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The Sun is getting bettah after my update nine months ago, as you can see it's color looks healthy and it's making use of its energy overload. It will probably produce a small gravitational wave and change the dimensionality of Earth at some point. If you need any nature technician work done post in this thread.

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Would appreciate if you could tweak the average temperature of the interstellar medium up a few K

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>as you can see it's color looks healthy
>304 Ångström

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The sun does seem to be more intense or the past couple of years. Could be just me.

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That's a pepperoni with a filter.
The Sun is always getting brighter, little by little, as helium ash accumulates in its core.

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Can we please just start lifting all the helium out of the sun already and all the excess hydrogen out of the core? We need to get that sucker down to 0.35 solar masses.

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thats a picture of sausage by the way

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And quite great in a sandwich.
Maybe just a little too hot.

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You people need my technician work.

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What was the update nine months ago?