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NASA Pride edition

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Oh boy it’s thread splitting time!

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Non-gay thread

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this will be clogging the catalog for a month like that troon ogre, isn't it?

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I poop and pee and sniff snert fucky wucky eat my own shit

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choose one
spaceflight is a cornerstone of transhumanism

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thinly veiled kike thread
were in here

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This is the real /sfg/

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kill yourself

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janny can you not take a whole month to clean this thread up thank you very much.

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since this is zombie bread: if any anons have tesla stock pls vote today for elon to get his paycheck and for tesla to gtfo out of delaware and away from hysterical roastoid judges

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have to give a message to the judge to go fuck themselves

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>sold last month

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This /sfg/ was started 4 minutes earlier than the other one, how come jannie hasn't deleted the other one yet?

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yours is going to be deleted whenever the jannie wakes up. because you are either unironically a fag, or a fag obsessed /pol/nigger who can't spend two seconds not fighting his culture war and shoving it down everyone's throat.

in either case, a subhuman who deserves to be injected with bloodthinner while someone with a monkey wrench individually rips out each and every tooth, until you bleed to death.

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the n word is racist

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so am I you disingenuous zigger kike

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What do we think of this? Waste of money? Who's even funding it?


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It is, but homophobes didn't want to post in this thread because they're all self loathing closet cases who are afraid they out themselves by posting here.
They're so gay that they tried to replace this thread using one started with a crotch shot of a male astronaut in short shorts and then they proceeded to fill their thread up with pictures of anime and giant flying dildoes

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Take a look at this document:
>Environmental Impact Statement for SpaceX Starship-Super Heavy Launch Vehicle at LC 39A

Lots of interesting info:
>Landing Super Heavy booster at LC-39A or
>Landing the Super Heavy booster downrange in
the Atlantic Ocean on a droneship

>Separate landing pad/tower at 39A

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this, plus its pride month so we should have a pride edition of /sfg/

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spaceflight is trans and gay etc

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Janny is a transphobic bigot

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>Do it faggot

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she looks like this one pornwhore..
but the sim stuff? probably fun but not close enough to the real thing..

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>janny will wake up and delete your thread /pol/nigger
>1 day ago

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Waste of time. We already know people can handle the mental stresses of living like that. If they aren't testing actual hardware there's nothing to learn. They could get the same results in my backyard.

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There is an emergency on the ISS. Press blackout.

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janny hasn't woken up yet