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How does global warming cause quicksand?

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Ask those officials, you shit-smeared cretin

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you seem upset

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Meanwhile in OP's emails
>good morning ranjeet, today's task for 5 rupees is to find a clickbait journalism headline about climate change and post it to 4chan.org/sci

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quick sand isn't real, adding sand to water makes it denser and it's already easy to float on salt water anyway. literally just float out of it.

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these global warming stories are starting to remind me of the holocoaster stories

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Depends on what you consider quicksand. Here's a video from Atlanta, Idaho of a man fishing who got stuck in what they call quicksand and had to be rescued by the local fire department. There's some interesting discussion in the comments on the physical aspects of what happened.

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it's real but its been memed to death by hollywood and they never portray it accurately. quicksand as shown in movies and television isn't real.

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Because the world was supposed to magically stay the same for some reason

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>Global warming ate my wife

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Wait, quicksand is real?

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Insofar as "quicksand" is real, it's just "getting stuck in the mud". It ain't "swallowing" anybody.

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>it's just "getting stuck in the mud"
no, its different than that.