> No.16236100

Ask to speak with his other students and ask them. Straight up just ask him pointed questions about his supervisory style (hands on/hands off, does he have projects in mind already, how does he treat students taking holidays etc.)

You just have to be a bit gutsy, it's 4+ years of your precious life, you gotta do the due diligence.

>> No.16236108

Seriously though.

>> No.16236178

Noted. How is Germany in this regard? It offers the best opportunities for my field.
Understood. Thanks!

>> No.16236189

>How is Germany in this regard?
luck for you I do know a little about it
It heavily depends on the field. The university receives a certain amount of money for the govt to pay you, but the university itself can (and almost always does) reduce the amount you actually get. In some fields you get 50% or less and they literally get two+ phds for the price of one. In others (usually physics/CS) it's 80%+.
So if I was you I'd try to talk to people within that field about how much they actually get.

>> No.16236193

How important is dynamical systems for somebody focusing on applied math? My school sucks and has financial problems so it's on a two year rotation, and if I don't take it this upcoming spring semester I'll never get the opportunity to, but abstract algebra was recently moved to be on a one year rotation in the same semester along with real analysis and numerical analysis (which I guess I could take my final semester?). Would real analysis, abstract algebra, and dynamical systems work in one semester or would I be wasting my time and miss a lot of the motivation for dynamical systems without having first completed the analysis course and some other math modeling classes I'm planning on taking?

>> No.16236207

Depends on the course of course, but I think don't you would need analysis for a dynamical system course. Do you know which text book they use?

>> No.16236210

Thank you you were of great help. I'm in comp biophysics and the Max Plank institute offers the best positions for this field so I want to atleast try my chances and apply there.

>> No.16236218

Also, you NEED dynamical systems for applied math.

>> No.16236224

Alright , i'm 27 now and have been working non stop since i graduated school. I'm getting a lot of experience and work a heinous schedule - talking 7 days straight with a rotating shift schedule. Enough to make me lose my mind. However , the pay is really good and it is fulfilling work. It just takes up all my mental capacity and my time.

My friends are all graduating with masters now and here i am just with experience and no masters degree. Should i even give a fuck about obtaining a masters degree , like would it even help ? I've always wanted to do get that and a PHD but this job makes that virtually impossible. Also would it even benefit me ?

>> No.16236229

M.Sc. probably. PhD probably not.

>> No.16236241

>for the govt
from* the govt

Np. Yep don't know anything about that field, so it would be better to talk to someone there.

>> No.16236259

I saw USC has a great game-dev program which seems like a perfect minor with computer engineering but unfortunately it's way too expensive. Any other colleges anon ? How competitive are colleges like University of Utah, Purdue ? (Being an international transfer, it's kinda tough for me to ask for AID )

>> No.16236260

>There's something really wrong with this society.
>We're completely wasting all our talented people.
Also true, unless your talent is suited for media.

Nevertheless, there are a few of us in this general pulling for those guys. We ARE going to make it, all of us.

That isn't really relevant. And for everyone who post, how many sit there quitely in front of their screens? It is to a large extent for them that this general was created.

>> No.16236268

There is no cure but there is therapy and coping mechanisms. Tried any?

>> No.16236273
File: 79 KB, 680x520, 1716862863417171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We ARE going to make it, all of us.
Despite all the stress and anxiety I think you might be right. All the things I lost sleep over were pointless in the end and I always managed to pull through. As long as you are alive you can be happy.

>> No.16236347

agree that you don't need rigorous analysis for dynamic systems, calc and diff eq is enough

>> No.16236391
File: 29 KB, 144x215, 6fd7fcfb43c670bdd21c9a3be118a1960d3b720276e8de06ca538826b95192ed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Isn't the job market for ChemEs pretty bad?
Yes and no at the same time.
I would highly advise to avoid the degree and shoot for MechE. You can still get the same process engineering job. In my experience, getting a process engineering job was difficult and it took ~6 months of eating tuna sandwiches just to scoot over to a process engineering job at a chemical plant in the middle of ass end no where.

>> No.16236699
File: 251 KB, 923x1600, 15cdf51b7aa983fd982654e49034e8d3f1d08c4a905a5c8723f63d7f070dc35c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.16236722

I am no expert, I did some peripheral architecture work on a very niche ASIC years ago, and I am a Physicist.
Many working in this field have a master's degree in EE.
Emplooyers are in general looking to reduce risks by hiring people with a proven track record. that often means years of experience at a competitor. As an alternative, you can do your own CPU design in VHDL or Verilog, and put the works on Github.

>> No.16236745

Seems like it would be much harder for me since I have a CS degree then. I only did a few courses on computer architecture during my degree, the rest is self-teaching and small projects. Would you happen to know if they employ CS people at all?
>very niche ASIC
What kind, if you don't mind the question?

>> No.16236849

>What kind, if you don't mind the question?
the field is narrow so I have to be a bit vague, but it was a chip for instrumentation relating to the oil industry, and the chip included interfaces for sensors, some DSP stuff for processing and interfaces for netowking to get the data to th elogging system. This was for internal instrumentation so the chip was never made available for sale.

>> No.16236854

i'd say it would be unexpected but not weird. I have received many career questions out of the blue (though I am not a chartered engineer).
A far better approach would be to get yourself a Linkedin-account and see if you can find a chartered engineer in your circle of connections or someone that they know. Also fellow alumni will make thisgs less weird.

>> No.16236872


>> No.16236988

>Would you happen to know if they employ CS people at all?
Sorry, missed your first question. And I don't know if they employ CS graduates. Still, if you just have one single CPU project (and very much NOT yet another cliched RISC-V implementation) on Github, you will be miles ahead of the competition. And it doesn't have to be a CPU implementation, an improved cache function will also be good. cache handling is at the root of much of the performance problems we see, so if you get something good going you should even consider getting a patent application filed. At this stage you will get the job.

>> No.16236995

concerta or adderall or I will kill you.

>> No.16237043

If you study at home, do it at your local library instead.

>> No.16237044

I'm starting my chemistry PhD program n August. What should I do to maximize my chances for employment so I don't end up without a job after getting my PhD?

>> No.16237257

Figure out where you want to get to and what it takes to get there. Look at group/department alumni to get an idea of what's feasible. Try to mold your projects to suit your goals, if possible. Treat networking as part of your job, if you want to end up somewhere it really helps to know someone on the inside. Start applying early, do not leave job considerations until after you write your thesis. Despite all the other shit, do your job well, it will give you a good reputation and that is very helpful.

The advice is necessarily generic because there's very diverging career paths after a STEM PhD and all of them will look for slightly different things. For this reason it will also really help you to narrow it down early. It's fine to change your mind later, just have a goal and don't float around.

Having said this, I didn't follow my own advice and it was fine in the end. But far from ideal and at times very unpleasant.

How to end up unemployed after a STEM PhD:
>Choose topic without thinking about how it will get you places
>Just do your projects and don't think about things too much
>Holy shit I need to write my thesis, ignore all else
>Start thinking about jobs after thesis
>Don't know where to look, don't know anyone who could give advice
>Insufficient record/connections/RNG to continue in academia
>No relevant skills or experience for relevant industry
>No transferable skills for out-of-field jobs (e.g. code monkey/consultant/finance)
>(Desperation postdoc with whatever money your prof had in his drawer)
>Unable/unwilling to broaden job search sufficiently in terms of location or job description
>Funding's run out, time's up, over, blow
>Post on /sci/ about being unemployed for 1865 days as a PhD

>> No.16237269

>Now I am a doctor of frogs
Congratubulations, my dude!
Did my D.E. this spring, feels good to be out of uni at last.
Mind to share some frog wisdom with us?

>> No.16237292

>tfw got phd after internship
>was a big company, they liked me a lot, told me I was suited for a phd
>also told me that for r&d it's almost only phds
>they referred me to a specific research group for phd
>phd project includes that company, contacts are the guys I worked with
I expected nothing from that internship at first and now I don't have to care about anything but research (and my volatile mental state)

>> No.16237318

I wish I could get into Verilog/VHDL. I did one class about it in undergrad (that I did very poorly in) but I see these job postings for this all the time now and these guys make insane money and get anything they want.

>> No.16237415


>> No.16237438

Wait, that's literally me! I can confirm the soundness of this advice.

>> No.16237466

I see, ASIC development sounds very interesting too. I would assume a lot of industries are in need of custom architecture too.
>patent application
I feel like I'm a long way from being able to do something like that. But thanks, this is what I'll try to work towards in that case.

>> No.16237467

>I wish I could get into Verilog/VHDL
Why can't you?

>> No.16237564

You should be ashamed of yourself if you are an ivy-league American and you come to a de-developing country like the UK and take jobs/research positions.

>> No.16237639

I have no experience I guess.

>> No.16237651

Well just learn and acquire some then.

>> No.16237668

I can't. I would need to get hired.

>> No.16237671

You can learn on your own

>> No.16237678

I can't.
I need the documentation. Certification. The designation. The initiation. The authentication and the verification.

>> No.16237691

I have soon a bachelor in structural engineering/construction management

what should I do to get a good paying career? I was thinking about pivoting to aerospace as it's what interests me more, I have to move abroad tho as there are no aerospace masters in my country

>> No.16237696

>I need the documentation. Certification. The designation. The initiation. The authentication and the verification.
Don't forget urethral stimulation

>> No.16237697

Just go into construction management and get your PiMP license retard

>> No.16237705

What then? We don't have that kinda license in Europe I think

>> No.16237707

Oh I was hallucinating an American flag on your post because I've been posting on pol all night. I don't know then, I'm not from Europe.

>> No.16237708

You don't need all that to learn HDLs, what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.16237710

To get hired though

>> No.16237712

Just do some serious projects and post them on github

>> No.16237722

Why would they hire me because of my meme github failed project when they can hire some jeet stud with a master's degree

>> No.16237727

What jobs are you even aiming for specifically?

>> No.16237766
File: 152 KB, 300x300, 1717426131532339.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw made a microcoded CPU in two weeks with a completely unrelated job
Next is getting VGA output for my FPFA so I can make games

>> No.16237772

Where'd you learn to do that

>> No.16237787

> The last two Diplomarbeit "theses" (Masters in Biochemistry) I have supervised have been 100-110 pages including roughly 40 figures, 20 tables and around 150 references.
> I give the students 8 months for the laboratory experiments and 4 weeks to write and defend the document in public. A lot of pressure on the students, but good preparation for their future.

I refuse to believe this is possible.

>> No.16237881

>The initiation.
I never heard of such rituals. Just pick up a book, get a FPGA kit and off you go.
There are free books on the net about this, for instance:

>> No.16237961

Internet and playing around with Icarus Verilog.

>> No.16237990

I'm working in power. It's so bad. I'm on fucking contract. No benefits. No job security. My badge is even a different color from all the real employees so there is a humiliation component to it as well. I became an engineer to actually make it, instead I'm on contract gig like some helpdesk jeet. I can't believe engineering jobs are like this now. I guess I should have studied HR or diversity or something.

>> No.16238001

4 weeks to write and defend 100 pages with 40 figures and 20 tables? Assuming you were working 5 days a week (I know, but that IS what should be formally expected), that would be 2 figures, 5 pages and 1 table every day.

It's dumb and by virtue of sheer numbers will probably lead to theses that are almost as painful to read as they were to write. I won't say it's impossible, especially if you make your figures/tables big to blow up your page count, but there realistically isn't time for refining text and going over it again. More text is not a better thesis, in fact conciseness is a virtue.

This being good preparation for the future implies that this retard acts as a slave driver for all of their group and thinks this is normal behavior. In fact I can read between the lines that they're proud of making life shitty for their students. Avoid at all costs. People like that should be made to work in the salt mines and certainly should not ever have power over others.

>> No.16238008


>> No.16238029

Im an Aerospace Engineering undergrad who is interested in fusion propulsion and fusion reactors. Does anyone know if there is an overlap? Can I go to grad school for aerospace engineering and work on tokomaks and fusion propulsion tech or would it be better to switch to applied physics?

>> No.16238058

It sucks. Could be worse though. You could be an unemployed PhD like me.

>> No.16238064

I assume they mean you should be writing during the 8 months and they are given 4 weeks to finish up the report.

>> No.16238067

Don't switch you retard

>> No.16238070

It's doable if you start writing before the deadline, you don't need complete results for most of the chapters. My thesis was 120 pages (11pt single spaced, 2 cm margin) and I worked on it for 4 months (experiments + writing, no coursework or anything else during that time), got a good grade.
Is it worth it to write such a long thesis? No, people only care about publications resulting from the research you did, no one except your assigned readers will read the thesis itself. And they will be salty if it's too long. If you can get away with writing 50 pages, do it and spend the effort on something else. In your career you will have to write things as concisely and effectively as possible (for example a 10 page paper about 8 months of work), so writing a bloated thesis is not even good practice.

>> No.16238078
File: 95 KB, 927x862, 1718333860823249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you cope with unemployment? Even grad school was a lot less stressful than this shadow realm.

>> No.16238088

Wait, if I get a PhD in nuclear physics, I'll be able to just get a middle class job? It won't be as shitty as the job market for abachelor's.

>> No.16238092

>middle class job
who's gonna tell him?

>> No.16238127

Rope or get a job at Pizza Hut

>> No.16238128

Daily reminder that there is no shame in making pizzas at The Hut. In fact there is actually a lot of physics involved in it.

>> No.16238158

Get that and work some cush job at a national lab somewhere and make six figures doing nothing surrounded by mouth breathing retards - big brain strategy and is currently my fallback plan

>> No.16238159

If i'm ever a PhD making pizzas at pizza hut , surrounded by drug addicted losers who no show after 3 days of employment - like clockwork. I think i will be floating in the nearest lake face down pretty quickly

>> No.16238163

There are lots of physics involved.
For example, the centrifugal force makes the pizza dough expand when you spin it in the air (which is a physical change like we learned in chemistry)
Gravity helps you sprinkle the cheese onto the pizza.
Then there is the baking which changes the pizza at a molecular level and is a chemical change as opposed to a physical change.
So you see, there are plenty of opportunities to think about physics at The Hut.

>> No.16238174

become nuclear (fission) engineer
go to europe
free money, every country fights to get you

>> No.16238185

>nuclear (fission) engineer

That is what i currently am ? Would that actually be that desirable in Europe ?

>> No.16238190

Yes, nuclear power plant engineers are desperately needed since there are a lot of aging reactors all over yurop (includes scandinavia) and not that much competent engineers to manage them.
You'll most likely end up moving around between countries if you get recognized enough

>> No.16238191

I'm licensed and have around 8 years of Nuclear plant operation , to include more years working for the defense industry for small modular reactor design and operation ?

I may actually look into that - thank you anon

>> No.16238217

Why can you elaborate? Are the fields not similar enough? I thought that plasma physics would be adjacent to CFD stuff that is studied in AE.

>> No.16238220

Nice experience yeah. No idea where to get started however. Probably depends on the current openings, but I guess France would be good, since there are a lot of reactors? Just be careful about what kind of certificate or clearance each country would need since it's sensitive and each country likes doing it their way.

My grandpa in law is exactly in that situation so that's why I'm able to talk a bit about it. Has a house in France and Spain, currently working in Sweden (or Norway I don't remember). I don't have numbers but the pay is good enough for him to not retire yet.

>> No.16238239

Will I forever be considered mediocre if I get my PhD later than most?
I fucked around after high school and only got an undergrad degree in my mid twenties, starting a master's soon. If I start my right after now, I'd be finished around the age of 34-35. It feels like I'm too old to ever be taken seriously.

>> No.16238243

>If I start my right after now
Fucked up the sentence, meant to say
>if I start my PhD right after

>> No.16238262

You just inspired me that perhaps there is more out there than just slaving away at the same shit - thank you man! Moving to Europe and operating some of their reactors would be so interesting , immerging myself into the culture - oh i would be in heaven.

>> No.16238279

Np. People often don't want to leave their country, but if you can afford to and like moving around and seeing new shit then yeah in those kind of fields it can be a godsend. Good luck!

>> No.16238411

>Graduated with bachelors in CSE and minors in physics 2024

>Soon joining a company for programming physics simulations(one of the top physics engine companies)
> Job title - Physics programmer and simulations engineer

Unfortunately during my under graduation, I didn't participated in any sort of research relating to physics.

My goal now is to apply for physics grad school, do you think experience as an physics programmer can be considered while applying for grad school ? ( I wanna do a msc in engineering physics )

I plan on working here for an year then apply, how is it anons ? Any tips ?

>> No.16239332

I'm totally mediocre. I am a contract employee with a BSEE. What do I do

>> No.16239451

How do I get some motivation? Hatred and status anxiety is no longer cutting it

>> No.16239954

Do people care for PhDs in Financial Mathematics? I am inclined to do a PhD in math, I am most interested in Pure Mathematics, but am not sure if I want to box myself into academia forever, Financial Mathematics is to me the most interesting branch of applied mathematics (even ignoring the obvious monetary incentive)

>> No.16239971

I did an autoCAD proficiency test and I did so badly, I think I outed myself as a retard. Was under-prepared and panicked given a 1 hour time to model something that would take about 2 hours with experience. Panicked and rushed final result was a mess, and missed some critical elements

>> No.16240102

Been unemployed for 4 years after graduating with BSME.
Entire 20s wasted by the time I get started with anything. Any industries or locations that are desperate for MEs?

>> No.16240315

>take gubment scientist job after graduating
>everyone around me is dumb
>adult daycare
>other phd holders leave after 2 years max
>they're begging me to stay
Well, I learned my lesson. It's an extremely low stress job but I feel like I'm getting dumber every day.

>> No.16240579

Literally no one cares. I promise you. If anything younger people will come to you for advice just because you are older.

>> No.16240667

Even in industry?

>> No.16240697

Age is one of the last things an HR roastie will reject you for. Does it happen? Yes, but to the extent that it makes you bars you from decent employment forever? No.

>> No.16240699

Are conferences good places to network? I don't know any other worthwhile places to do so as a STEM PhD student.

>> No.16240705

How does more frog knowledge help the bigger, wider world?
As a CompSci degree holder from IIT Delhi, I cannot help but laugh.

>> No.16240707


>> No.16240877

In general, companies don't like PhDs.

>> No.16240899

conferences are the designated networking places

>> No.16240905

On average, who makes more money: a RF engineer or a Signal Processing engineer?

>> No.16241589


>> No.16241703

Have you checked the BLS stats on this?

>> No.16241785

Conferences are awesome. I’ve gotten laid at 3 of the 4 I’ve gone to

>> No.16241810

they don't work, its always been an ideology for pampered rich kids who have daddy to rely on for financial assistance. the guilt and shame that comes along with living like that leads them to fantasized about ways to get the financial assistance without having to be grateful for daddy's help.

>> No.16241837

Who do I talk to an conferences?

>> No.16241879

Would it be retarded to change half way into a chemistry degree into Engineering? I'm thinking civil or mech. But would it mean I'd be doomed regardless being an older engineering graduate?

>> No.16241966
File: 68 KB, 852x480, It'll_Happen_To_You.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We ARE going to make it, all of us

Growing up is changing what "it" is until you get there

>> No.16242000

No it is not retarded. College is where you are supposed to find out what you want or don't want for a career. You are not doomed either there are many older engineering graduates. In fact, it is to be expected given the intense workload given to you.

>> No.16242314

I thought engineering would make a man out of me.
But I got the degree, I got the job, and here I am just a broken cuck.

>> No.16242372

Some good news:
>Attracting Chip Talent in 2024 Requires New Strategies
>In just three years, the semiconductor industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from an obscure technology sector to a dynamic and innovative market captivating global attention. As society’s awareness of our profound dependence on semiconductor chips in everyday life has expanded, so too has the industry’s significance, poised to reach a monumental milestone of a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2030.
>Yet, amidst this promising trajectory, a pressing challenge looms large: by decade’s end, the industry could experience a shortfall exceeding 67,000 skilled technicians, computer scientists and engineers, according to a recent report by the Semiconductor Industry Association. Addressing this shortage is not only pivotal for sustaining the industry’s growth but also for fortifying its role as a cornerstone of technological progress worldwide.

>> No.16242538
File: 59 KB, 600x960, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>day 171 of unemployment
Ok, let's go, chat. I had an interview at KTH this week and tomorrow I have an interview at SaaB about stealth planes and shit.

>> No.16242551

remember to smile and give him a firm handshake
goodluck nigga

>> No.16242594

>the industry could experience a shortfall
how many times are they going to keep peddling this lie?

>> No.16242595

100% bullshit
Just a ruse by tsmc to get Taiwanese guys over here
They are unironically racist and think Americans are too stupid and lazy to work at these plants

>> No.16242599

Everyone. Bring a pile of business cards and just talk to people about what they do. Go get drunk at the bar and hit on booth babes

>> No.16242714

>booth babes

It's not 1998 anymore. The booths are occupied by technical nerds who went to industry or slimy middle-aged salesmen.

>> No.16242715


>> No.16242717

It happens today. Taxes get more

>> No.16242721

Some of you may have been infected by scout files. I will cover this soon.

>> No.16243356

how much doomerism do you guys see in the Engineering fields

is it as bad as compsci? You'd think anyone working with computers is on unemployment eating at a soup kitchen.

>> No.16243363

They're completely correct.

>> No.16243578

Are you the faggot who has math PhD?

>> No.16243606

Compsci fags are just finally falling from the 4 hour workweek high and getting chucked out the door in favor of serf labor pajeets. Only the most elite devs with 10+ years experience are getting these crazy ass FAANG jobs any more, the rest are falling in line with normal engineering salaries/benefits.

Engineering itself is going through adjustments as people want some of those fancy remote work benefits and money, but that is slower going. The work is typically much more stable, but there isn't too much growth overall. Much of the growth is predictably in computational type engineering, with robotics, data engineering, and automation skyrocketing in demand. Basically, lrn2code and lrn2wrench and you'll never be out of a job.

>> No.16243624

One of them

>> No.16243720
File: 680 KB, 637x477, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I passed the first screening of a government PhD scholarship in japan working on plasma combustion. You guys got any tips so I dont spill my spaghetti at the interview? It's an in-person one at the embassy so I gotta dress nice and everything

>> No.16243867 [DELETED] 

Pegging is 100% a straight sexual activity. I mean yes, i have a math PhD.

>> No.16243924

Wtf? Are you being interviewed by some Japanese apparathick.

>> No.16243991
File: 100 KB, 934x796, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I passed this one, it might be a jap, but I'm not entirely sure

>> No.16244151

What are you even doing?

>> No.16244152

Cute PhD students

>> No.16244233

I live in the socialist knightmare that is Sweden.

>> No.16244253

I have a low gpa bachelors in EE and a high gpa bachelors in CS. How realistic is it to get into EE masters?

>> No.16244271

Wanting to improve young students life through education.

>> No.16244277

Sounds like working as a process engineer at a refinery.

>> No.16244279

In Europe they will let any sucker get a M.Sc.

>> No.16244284

>Get rejected.
>Get experience
>Get rejected
>Apply for various jobs at the supposedly massive chip factory with positions waiting to be filled
>Huge labor shortage in chip factories!!!
>Pls Apply!!!
>You can even get a referral interview if you know someone that works here!!!
>Apply again and get rejected.
I honestly gave up on applying to TSMC. Everyone I knew (even the Taiwanese I know) gave up trying to apply at TSMC.
I have not the slightest what the flying fuck their HR wants from you when you apply.

>> No.16244335

Wait until the market gets better

>> No.16244399

Female PhD students want ex-convict Chads who can barely put together a sentence.
Like I said in the last thread, having STEM career means you will die alone.

>> No.16244407

Nerdy but ugly men are a dime a dozen. HR roasties want Chads who barely made it to high school graduation and to give him a chance.

>> No.16244445

this happened to me in the second university year, I just felt that life wasn't going anywhere and didn't really know what the remedy would be. was able to finish my master somehow, but so much damage had been done that I couldn't get a job related to the degree.

thought I've regained my spirit now and I've just made a website where I write about various topics including the stuff I studied. studying is much more fun now that I'm reading academic publications instead of textbooks, and trying to write chapters that are better than those in my old textbooks.

>> No.16244479
File: 8 KB, 211x239, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16244485

Real mental illness cannot be solved by dumbass shit like "dude just do it bro"

if you have absolutely no clue, don't bother to try.

>> No.16244491

get off the anime

>> No.16244602

How do you deal with obnoxious classmates that brag about their grades but downplay yours? What's funnier is that this guy usually asks me for help but when i'm done explaining he then says: yeah that was obvious.
College undergrad is fucking draining me, full of envious people that hate other people's achievements.

>> No.16244623


>> No.16244842

Wait till you start hearing him mouthing off how he landed a 6 figure job in a F500 company in your city all due to his own merits (networking counts too lol) while laughing at you behind your back. I know plenty of people that behaves this way in my class. Glad I cut them off my life.

>> No.16244915

the job postings are fake
as part of the chips act, they agreed to hire a "diverse" workforce, and they are now realizing that being forced to hire blacks is going to sink the entire project, which is they factory is years behind schedule.
so they shifted strategy and they're going to pretend they can't find any american workers at all so they can pressure congress to give special visas to taiwanese workers

>> No.16245006

>workers cant even compete in cutting edge industries anymore
Do americans even feel shame?

>> No.16245160

For the engineers who work in consulting, would you consider your career to be stable in the long run? I ca'tn decide if I should go into consulting to stick with a government job.

>> No.16245169

i rape them and give them aids

>> No.16245283

Management/financial consulting still in trouble:
>KPMG to cut further 200 UK jobs amid market slowdown
>KPMG is cutting a further 200 jobs in the UK as the Big Four firm faces a prolonged slowdown in demand for some services and a drop in the number of staff quitting.

>> No.16245313

Stick with the government job.

>> No.16245357

Forgot to mention it's a major engineering consultancy that provides for tier 1 clients.

>> No.16245363

What kind of job do you have now?

>> No.16245380

Why did Ted even quit his teaching job?

>> No.16245399

bicycle food delivery, not joking. but it's really not so bad. I like cycling and moving around, and this place has few days with truly bad weather. Plus I can listen to WWII history audiobooks all day.

>> No.16245417

By cutting them off you mean you just stopped talking to them?
Kinda difficult considering we share a group of friends and follow the same lectures.

>> No.16245448

Depends on the M.sc. program. In Europe they wont really consider job experience when applying for M.Sc. programs.

>> No.16245451

Only engage with them on a superficial level.

>> No.16245470
File: 386 KB, 1522x1100, 2e875886-8204-432c-8499-ea43b3d07633_1522x1100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"He was apparently unpopular among undergraduates, who gave him poor ratings because he seemed nervous while teaching and was unresponsive during office hours. After two years Kaczynski resigned his University position and moved back into his parents' home."

I think also he just didn't really care about mathematics at that point. He finished his Ph.D but despite the fact that was "good" in mathematics I don't think he was a great researcher and or just didn't care enough to reach his potential imo. Many such cases btw.

>> No.16245500

Consulting is pretty much the antithesis of stability. If your major clients have a slowdown you'll get booted.

Having said that, go for it. If you don't like it you can always switch to government, where consulting experience is highly valued and respected, especially if its AECOM/Jacobs/Stantec caliber (at least where I live).

>> No.16245513

Wow, he is literally me

>> No.16245530

We don't talk, he just asks me questions.
I know i may sound like a retard but I did not expect people this type of behavior in fucking university and I only recently learned to say no to people, after being treated like this even in high school.

>> No.16245551

it's not that they can't find competent american workers at all, it's that they're trying to tactically maneuver themselves out of the diversity requirements of the chips act. they don't want to deal with it. TSMC isn't going to pull a Boeing and have a black workforce trying to make state of the art microchips. it's just a massive headache for no real reason. i don't blame them.

>> No.16245553

Kek. I love these types of posts where morons ask a question, don't get the answer they wanted, so then they drip feed more (made up?) information until they think they'll get the response they wanted all along.

>> No.16245626

I dont think game dev companies care a lot about which college you went to. They care more about your grade. Also they might prefer to hire locally.

>> No.16245682

I thought of sticking with the company until I've gained enough experience to move to the client side or a government role. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts.

>> No.16245684

How am i immigrating to usa, canada, or uk please help thank you

>> No.16245696

Pretty grim, but I am happy that you can make it work for you.

>> No.16245844

Go to Japan instead. They love jeets.

>> No.16245992

Go lift faggot

>> No.16246086

You sound like you might have autism. Just tell him "Sorry, i am busy". "I need to respond to some emails"

>> No.16246202

How can I prepare for the PhD program while I still have free time?

>> No.16246205
File: 111 KB, 828x830, F-lPxJqWwAAXNlj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I begin my villian arc?

>> No.16246254

Thinking about going back for Mech Eng.

Give it to me straight. Am I going to be spending my career sitting in a cube in a warehouse with no windows with 15,000 other people deciding what type of bolts should be used for row 27 of some airplane that’s already been designed?

Writing reports on why the lugnut in panel 3583.A.G.38477 rusted prematurely?

Or am I going to be actually designing cool shit like underwater robotics in CAD?

>> No.16246308
File: 63 KB, 1366x607, Screenshot from 2024-06-21 17-20-06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I emphatize with that. A lot of academic work is appearences, and most people somehow living throught that waking nightmare with a smile or "grinding my career" mindset, don't help with coping
I'll be switching to bioinformatics and computational biology. Molecular biology curriculum is decades behind research, and I'm tired of all the gatekeeping and wasting time. As much as I love labwork, I'd rather focus on computation than be a disposable slave

>> No.16246327

Has anyone taken the GRE subject test? Assuming my calculus is strong but I'm rusty on everything agter, how should I prepare?

>> No.16246335

There should be GRE exam prep guides on libgen

>> No.16246382

So I just need a reality check and maybe an assessment?

I am about to finish my Bachelor's in Business Chemistry at 30 with a shitty gpa after dropping out from an EE program in my early twenties due to me being a dumbass and shitty life events despite initially getting into a great school and having a great high school grades, though not really any debt.

Where do I go from here?

My original plan is doing a Master's (since it would be a free ride and to get a diploma with a better gpa) where I specialize in Business/Data Analytics, do some Data certs and pick courses related to energy technology, batteries, electrochemistry as my chemistry electives etc.) but not a PhD because I am too old and likely won't make it. I'll then just become a data analyst in the industry in order to have a somewhat stable life style because all the pure chemistry jobs are biased towards PhDs. There is are a lot of battery and renewable energy research labs in my area, as well as a big semi-conductor manufacturer that is hiring due to geopolitics/government funding. I am applying for internships this fall but I feel too old/underqualified to apply at the big names...

wat do

>> No.16246393

If you are too dumb for EE, please just stay out of STEM.

>> No.16246429

One of my tutors did this because one day he realized he didn't want to work for an insurance company. They made him take some of the upper EE undergraduate courses to prove himself the first master's semester and he went from there.

>> No.16246433

>Mech > Electrical
Really? I know little of engineering overall.

>> No.16246439

start by learning to spell villain and work your way from there

>> No.16246441

I've seen more EE than ME and ME involved a LOT of math (not proof math but bajilion step equations math) compared to EE
shit like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screw_theory
even worse afterwards with lagrangian/hamiltonian mechanics, though that might be for the more theoretical part of it

>> No.16246664

EE is the final boss of STEM

>> No.16246683

Would you study one semester more if it meant a guaranteed 2nd Master's in addition to your 2 year Master's you are already doing? The 2nd Master's would be in the -informatics area of your natural science degree.

>> No.16246689

However you are able to do the coursework during your degree, not afterwards and then would end up with two degrees.

>> No.16246707

I'm from a country where the title of 'engineer' is extremely protected (up to a fine of 25k USD for misuse) or at least it used to be. I recently discovered that due to a change in state laws like 10 years ago anyone with a 3 year degree whose courses mainly consisted of stem classes is allowed to use the title of 'engineer' now. So it's a title you get from fulfilling the requirements of the special laws that protect certain professions, not something the university gives you, technically. However, this title is not being indicated on the diploma/supplement/transcript of S__M graduates at my university. Should I asked my university to include this indication, so one day I end up in the applied tech field with my science degree I can claim to be one of the engineer bros?

>> No.16247127

completely depends on how you spend the time and how good you are at not being an autist

>> No.16247146 [DELETED] 
File: 132 KB, 360x360, Kiryu_Coco_-_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Status of my job applications

Chalmers Technical University: rejected, literally told by the turbo-boomer that I lacked drive.

Royal Institute of Technology: interviewed this week. Doubt I will get an offer but you never know.

Malmö University: interview next week

Saab: interviewed this week. Liked the manager. I really hope I get an offer.

FOI, FRA: no response

>> No.16247197

How difficult is it to get an electrical engineering associate degree in parttime while working as a junior electrical engineer? I had some electrical theory courses while I was in the maritime academy and I cheated on some of those exams.
t. electrical drafter

>> No.16247213

Depends on the program, but in my experience, working + studying full time sucks ass.

>> No.16247239 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247241 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247244 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247246 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247248 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247253 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247258 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247261 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247264 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247267 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247271 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247274 [DELETED] 


>> No.16247397
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Hey /scg/
I'm current working on my Bachelor's in Computer Science. Already have a Bachelor's in Finance, decided to go back and get a degree in something I enjoy.
What can I do to maximize my chances of acquiring (good) employment after graduation?