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Well, are you, /sci/?

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I'll let you know after the video tells me.

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Anyone who watches furzgesagt certainly is an NPC.

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Emergent properties are utter horseshit. They only exist because certain structures affect our survival so we give those structures meanings and names. If emergent properties is the saving grace of free will, then its past the point of scraping at the bottom of the barrel and is digging through the barrel itself

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Not science but misinformation/disinformation. Go back to >>>/pol/

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If you think no then yes, if you think yes then no

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More schizo babble for the masses it’s propaganda clearly with an aim to integrate simulation theory and reality. Your life is like a computer! Says the man on the computer browser?

YOUR just a dummy ai NPC!!!!

Do npc’s eat and take a shit. I don’t know I don’t think so. What about going to work and getting DD on Payday?

Trash time for this post

Everything you see on the internet isn’t always worth getting into.

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given that it's kurzgesagt, itself a reddit channel catering to npcs, does the video conclude that the npc concept is a dehumanizing right-wing hoax and akchually everyone has equally deep and interesting thoughts a la that xkcd comic? (alternative guess is that they admit npcs are a thing but it's just fox news watching chuds and science deniers?)

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Its a free will vs non free will video with a bias for the free will side so kinda

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Kinda yes kinda no.I watched the video where there is shown the debate between no free will side vs yes free will side but the thing is it's more complicated than black and white everything our cellular structure,quantum scale particles moat of the things we just simply don't know or haven't got any deep explanations.Anyways,having consciousness and able to choose most shits in life is blessing for me more than anything.

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I'm the star of the university in my own head.

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Free will exists because I experience it

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You just experience the illusion of free will in reality you never had a choice

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The video does not go into the idea that some people might be non-people. It's a bait and switch. The underlying message is that defining oneself as an entity having no agency is limiting. The ad part has a message that looking at a spectrum of news sources is good actually.

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can anybody give a summary tldr? i dont wanna give em clicks.
I hate the arrogant, patronizing and self-indulgent manner they have in their narrative

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The video about black hole universes was very enlightening, actually. It's now my goto after simulation theory, out of all the crackpot theories.

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What you experience is you following your desires, you think your desires are your will but they have been decided for your by brian

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What if I choose to go against my desires, huh? What then, smartass?

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We all have multiple desires, your desire of doing otherwise is stronger than the desire you are going against. If you had no desire to go against a desire, you wouldnt do it

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Explains why your mother desires me so

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>insulting my mother out of nowhere
Feels like im in middle school again

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There are many NPCs on this board. They don't believe in free will or qualia simply because they have neither. They are less than human and should not be afforded the same rights as living Human Beings do.

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If you can't understand the paradox of freewill you are literally an NPC.