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Is it okay just to floss and use mouthwash? I'm tired of the fluoridated Jew.

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probably depends on your genes.
some people smoke 20 cigarettes a day and live to 85 with no lung cancer. others die in their 30s from some respiratory problems.

mouthwash kills your mouth bacteria. it's like killing off your gut microbiome

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Is nature ok? Or is the planet warming up?

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If you dont eat sugar you can pretty much wash your mouth with just salinated water

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Nature is a respected journal. They publish very selectedly but review a lot of submissions.
I don't think that has anything to do with climate change though.

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Given the previous position was mouth bacteria bad, kill them all, this is an improvement.
The paper mentions that the previous understanding was "nonspecific plaque hypothesis (NSPH)" but "improved understanding" "new laboratory techniques" talks about ecological plaque hypothesis, specific strains, modern lifestyles disturbing natural balance of oral microbiome etc.

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you can get fluor-less toothpaste my guy, and in more flavours than mint if you are worried that mint toothpaste has marred your enjoyment of minty foods, have a good day