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"Hustle & Grind" edition

Last thread: >>16177031

This thread exists to ask questions regarding careers associated to STEM.
>Discussion on academia-based career progression
>Discussion on penetrating industry from academia
>Or anything in relation to STEM employment or development within STEM academia!

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>https://www.jccf.ca/ (Canada)

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For looking to pursue a career in STEM, know that you will be working a majority of your weekends. Be prepared to sacrifice time with your family and friends. You will be putting off dating and marriage as well.

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Do people like this just not have friends or family?

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I've lost all interest in mathematics.
I will never be a fields medalist. I'm not masochist enough to industry. I'm not autistic enough to finish a PhD.
Is there any hope for me? I don't really want to teach snot noses.

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I unironically used to hate weekends when I was employed. Now I just hate life in general.

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You hated weekends because the company did was not open and so you could not work, right?

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Friends come and go and anything can happen when it comes to family. But you can always count on money. Don't be one of the mediocre masses.

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>Or anything in relation to STEM employment
I took the off ramp after MSc and grabbed the free teacher degree. Now I'm a biologist and also biology teacher with a master degree. Didn't feel like working my ass off for peanuts at PhD, what do? Teaching I like, industry I don't know much about.
Almost made me angry lol

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Feel like I should add, I'm in Hungary now, so miss me with whatever bloodsucking jew culture war nonsense you burgers got going on in your school system

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You're doomed to teach mouth breathers either way.
You could either switch majors and live the rest of your life off a decent but spiritually unfulfilling job.... OR, take to the streets and become a crackhead so as to teach occasional passerbies and hobos of your psychotic mathematical insights.

I think the choice is quite clear.

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lol that's pretty stupid.
I mean who is gonna think that is a valid idea?
Just because a blue check says it?

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How much do principles make in your country? Have you considered that?

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The very idea of a weekend originated from American automation tycoons in the 1920s so that their workers could purchase the items they were producing. Once again Americans ruining it for the entire world.

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There was a big stink about it in the political theater, but I'd say it's not as bad as everyone makes it seem
as for regular ass teaching, it pays
>almost triple of what phd students make
>a bit more than what a basic university lecturer makes (doctorate required, has research responsibility)
>not that much less than what a department head makes (doctorate and postdoctorate required, does mostly admin and politics)
and then there are extra responsibilities that pay some more, like field trips and having a class of my own

what I'm wondering is how biologists fare in the industry, I have my degree in plant physiology, I guess agrarian firms would need those skills, no?

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Based and Tooker pilled

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>work for Mr shekelstein even in the weekends goy
that nigger retard is 100% mutt

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Wow, this is a complete lie. Serfs in the middle ages, you know people owned and traded as property but had freedom to travel so long as they returned to their homes when required? You know, one step above slaves? Those serfs? They had 40 hour work weeks and 8 hour workdays as required by law. They also only worked during planting and harvest, had every weekend off and all feast and festival days which meant they worked only 180 days a year.

YOU are treated worse than serfs of the middle ages. This is because during the industrial revolution business owners believed the old laws didn't apply to them and the electric lightbulb let them work their staff all hours of the day. We have gone backwards and this asshole thinks it's 'progress' to delete weekends too.

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>You will be putting off dating and marriage as well.
I'm already a 30 y/o KHV, so what's the difference?

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Fuck off

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This general is an exception, and has been so since October 2020.

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Honest question to any Engineers ITT, are you satisfied with your field and work? I have always enjoyed engineering and software had become utterly miserable in terms of good employment opportunities being entirely uninteresting/heinously unpleasant coworkers/employers.

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the problem is that he's wrong, first of all he doesn't know what a century is
in the past people not only had days of rest but they also had less work in general.
Labor intensity was seasonal, also there were many craftsman and artisans so it was just their skill instead of punching in to data entry.

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>t. member of the mediocre masses
If you want to be broke, jobless, and unheard of that's fine, but don't discourage everyone else.

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I am not sure industry recruiters will appreciate your teaching experience. Are you willing to start at the bottom of the food chain and work your way up again? How about going back to school to earn some credentials?

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Why are you see engrossed in the past? Did our predecessors have it easier when it came to a work life? That's debatable. But let's assume it was true. So what? Looking back at the past will do nothing. We have to focus on the present and that includes putting in the work and investing in the hours. We need to get back to work.

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this but unironically

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A degree and internship experience is the equivalent of a participation trophy now. Recruiters are demanding more from applicants. Students now need paid and relevant job experience, not just internships or research.

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Enlist in the Russian Army and get a massive bonus. Fight in Ukraine to develop discipline and character needed for the first-world. Then use the money from the Army to invest in your education to go to the West.

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Have any of you transitioned from education into something else? I enjoy the interactions with the kids but they're all so incredibly low now. It feels selfish to want to leave because of that but I honestly feel like my expertise is wasted every day managing the severe and worsening behavioral issues, deepening ennui towards not just my subject but every subject, and ingrained nihilism. Today one of my best said he was giving up because someone told him math was invented by white people for white people. We talked it out and he backed off that pedestal a bit, but that felt like a breaking point.
I have very good test scores, 169verb/170quant on GRE, haven't taken math subject test but familiar with all the material and score similarly. I have heaps of experience in education, but no significant experience in anything outside of it.

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how the fuck do you get job experience without internships

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>What are you complaining about? The past is the past! Now get back to your unpaid overtime - these TPS reports aren't going to write themselves!

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you can do any STEM job you want with a math degree as I've found out, minus like, biology -- but you can still do bioinformatics.

Get a MS and you can do research in many cool areas in the public sector.

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>looking at the past does nothing
<all of science is about learning stuff from looking at past events and then trying to predict future events, plus perturbations

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>Graduation ceremony is later on today
>The hood I bought on Amazon to save money is a different color than the what the other graduates have
Should I still go? I don't mind not going, it's simply a formality but my parents expect me to attend. The hood is blue-green while mean is green-white.

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Those serfs also need to cut down tree, gather large amount of trees, just to make light. To have a meal, they needed to hunt for food, skin it, cut it, and then cook it slowly in an open flame; clean the chaff from a rice, etc. Every time they needed some tool, they needed to build it themselves, every repair, they had to do themselves, even clothes, they had to sew themselves. They had to wash their garments by hand. So, when you apply even a modicum of intelligence, you would realise they had less work time because they had a lot less available time to work in the first place.

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Imagine being this vain

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Ok i'll take a year off to heal my burn out and I think i'll do a masters in econometrics.

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>you can do any STEM job you want with a math degree

No, you cannot. This is a retarded statement. It only applies if your idea of a "job" is something ridiculously broad like "chemistry" where you'll fit in to some niche roles but not to most. Even then, medicine and many engineering disciplines strictly require the corresponding degree.

A degree that will be equally applicable to all jobs doesn't really prepare you for any job. This holds for most undergrad degrees besides the "vocational" ones. Most people end up in jobs that make approximately zero use of their degree anyway, and don't think this is limited to humanities.

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Guys, is publishing 80 papers in 2 years good enough?

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Trump lost

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Today a kid injured another in my class. Anyone? Please. I am dying here.

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No. School teachers have a extremely low social standing in the US and parts of Europe.

>> No.16201430

So it's pretty much clipped for me transitioning into anything else then?

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In high level professions, perhaps. But at the middle and lower ends, a mathematician can hold his ground in almost any field, simply being more intelligent. Ive seen a mathematician completely mog a team of trained "engineers" by applying high school tier physics.
Of course, such a profession would have middling pay, and would be frustrating. But thats not the point.

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Any EEs here can answer a few questions I have?
What is your job title?
How much coding have you actually needed for your job?
How hard was it to find a job?

>> No.16201852

It will depend entirely on what industry you're going into. I know someone who has a fucking IT degree making EE money and claiming the title of "Electrical Engineer."

>Job Title
A bullshit title to get facilities engineers more money, kudos to our higher management for it. But I'm at an associate engineer level for apples to apples. What I really do is power distribution from medium voltage to low voltage electrical engineering.
>How much coding
0% from me.
>How hard
Power Engineering is pretty easy to get into as there's a lot of older engineers retiring so they're looking for the new bloods to fill in. To specify, I'm a generalist at an industrial plant. I mostly do low voltage (below 600 V) and rarely medium voltage (between 2.4 kV to 69 kV). I can't speak for utilities but I imagine it's the same in terms of hiring.

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>day 152 of unemployment
Getting a math phd was a huge mistake

>> No.16202252

lmao.lrn3code(skill, issue)

>> No.16202280

I know how to code.

>> No.16202425

Thanks for responding. I considered power engineering but I think Im too much of a brainlet. I believe you though, I know a power engineer and hes retiring soon as well. How stressful is it for you? What are your work hours like? And what qualifications did you need for the job? Did you do a MS?

>> No.16202443

I don't know. All I know is that HR thots won't like your teaching experience.

>> No.16202447

This is pure fantasy/cope.
t. math phd

>> No.16202459

I'm part of Teach for America, which is prestigious among the Ivy crowd and has a very low (6%) acceptance rate. Effectively, they take the best and brightest and put them in the lowest places and hope that'll change things. Maybe I could leverage that non-profit/charity angle?

>> No.16202460

You should've worked weekends and holidays. Should've built a career network too. Do you even have LinkedIn?
No wonder why you can't find a job.

>> No.16202463

Not a fan of organization like that. Why cast pearls before swine?
>Maybe I could leverage that non-profit/charity angle?
Yes that could work, make sure to emphasize how prestigious and competitive it is - HR roastoids love that shit. Use your manager/boss/supervisor/etc as a reference.

>> No.16202478

I should never have entered university.

>> No.16202507

The idea is to bring in fresh college grads to teaching, so teacher's unions don't get too much power.

>> No.16202536

I've had 11 (post-HR) interviews this year. Is this normal? Am I just bad at interviewing? Hand shake nor firm enough?

>> No.16202542

What is “EE money?”
Because I’m an EE and I’m making jack shit

>> No.16202548

More than helpdesk I would assume?

>> No.16202598

There are diamonds in the rough and they are everywhere. If my net impact is to pull only one or two out in my entire tenure teaching then that's one or two lives potentially shifted to different courses. Think of that.
The other intention is to create a side door to teaching to encourage experts in content rather than pedagogy and theory in. This works: even with very little preparation, we tend to outperform our counterparts with education degrees quite significantly. This also comes with a high dropout rate. TFA bootcamp and the first months are brutal, harder than anything else I've ever done.

>> No.16202606

>There are diamonds in the rough and they are everywhere. If my net impact is to pull only one or two out in my entire tenure teaching then that's one or two lives potentially shifted to different courses. Think of that.
That's fine and all but do not mention anything about this to HR sluts. Say you did teaching for the challenge and to keep your knowledge fresh in your mind or something like that.

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>I'm not autistic enough to finish a PhD.
Yet you post on this website. Curious.

>> No.16202651

What is your job title? And what do you do? Im trying to figure out if I should do a masters degree in an EE field or switch to something else while I have the chance. RF engineering looks like it pays well but like I said im retarded and I dont want to spend too much time in front of a computer. Maybe I should do a technical course or something.

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chat, is it only me who is still unemployed itt?

>> No.16202737

>Do people like this just not have friends or family?
I mean look at "him." His own mom probably couldn't breast-feed him because she kept throwing up on him.

>> No.16202750

Mothers can find their children ugly but money can't find people ugly. Therefore money is better than family, making his statement that much more valid.

>> No.16202815

Any of you dudes tried out this Outlier AI thing? Did the onboarding and the placement exam, didn't get any questions wrong and got paid $55 dollars for it. Probably around 40 minutes of work overall, and placed at the full pay scale of $50 an hour. Looking at other people on the slack channel, it looks like you start getting assigned problems priced per hour, so you'll get a project with a 7 hour payout, do it in 10 minutes or 10 hours.

>> No.16202882

For the most part not stressful at all, I do 10 hour days for four days a week. 5AM-3PM, sometimes I'll have to do a day in the weekend to power off a building. As to qualifications, I just focused on power engineering classes. If you go down this path, a MS would be worthless for the most part. You'd want to stack experience, get your FE in your senior year of college, then strive for the PE.

For the state I'm in, probably in the realm of 90-110k is what he's making.

Well you can always be an EET. It pays lower than EE in industry but it's less theory, math, and physics and is more about the applications. You won't be designing typically but you'll get to work under EEs to help them troubleshoot, maintain, and repair what an EE designed.

>> No.16202929

seems interesting because I have a physics MS and I'm pretty good at finessing LLMs but I'm wary because recent reviews on glassdoor are all extremely negative
also seems like you can't do any of the higher level projects from the EU so I'd have to get a VPN and lie about my location

>> No.16202968

>take entry level role after uni
>$60k salary
>learn and do fucking everything
>become the man
>project management
>build a whole lab in 8 weeks and validate new process/procedure/regulatory shit
>salary has barely budged
>fuck this I'm out
>make it into one of the U.S. National Labs as a staff physicist
>making 6 figures
>great work life balance, worked a total of 1800 hours last year
>promoted within a year and a half
>another promotion coming likely next year (would be the second in 4 years)
I think I've finally made it

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I only have a BS in applied math. Some of the people on the math slack are physics majors, they just get pushed into math projects, since their queue for physics stuff is empty.
The pay is great for the effort, at least it seems that way so far, but unless you're doing something that no one else wants to do (math) you probably wont get assigned enough work to make it a full time or anything. People on reddit with other degrees like biology, are making around 20 bucks an hour, which is still decent I guess?
As for using a VPN, you're required to use Persona verification in conjunction with linkedin, so you'd need a very convincing fake ID along with it, and I'm not sure how you'd do the 1099 equivalent tax form in Europe if you cheated in that manner.

So far, I've done about six hours and have definitely been making more than $50 an hour for it. What's funny is I don't even give a fuck about the money, I just want something on my resume that says "mathematics", as I'm a fresh grad, and did undergrad research projects vice internships, and am completely asocial so kinda fucked in that regard.

>> No.16203125

>I think I've finally made it
Your story sounds just like mine, but I'm apparently too stupid to talk myself into going to work for INL.
I really like teaching. I truly do. I must have been dropped as an infant.
Anyway, I'm happy for you. You should be paid what you're actually worth.

>> No.16203180

What national lab, and how can we be connections for each other? Why is there no /sci/ network?

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Graduated in December with an M.S. in Stats. 2 interviews, no offers.
>pic related

>> No.16203269

oy vey

>> No.16203300

I thought private industry always pay more - stop lying,

>> No.16203304

>TFA bootcamp and the first months are brutal, harder than anything else I've ever done
Really emphasize how hard and challenging it was in your resume and interviews, after matching the keywords to the job posting, off course.

>> No.16203311

>Have any of you transitioned from education into something else?
What specifically do you have in mind? Don't just say "anything".

>> No.16203314

Wrong place and time to be entering the job market. Not your fault. Let's go Brandon.

>> No.16203320

>Why is there no /sci/ network?
>trusting your professional reputation to a bunch of NEETs on a Somalian intermodal cargo container stacking forum

>> No.16203368

But they're not NEET's and this is not a somalian imageboard, we are in the stem career general.

>> No.16203372

I wouldn't mind being a connection to you retards were it not for the fact that Stacy from HR is going to get me blacklisted from all jobs for being a part of the incel network known as 4chan.

And the fact that 96% of the people here are undergrads but desu that's OK.

>> No.16203532

Sigh, always the magna, never the summa, am I right broskis?

>> No.16203556

Ok I got my BSEE and the pay is garbage
Pretty sure McDonald’s workers in cali are getting close to what I’m at
How the fuck do I get into vhdl?
I see those ducking job ads all the time and they are unironically advertising like $305k a year fully remote
I want to kill myself every time one of you posts about how much you make
EE was supposed to get me middle class (home ownership) at least but I’m still a wage slave

>> No.16203597

every first job is just to build up cred
even employers know that, that's why they don't promote you

>> No.16203635

If I am extremely high IQ but deviously lazy what is a good career for me?
I tried crypto and stocks, but all my trades are pretty simple and safe. I was too lazy to learn about dumb fancy shit.
I tried to college meme but I was far too self respecting to bother wasting my time with homework. I got to this point where I was like "why the fuck am I learning measure theory" and then dropped out.
I dunno I feel like high IQ is a meme, having it didn't make me important nor did it make anything else important.
Maybe stem in general isn't for me. Maybe it's only for autistic losers?

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>day 153 of unemployment
Getting a math phd was a huge mistake

>> No.16203731

if you have a PhD why don't you just do a government job?
Or why not teach?

>> No.16203738

Teach what? Clown school?

>> No.16203743

yeah why not?
but seriously why not?

>> No.16205198

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone knows about a decent online MSc for Electrical Engineering focused on Power Systems? I want to go back to school to update myself on that branch of the field.

>> No.16205212

Post above me made me stop and think, is a masters in math worth it? I still keep getting emails from JHU for their online applied math program, and it looks pretty interesting.

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Does being a NEET count as a STEM career?

>> No.16205221

Checked FOI?

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New update! It was long overdue (7 months) but I am still working on it.


>> No.16205423

I'll be the one to decide that, not some fat faggot on twitter.

>> No.16205474

Check out the one at North Carolina State University. The deadline is next month and I don't think you'll get the 3 rec letters that quick so go for the one in the fall.

>> No.16205478

You better have an end in mind if you are thinking about graduate school.

>> No.16205481

>day 153 of his constant bitching
Making this thread was a huge mistake

>> No.16205550

Well, its more like I have a GI bill I haven't used, so its 1 ticket for a free masters. Would be a shame to not use it. There is also another university a 5 minute drive from my house, practically across the street from me, so maybe that would be a better option. My only goal is the same reason I got a bachelors in math and not a more lucrative topic, I just enjoy math.

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Has anyone taken the managerial pathway after doing a STEM degree and never looked back? What are your experiences?

>> No.16205677
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It seems to me managerial positions are becoming more lucrative given the direction the world is taking atm.

>> No.16205694

this should not only be illegal but considered treason
google are fucking traitors against the country and her people

>> No.16205903

Those employees that were layed off have already made enough money to retire.

>> No.16205908


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I really want to do research but I am a brainlet so I'm stuck in a shitty embedded systems job

>> No.16205953

it has to be a good phd, clearly his wasn't

>> No.16205958

This is true insofar as you are talking about the type of "STEM" jobs that aren't professions. I.e the stupid email job kind of stem jobs

>> No.16206004

Not the point.
Google lives at the teat of federal grants funded by the labor of taxpayers then they jump ship at the first chance to save a dime.
You shouldn't get to be a "too big to fail critical for national security" company while also off-shoring. If they're that important they should just be nationalized.

>> No.16206109

Thanks for the info, man. Looks like a solid program (and in line with what I learnt during undergrad). The issue will be getting the recommendations letters, and I have to move into getting my F.E. and P.E. soon. I want to get out of the manufacturing sweatshop.

>> No.16206148

what field should i go in if i want to pursue nanotechnology? (like in people bloodstreams)

>> No.16206190

Chemistry has a sizable nanotech subfield.

>> No.16206318

Physics, chemistry and metallurgy can all be relevant for nano technology. It very much depends on what aspect of this you want to pursue: pure research, new materials, strenghtening existing materials, explosives (nano powder of Al is incredibly explosive), electronic components...

>> No.16206345


>> No.16206462

Update. I just got pushed up to R5, so now the job is coming up with unique problems that an AI cannot solve. Somehow, I feel this is worth more than $50 an hour. Just gonna stick to the review and correction side of things to make money while 4channing or fucking around on my PC.

>> No.16206487

I just got my BS in math and it was a fucking grind. Basically a miracle and my thesis was dog shit I think everyone just pitied me.
I actually did get offers from people that don't know any better to go to graduate school for math but I cannot fucking imagine myself doing this shit for the rest of my fucking life.
So I was thinking about pivoting with a master's.
What are your thoughts what should I pivot into that will make me enough money to forget about my aeternal pain?
I was thinking statistics so I can work in the sports industry pretending I can predict games.

>> No.16206491

Is beyond obvious that one is a complete idiot. In the good old times it would be tarred and feathered.

>> No.16206544

stats, applied math or data science but depends what you hated most about your BS and how much you like programming
a MS will necessarily involve a thesis that will bust your balls even harder than the BS thesis

>> No.16206554

Is there a non thesis option?
thinking about it I can't say in words anything in particular that I hated i just know I was miserable and glad to be done

>> No.16206576

non-thesis masters exist at least in the US, but someone from there can give more advice on how it's perceived
I'm from the EU and the option doesn't exist here
you should apply both for jobs and for masters now, the job interviews will give you a better idea of how useful you are for an employer and what they want

>> No.16206659

this thread doesn't belong on this board, or even this website at all. no doubt it's 100% made up of pajeets.

>> No.16206745

Yes it does. Stop being a retarded autist.

>> No.16206776

>be me, European university student
>have jaw surgery planned for next year
>can't move from where I live right now due to the surgery and orthodontic treatment
>decide to do a PhD in natural language processing in the same university because I just finished my master's in that field and I like it
>advisor is the same as for my master's (which topic was my own and which I completed alone)
>the thesis topic is basically an extension of my master's thesis, so quite cool
>currently in the process of getting approved for a funding
>do you think it was a good choice /sci/? any advice for a potential future PhD student?

>> No.16207019

stopped reading

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>> No.16207076

This comic helped put life into perspective for me, and I'm really thankful to the artist. Because of this and other associated comics, I got my girlfriend pregnant out freshman year of college. It really put the fire under my ass to be a better person. This comic needs a parallel panel with a normal guy knocking up his girlfriend earlier, studying and taking care of his kids instead of talking to another dweeb, and in a successful career with a family rather than destroying Boeing's reputation by engineering garbage planes because your whore wife doesn't put out.
Its terrible but great how 4chan memes like this just completely altered the trajectory of my life.

>> No.16207088

Life works in mysterious ways. My ex-wife didn't want to have kids because "she didn't want just to be a mother". Suffering. But good to hear that everything went better for you.

>> No.16207232

I always thought those comics were the among the most bitter, pathetic drivel produced by man and to hear that they have greatly inspired you is somewhere between tragic and hilarious.

>> No.16207255

tits or gtfo

>> No.16207261
File: 882 B, 230x240, 1715550713100244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got fucked over by my boss. Long story, but the guy is a sociopath on a bicycle who camouflages himself well. I've found other people who drew similar conclusions and have done my best to fan the flames, including with people who will take up positions with him later. It helped that he left an email trail of pulling his shit and publicly lied about easily verifiable things. Some did not take up positions with him because of those discussions. I did no work for the last few months, it would have taken them longer to fire me than I had left, I was unsupervised anyway. To pass the time I had an affair with the intern. I disassembled the system I built, which is the only one of its kind to exist, down to its constituent atoms when told to pack up my station. It's the only existing example of what my former boss is pitching as his niche, which he never bothered to really learn in any depth.

I got a job on a different continent where I have contacts but the people I worked for don't, so none of this will follow me, and anyway nobody can prove I violated any rules.

>> No.16207276

based ventposter

>> No.16207316

Either you are extremely low testosterone or lack a dick altogether. Either way, what are you as a femalebrained retard doing here?

>> No.16207322

If a company doesn't work out, just take your chances elsewhere. Sometimes you have to just tough it out at a shitty place before you can venture to another place.

>> No.16207357

If you are in STEM, chances are you have accepted the fact you will die alone, possibly poor.

>> No.16207406

BItter? Perhaps. IT is still uncomfortably close to the truth.

>If you are in STEM, chances are you have accepted the fact you will die alone,
Of course
>possibly poor.
Not true.

>> No.16207614

How do I find people like this so I can cut off their tendons and watch them squirm?

>> No.16207706

because confronted by pathetic losers can sometimes be a very effective slap on the head to realize that's you and you need to knock it the fuck off

>> No.16207736
File: 39 KB, 540x338, 25363287._SX540_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>day 155 of unemployment
Anime for this feeling?

>> No.16207848

Is he wrong though? You are literally wasting days off the year by so-called "relaxing" on weekends. It's not even real relaxing most of the time too because it's not active rest like reading or sports.

>> No.16207856

I had a girlfriend throughout university. Postponing living your life until you're middle aged is obviously retarded. Comic is about college dudes deciding they'll try and get girls in ten years, then when they end up as bitter virgins it's somehow everyone else's fault.

>> No.16207857

University girls now want someone at least eight years older than them since they tend to have more money.

>> No.16207867

Can confirm my wife is 19 I’m 29. I felt really bad for the boys that liked her and her ex since they simply could not compete in any capacity

>> No.16207915

Are their any jobs available in QA (part-time) ? I am looking for a WFH job for mostly automation stuff, back-end bug fixing/engineering.

>T. Computer science and engineering (sophomore)

>> No.16207921

Society is a fucked-up trainwreck now, stop trying to normalize dysfunction. It isn't working for an increasing number of people and it isn't something you can fix with gaslighting and appeals to banality.

>> No.16207926

in regards to you image, I agree. I haven't forcibly worked for 14 years now, and this whole reasoning upon which we built our society is complete bullshit. We have the tech to feed and maintain everyone minimally comfortable on Earth today, but the elite insists on perpetuating a trading-only, scarcity-based society. They want their own toys, their lifestyle maintained, they manufacture demand for addictive products and services, and then sell us those very same products and services. They are pushers, and we are the junkies. They themselves are their own junkies, in a twisted, sick cocktails of human nature fed by personal fears and inadequacies, and in the process, we are all slaves to the clock and calendars. It's complete bullshit. As if it weren't enough to be slaves to the laws of physics, we have to be slaves to the elite's hallucinations, and our own hallucinations.

>> No.16207927


Most people here are philosophers and curious minds, think about this: if quantum physics is right, and every moment and everything, including our brain is random, what is there, who is there to assign credit for and for what? Reasoning? lol, do fundamental particles "reason"? Do their random arrangements and their random interactions "reason"? If the random "you" guesses the right outcome of a future, random sequence of events, what, or "whom" is there to reward for? You are hallucinating if you believe "people" who emerge from randomness deserve "rewards" or "punishments" for outcomes that are themselves random. rewarding luck is BULLSHIT. Rewarding reasoning is BULLSHIT. "Competence" is a hallucination of the mind.
And what about "private property", hahahaha, where the fuck is it written on the quantum numbers of an electron whom it belongs to? Ludicrous!
This whole "society" is a mass, collective hallucination based on hallucinated sensorial perceptions of the one, and single, random event that is continuously ongoing, the Cosmos.
Mankind is pathetic.

Fuck this post, my post, DO NOT REPLY TO ME, it's off topic, star another thread if you want to get in the weeds about this. Take it home and think about what you read.

Apologies OP

>> No.16207937


Big cringe.

>I haven't forcibly worked for 14 years now
you don't say

>> No.16207943

How come you only advocate to steal form others without contributing to others yourself? Strange.

>> No.16207954

>without contributing to others yourself?
How do you know that? Do you know the anon personally?

>> No.16207958

it's all fake anon, his "work" is probably replying to a couple of emails and 1 or 2 meetings.

"work" is for entry level retards. managers don't do any real work

>> No.16207988

working willingly is not working forcefully

>> No.16208008

Why don't you share with the science career general what your voluntary work of 14 years has entailed.

>> No.16208029
File: 528 KB, 1661x2048, 1683050179705960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi can someone help me understand something?
I'm trying to teach myself math and am reading Logic: the Laws of Truth and am stumped at one part about implications.

It says if someone says something that is translated into PL as A, then that implies A ∨ B. and that

A ∨ B
is a valid argument.
But this doesn't make sense to me because if the argument A is false then there can still be a conclusion that's true if B is true.
So what am I missing??

>> No.16208037


I suggest you go get a job

>> No.16208042

I have a middleclass software job. Is there a better place I should post my question?

>> No.16208048

Either /sqt/ or /mg/, currently >>16202136 and >>16187402

>> No.16208057

wait i think i get the problem... i was misunderstanding how validity works.. sorry!

>> No.16208101

Your reasoning is flawed. How about a job someone might love doing? That's not forced work.
In any case, many retired people keep busy in productive ways, volunteeribg is just one of them. You sound bitter and envious.

>> No.16208178

Sure, it could be any of that. I just wanted to know what anon the quantum communist has been doing for the last 14 years.

>> No.16208381
File: 160 KB, 474x342, 1717189150126981.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

got good reviews for my paper at a top conference
> made up idea from the ether; just pulled it out of my ass and didn't get carried by my advisor for once
> it fucking worked
> "nice and elegant solution"
feels bretty good might actually get this phd afterall

>> No.16208386

Disjunctions have two rules, you're missing the rule to construct A v B:

A v B

>> No.16208398

Don't work on weekends, stop being edgy.

>> No.16208851

I know, if I wanted to be top-tier in-demand as a software dev I should’ve gone to a Fachhochschule (=more practical degree) but I don’t have a problem with being regarded as theoretician first. I just wanna know which uni between these 2 looks better on a CV. I am almost done, and I can decide where I'll graduate.

>> No.16208859

Its funny because its true

>> No.16208884

University/Informatik will always look and be better than Fachhochschule, which is a meme degree for people too low IQ for informatik.

>> No.16209918

How do I best prep for grad school? I start in August.

>> No.16209928

how to gtfo of germany to murica? I don't want to graduate with an 1,0 in math only to work in a shitty consulting job for 60-80k

>> No.16210048

You guys are onboard with going full left social democrat after we get full automation and AGI right?

>> No.16210051

Germany wouldn't be in that state if it wasn't packed to the gills with immigrants. USA is getting to be just as bad, so fuck off we're full. Work on evicting or holocausting your ausländers if you want to live somewhere nice.

>> No.16210864

QA jobs tend to be full-time and in-person.
>Are their any jobs available in QA
Search up QA jobs in your state on LinkedIn or GlassDoor. If you see double-digit applications for a job posted a week ago, the job market has seen better days.

>> No.16211291

I have met women like that, the difference is that I walked away. One ended up with 5 children with 3 different men. Another ended up with nobody, and has admitted her market value has imploded - Tinder lets you know that quickly.

>> No.16211890

What are the AI proofed stem gigs besides Mechanical/Electrical?

>> No.16212012

the most fun future proof jobs are aerospace, oil&gas and nuclear. those three sectors should grow in a world where america is less of a bully and needs to make things again.

AI agents might take away a lot of bullshit jobs, so the economy is going to be vaporized with most people doing robo-service jobs until the robots take those away too.

>> No.16212298

America is a "bully" because of two of the three sectors you mentioned.

>> No.16212327

>final year phd (experimental particle physics, UK)
what next? I'm still not sure if I want to do a postdoc, but I don't want a real job either.

>> No.16212359

Your options are
1) post-doc
2) straight into industry
3) straight into teaching

>> No.16212450

If you can handle a PhD you can handle a job, which will you will soon need because employers don't like people who stay in academia for too long. They don't count anything you did there as job experience.

>> No.16212456

I wouldn't worry about AI taking anyone's STEM job; I'd sooner worry about the hundreds of third-worlders studying and practicing every waking moment of their lives for a chance at your job for a fraction of the salary.

>> No.16212464

>Not true
There has been a massive glut of STEM degrees for decades now. If you think that does not impact wages one bit you are incredibly naive. Even the most highly specialized and complicated roles in STEM receive hundreds of applications days after being posted on sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

>> No.16212538

Managerial roles almost always pay more compared to grunt work. STEM is no different.
>What are your experiences?
It'll be very challenging at first because you essentially turn into a bureaucrat. The learning curve to it is massive.

>> No.16212547

What makes you enjoy it? The material itself or the like-minded people that you encounter?
If it's the latter, I'd go to a public flagship school since they tend to be the largest school in the state while still being affordable. If the former then idk.

>> No.16212554

>there's a lot of older engineers retiring so they're looking for the new bloods to fill in
They always say this. Always.
This lie is getting stale.

>> No.16212593

welcome to NHK

>> No.16212702

This time you can trust me! See, here’s a signed document, testifying that there are many engineering jobs that meet your background and qualifications!

>> No.16212763
File: 100 KB, 500x501, 1716807541439824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I deal with depression in gradschool? I'm doing a master's and have really started to hate it. I'm almost definately gonna finish it in time but just feel like shit. I will be switching to a different department for my phd because the lead professor here is autistic and I have no idea what he wants. I learned a lot of great things during this program but sitting down and doing the actual thesis is such a pain in the ass, nothing fucking works and I feel like I'm throwing shit at a wall and hoping that eventually I will get a painting.

>> No.16212774

What’s your topic?

>> No.16212776

Sounds like you are suffering from writer's block. There should be articles online on how to deal with this.

>> No.16212791

Applying machine learning to CRISPR dynamics. It's fun but something always gets fucked for whatever reason. My prof is autistic and only uses MATLAB and I hate it python would be a much better option.
Not writers block just losing my nerves when the simplest things don't fucking work even though I did them before. You solve one problem and just hit three more. The literature my prof has given me is useless besides telling me the theoretical aspect of it but not how to model the damn thing.

>> No.16213168
File: 55 KB, 447x248, engineering-design1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's life like in an consultancy firm doing engineering design? Does it get as repetitive as people make it out to be? Am I going to be desk jockey for life?

>> No.16213171

Thanks for giving an honest answer anon.

I suppose the quality of life largely depends on the line of work as well the management within the organization. Sounds like literal hell if you ended up pigeonholed in a company that has a history of mismanagement.

>> No.16213402

Why do employers hate PhDs and experience from academia?

>> No.16213478

They don't understand what a Ph.D is and are obsessed with "experience". They probably also feel you're less easy to control and actually have the ability to think somewhat independently or they're just pissed that you could spend years in school without having to work while they had to wage cuck for years to make it to middle management. Most people won't like you or will be intimidated by you if you have a Ph.D in math or physics and will think you have a superiority complex. Basically normies are just retarted and can't stand when somebody does not stay inside the lines. They can't comprehend studying for their own sake.

Playing devil's advocate, are a lot of Ph.Ds going to suck at industry jobs? Probably, but there's also a fair amount of people who would actually be given the chance could excel in these jobs. There are jobs that basically require you to have a Ph.D and you should look for those or if the hiring manager has a Ph.D they'll probably get you. The problem at that point is HR Stacie's.


>> No.16213624
File: 83 KB, 407x452, 1716874516002371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why do employers hate PhDs and experience from academia?
Classes are less relevant than work experience. The academic who cannot into 'git' is a cliche.
Bureaucracy and small stipends make graduate students risk averse; they lack independence. "Will this be on the test?" And "Will my advisor like this?" applied to life.
They tend to manage the way their research advisor managed them: terribly. They don't care about subordinate career goals, they delegate all technical work, and they have zero experience with project management.
Academia attracts procrastinators, suicidals, adderral junkies, and wash outs.
They're often entitled babies who only do the work that interests them. They cannot finish anything.

>> No.16216333


I don't think industry hates PhDs. In fact most of the job listings I look at are explicitly looking for a PhD, or sometimes it's either masters + 3-5 years of experience or just a PhD. So it definitely counts, in the right roles. In my case I'm mostly looking at industrial research. At that level it's usually not just "have a physics PhD" but more like "have a PhD involving deep-ultraviolet lithography and UHV systems". In that sense the PhD itself is not that valued, but it's recognized it can come with high-level expertise.

Academic experience beyond the PhD has rapidly diminishing returns, employers will value relevant skills you might have acquired but it's unlikely that any postdoc experience translates to salary.

I agree about jobs where the guy hiring has a PhD, but also if they already employ people with PhDs they probably see the value.


PhDs and academia beyond that in most places aren't really about studying, they're about doing research, so I don't see the point about classes being less relevant than experience or whatever issues you have about tests.

As for the risk averse bit, maybe if you stick to the same university in perpetuity, but that also kills your academic career. Most will have to move cities/countries/continents on uncertain prospects and shitty pay (often having to find the funding yourself), which isn't exactly a risk-averse move. Same goes for independence, it's a prerequisite to carve out your own research niche, group and such if you ever want to be an academic. Most early-career funders look explicitly at how you've established yourself outside of your PI.

Terrible management in academia I wholeheartedly agree with. But delegating technical work and stepping on underlings to rise up is just management 101 everywhere.

In summary: dumb anime poster.

>> No.16216704

Depends on the size. Small ones? You are put under the gun constantly and your customer will continue to make the most retarded demands of you while you dump 80hrs/wk into your underpaid position. Large ones (like the one I work at)? Pretty nice since everyone will be handling their own projects, except there are some shared employees for generic functions (machinery, inspections, facilities, etc). Most are significantly more comfy than small consultancies due to the padding, but you still have to do a lot and put in 60 hour weeks every so often. Generally nicer bennies, less stressful, but you have to move on if you wanna "be the man".

Consultancies rarely beat out the big corps they serve on a benefit-for-benefit basis, but you get to do much more on the job than the average bigcorp employee.

>> No.16217425
File: 72 KB, 616x372, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16217577

My plan is to cope by obsessive work and vidya. Will this work O wise wizard?

>> No.16218341

The worst part about these places is "billable hours." Your company has to document how much in labor to charge to the company who hired you, which means you have to break down your time card and explain exactly what you were working on for each hour you are there.
If your boss is a dick this can get really bad if he's looking over your time card with a fine tooth comb and really questioning what you are doing.

>> No.16218349

Would a Biostats masters be a retarded decision? I gave up on med school and my Biochemistry B.S. is close to worthless.

>> No.16218775

just get several dozen certs and complete thousands of applications chud

>> No.16218875

>In fact most of the job listings I look at are explicitly looking for a PhD
You will probably find that the boss making those decisions on qualification also has a PhD. At least that is my experience.

>> No.16218978

>day 159 of unemployment
What are my options at this point? Help please.

>> No.16218992

reminder to divest or be cucked by Israel

>> No.16218993

post resume

>> No.16219049


>> No.16219087

Which industry and what roles have you been applying for? Mathematics is huge. Your success rate depends where you're putting your eggs.

>> No.16219137

Good mindset if you own your own business. Otherwise slave tier

>> No.16219170

I need to get a job.
Late stage of studying physics in Europe, BS thesis and 4 exams left. Feeling stuck and find it hard to get over the last hump, procrastinate, then deregister at the last second because I didn't learn enough and too anxious to email profs for thesis spots.

Should I apply to entry level IT admin jobs? I don't need much money but I need something to put on my resume and advance long term.

>> No.16219189

finish your degree
expectations for BS thesis are low, you need to write a 30 page paper about applying some well known technique, it doesn't need to be novel or good, you can do it in a few months
same with exams, just get a passing grade
apply to jobs yes but you will really regret not finishing your degree if you are already 80% done and only need 1 more semester of work
if you get a job offer you do not have to take it, but it might give you a mental boost that you're good enough

>> No.16219216

you're right, i need to get this done. thank you

>> No.16219219

Defense, IT consultant agencies, higher education, big auto industry, government agencies (tax, pension, education etc.) basically everywhere where people with a PhD might get a job in Sweden. I have been applying for various roles ranging from software developer to senior lecturer.

>> No.16219273
File: 1.80 MB, 378x368, 1716901587324197.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Terrible management in academia I wholeheartedly agree with. But delegating technical work and stepping on underlings to rise up is just management 101 everywhere.
You're mistaken. Please don't manage.

>> No.16219285

>he was giving up because someone told him math was invented by white people for white people.
What race was he

>> No.16219319
File: 264 KB, 379x409, 1714442183987998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To add on to this, it's always the same.
>incompetent technical employee advances to management through seniority
>because they are incompetent, their schedule falls apart. it fills with long unnecessary meetings (dozens of attendees, nobody speaks) spread across to span the entirety of each day
>"no time to research I guess :(" but there is plenty of time
>learning stops almost entirely
>manager becomes increasingly dependent on interns/post-docs/subordinates to do work
>manager does not understand work, but frustrates staff with useless suggestions and commands
>manager is as incompetent with management duties as he is with technical work (being good at management requires deliberate practice and study too)
>manager cannot attract, keep, or grow talent
>occasionally some poor bastard gets trapped "haha, all you need is a good graduate student!"
This is a common story, but not good management.

>> No.16219371

Why the fuck did I get a PhD in math? What was I thinking?

>> No.16219596

youtube and tiktok learn to edit

>> No.16219610

If you have a plan for what you'll do with it after you're done and you can afford to pay out of pocket for the program, then I think you'll be okay. I would caution against it if you don't have a solid plan and you'll need to take out loans for it.

>> No.16219653
File: 57 KB, 976x850, 1717768800856909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got my first job as an engineer at a small manufacturer that designs niche scientific instruments for the oil and gas industry and earth science departmens. I don't know what I'm doing.

>> No.16219686

Its pretty boring most of the time. I've just been writing proposals all week which involves just scoping out the same quantities required for each project over and over again under the exact same process.

20% of the time its pretty interesting when shit goes wrong and you get hired to fix it and need to undertake investigative work and really think outside the box. You get assigned more of that kind of work as you become more senior so I'm just holding tight working on becoming chartered until I do. The pay is slightly below average to average for your first 5 or so years. The people are great at best and manageable at worst from what I've experienced.

If I could've done it all over again I would've done something that pays more. All I care about is money and I could've gotten more of it for the same amount of work in another field, even non-tech fields.

>t. ~2 years in as engineering consultant

>> No.16219699
File: 7 KB, 168x300, IMG_0599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me fail out of stem
>go into business

Now at 29 i’m about $600k NW and most people who went STEM are in massive debt/working shit jobs

Why the hell was STEM pushed so hard?

>> No.16219732

I finished a PhD and my students are still snot noses. It’s honestly worse than industry I’m thinking of switching back

>> No.16219891

>I could've gotten more of it for the same amount of work in another field, even non-tech fields.
nta but which country?

>> No.16219963

Ah, you're describing my former PI with remarkable accuracy.

I did once work for a PI who was actually great at managing the group. Unfortunately he diddled a student.

>> No.16219973

Academia is cucked af

>> No.16219978

Worked on a project with multiple levels of sub-contracting so I had to fill out three different spreadsheets each week for each layer's billing. Each level had a different way of breaking down time into categories. It took so much time to complete all three that we got a special billing code for time spent filling out the spreadsheets. Since there were three different systems, it was impractical to track my time as I went so I just guessed at everything at the end of the week. No one appeared to care about accuracy, they just wanted to be able to bill.

>> No.16219980

Littlin - little Lynn

>> No.16219987

no different from the national labs which kinda sucks
you gotta find your own work too, but if you're established it's no biggy

>> No.16220001

Is it worth getting professional engineering accreditation like IEng or CEng?

>> No.16220002
File: 33 KB, 405x489, sweeney cope edit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thesis Question: Is this a legitimate rule?

My supervising professor informed me that I will be expected to reference notable figures in my field for my Literature Review section. I asked him who these people are, but he couldn't tell me. Instead, he told me to look at what other alumni have referenced and showed me the thesis-publishing website.

>> No.16220024

A red flag about your professor if he doesn't know who the notable figures in the field are. Telling you to just look at what the other students did is a cop-out, and if the guy actually read their theses he should know these himself. Not knowing either party beyond a 4chan message, I will say that it's also possible he wants you to go read shit for yourself rather than being spoonfed everything, but even then simply giving names of people whose work you should read is not pandering.

As for the actual question, yes if you're doing a literature review then it would be expected that you find and reference the key literature/significant breakthroughs in the field. Presumably these notable figures are notable because they wrote the key literature. But this is very obvious so maybe I don't understand the question.

>> No.16220030

> it's also possible he wants you to go read shit for yourself rather than being spoonfed everything
I think this is it; I just don't know if it's a hard and fast rule. If I'm expected to talk about certain works, then I would expect at least one book so I'm not told
>"Sorry, anon, but that wasn't the proper figure."
I guess I'll just skim history articles and review class notes for a couple big names, then perform my own research. I really like my topic, but I dislike being told to fulfill vague requirements.

>> No.16220050

>retards online keep telling me "just get your PMP cert broooo"
>look it up
>need 3 years of project management experience just to be able to take the exam
great thanks, very helpful as usual

>> No.16220059

>hey I want to get certified as a project management professional
>ok you need a few years of experience as a project management professional
>what the fuck guys, why can't I get certified as a professional in something I've never done before??

>> No.16220347

I am an employed engineer now /sci/...

>> No.16220646

Because they make all the cool shit for everyone. Obviously finance and business is always where the big bucks were at but it's more of a personal endeavor

>> No.16220653

Be my reference

>> No.16220740

Did you get a reply from FFI or NIPO (both on Norway)?

>> No.16220749

Consider alternative self-employment opportunities


>> No.16220960

A Bachelors thesis in this day and age is literal BS piled upon other BS. Then I have done Theses both in econ and STEM.

>> No.16221529

No reply yet.

>> No.16221638

From what I understand the "project management experience" is defined very loosely. If you've ever been responsible for even the smallest aspect of a certain project then you could use list that as part of your 3 year experience.

>> No.16221891

Some relevant news:
>PwC asks for silence from departing staff in programme of UK job cuts
>PwC has launched a round of “silent lay-offs” in the UK, with affected staff told they must not inform colleagues why they are leaving and have to follow a “suggested wording” if they want to send goodbye messages.
>The Big Four accountancy firm has launched a new voluntary severance programme across multiple UK offices in recent weeks, but has not made any official announcements internally about the move, people familiar with the matter told the Financial Times.

You may wish to avoid the abbatoirs.

>US students face recruitment challenges after Gaza protests
>Shortly after the attack, Workman made a pro-Palestinian statement in an email sent as part of their role as president of the Student Bar Association, saying “Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life”.
>After other students shared the email with Workman’s would-be employer Winston & Strawn, the firm rescinded their job offer, stating the comments “profoundly conflict with [the firm’s] values”.
>Other students have had a similar experience. A number of other business people — including Bill Ackman, founder of Pershing Square, and the heads of companies including food chain Sweetgreen and DoveHill Capital Management — have threatened to do the same.
>They are stepping up background checks internally and through external due diligence companies, including examining applicants’ social media posts and affiliations to student societies.

The cancellers are now astonished they are being cancelled.

>> No.16221950

They are leftists. So I don't care. Just lead them to the abattoir.

>> No.16221982

No need for a PhD for a normal role. How does your extreme niche research benefit the company when applying for something completely different? Look for a job that relates to your research and a PhD will be worth it. For example fuel cells, batteries etc. positions in these fields often require a PhD.

But let's say it. A PhD is overrated as fuck. You lay the basis with a master degree and already had 5 years+ push for critical thinking. You top it with a 3 to 5 year PhD often in a field that never gets recognition only to add Dr. to your ID. You often don't have any real industry experience. Then you hope to outperform employees with hands on work experience at the very beginning. Yea, ok.

>> No.16222112

Most jobs can be done with a high school diploma. Yet companies want largely irrelevant B.Sc or M. Sc. However, if you get a PhD and, god forbid, teach university, you are unemployable in industry?

>> No.16222116

>You lay the basis with a master degree and already had 5 years+ push for critical thinking. You top it with a 3 to 5 year PhD often in a field that never gets recognition only to add Dr. to your ID. You often don't have any real industry experience.

I've supervised a few Masters students by now and worked alongside a large number of PhD students and postdocs. The power gap between a MSc and a PhD is considerable. Masters students know the basics, but as a rule are mostly incapable of really putting their work into context, critically evaluating literature and overall knowing what they're actually doing. In experimental/applied areas there's also a surprising amount of hands-on experience involved. All of which results in masters students being generally less capable of generating new knowledge, rather than just following what has been done previously.

If it's work where you're pushing the boundaries and doing anything research, PhD in a relevant area is a massive asset. Despite the hate boner this board has for all things science, most of the radically new ideas and developments start in academia.

But if your aspirations are banking or management consultancy or generic code monkey then to be honest the degrees are useless anyway so might as well get out university asap.

>> No.16222133

M.Sc. is the norm for code monkey jobs. If they want M.Sc., why not PhD?

>> No.16222149

PhDs scare them. They don't want to hire someone who might figure out how to do their job better than them.

>> No.16222152
File: 455 KB, 716x720, mtqe388rk1qa1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Listen up, class. I'm your new math teacher Fraulin Doktor Professor Cirno, PhD. Let's me explain why i am the greatest.

>> No.16222168

Shut the fuck up nerd, I'll beat you up

>> No.16222174


>> No.16222295

I was talking about normal industry roles. Don't twist my words. I totally agreed that in specialized tasks a PhD is preferred. Maybe the last part was a bit off setting but it was related to PhD seeking industry roles. And they actually do, a lot of them. Because there is a limited amount of positions that fit your previous research, if there are any outside of your institute.

Don't get me wrong I worked in one of the largest institutes in my country, you probably know it. There are very knowledgeable people that have a high expertise in their field. Yet there are PhDs applying at my current company that never did any work on anything we offer for clients. Just because they have a PhD are they immediately a better fit for the position compared to someone with hands on experience? Just because they did research on XY not related to anything we offer?

I do not have a PhD but my boss has in chemistry. Yet clients do call me, not him, and ask for my expertise I developed in the last 7 years working there.

>> No.16222299

Internships are for networking, so that you can ultimately get an entry-level job at the same company for your initial work experience.

>> No.16222309

Do premed and become an anesthesiologist assistant or a perfusionist. Then if you get tired of that you can transition into clinical consulting for medical device companies.

>> No.16222311

No you are not. Just don't feel entitled for a position that asks for previous experience just because you have a PhD. Better pick a research topic that fits the industry not some meme that has no real application.

>> No.16222326

Currently working on a PhD in medical device engineering. I am getting lots of experiencing mentoring and managing teams of several researchers at the lab, and once I finish I would like to go into the medical device industry and get into management as quickly as possible because I am so tired of grunt work. Is it possible to leap straight into management from a PhD, or will I need to get several years of engineering/research experience in industry first?
Also, what is the best type of manager to be? Engineering manager? R&D manager? Project manager? Product manager/owner?

>> No.16222329

Most of those applications are from pajeets who lie about their experience and put buzzwords on their resume because they watched a youtube video.

>> No.16222330

Sure. Just work in a startup or create your own company.

>> No.16222331

>Don't twist my words
>Maybe the last part was a bit off setting
Nigger, that was most of your post.

>I do not have a PhD but my boss has in chemistry. Yet clients do call me, not him
Yet he's your boss.

>> No.16222343

>All those words coping with not having a PhD
They are not even that hard to get. They literally give them to retards like me

>> No.16222352

As someone whose research focus has ended up being digital signal processing, I feel like this is by far one of the most employable PhDs. Signal processing jobs are everywhere, but it takes so much team to learn and really understand all of these algorithms (and to develop your own). I don't know if I would trust anyone without a PhD to do it.

>> No.16222353

>Yet he's your boss.
He's also the boss of three people with a PhD, that are on the same level as me. So what's the point?

>> No.16222357

Do startups usually hire PhDs straight out of school? Also I am pretty sure a startup is the last place you want to be if you want to avoid grunt work and have reasonable hours.

>> No.16222367
File: 319 KB, 350x556, rsz_threads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> I did no work for the last few months, it would have taken them longer to fire me than I had left, I was unsupervised anyway. To pass the time I had an affair with the intern. I disassembled the system I built, which is the only one of its kind to exist, down to its constituent atoms when told to pack up my station.

The classic MY GIFT LEAVES WITH ME mindset.
It doesn't benefit future generations, but it is the sigma mindset that, "When you stop paying me, all that I created ceases to function for you".


The trick is threading a string of chained resources or constants that appear innocent, but are like a keystone thread that when yanked, causes everything to detach and unravel to nothing.

>> No.16222387

>Now at 29 i’m about $600k NW
Can you go into more detail about this LARP?

>> No.16222441

Just get some engineering interns to do the grunt work.

>> No.16222463

PhDs need to do some grunt work. Imagine being a PhD working in engineering and not knowing how to use a drill, kek.

>> No.16222469

It's absolutely pathetic how so many "engineers" can't actually do any practical work

>> No.16222559
File: 138 KB, 476x580, 1717846700273965.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>school teaches math and physics for 4 or more years
>little to no machine shop, electronics, or programming
>800k a semester

>> No.16222602

>Better pick a research topic that fits the industry not some meme that has no real application.
You mean the opposite of the whining swedish fag who did his math phd at a tier 25 uni in sweden? Who would have though that advanced mathematical string theory quantum shit would make you unemployable? lmao

>> No.16222688

>Better pick a research topic that fits the industry not some meme that has no real application
Everytime I look up industry trends for my degree their main focus and demands switch.

>> No.16223021

PhDs do the grunt work for their entire degree. You are usually a one-man show running the experiments by yourself, except for the occasional undergrad volunteer who disappears after two weeks after you wasted hours training them.
For instance, in a bioengineering lab you do the cell culturing, surgeries, chemical reactions, 3D modeling and printing, fabrication, construction, PCB design, soldering, programming/data analysis, experimental design, and writing.
In some ways I don't mind the grunt work, if I get to have this huge variety. The problem is once you go to industry to get boxed in to doing a few menial tasks as your grunt work every day because of "specialization". I wish there were more prototype engineering jobs where you get to do everything.

>> No.16223702

I'll never forget in my circuits lab in undergrad I got paired up with this Arab guy. It was the first week and we were just making a basic "make the LED blink" circuit and needed to strip some wires for connections. I gave him the wire strippers and went to collect our parts from the TA. When I got back he was sitting at our work bench with no wires stripped and holding his skinny toothpick wrist. I asked him how it was going and he goes "OOUUGHH..my HAND..." in his weird foreigner accent. These are the people who call us "privileged." Ended up doing all my labs solo.

>> No.16223720

>Do startups usually hire PhDs straight out of school?
Generally yes. The era of large corporate research divisions has been dead since the late 90s. Around that era, these companies shifted from conducting their own RnD to focusing on market share and using the revenues to purchase smaller companies still conducting RnD.
Has it been a good idea? I have no clue I'm not business-savy.

>> No.16223732

Bell Labs' journey from leading the world to its parent company being acquired by Alcatel which merged with Lucent which was acquired by Nokia, with most people nowadays not knowing that Bell Labs still exists, is something that keeps me up at night. Universities at least have a bit more staying power, they don't get turned to shit overnight.

>> No.16223943

>"the concept is barely 100 years old"
I'm sure the sabbath was a thing in jesus' time, or he would not have commented on it.

>> No.16224075


>> No.16225173

Idk about other industries but in construction you need CEng to sign off on designs, which makes working towards it crucial
t. Civil Eng

>> No.16225202


On a somewhat related note, is there any value in the britbong chartered physicist qualification or is it just a scam?

>> No.16225426


also had issues with an arab guy for lab work during master's
the guy literally just sat in a corner and did nothing, didn't even say hello. At some point I just removed his name from the reports and moved groups if he joined mine for assignments because he somehow thought I'd accept him by default

>> No.16225561

Anyone work with engineers that have a bachelor’s in math, ms in Eng but no BS in engineering?

I did a pure math undergrad but want to be a MechE. Should I take some undergrad prereqs and then go on to a MS, or should I get a second bachelors in MechE so I can be sure I’ll be eligible for PE certification in my state?

>> No.16225646

>gorillionth day of unemployment
>math PhD was a huge mistake
I was without a job offer for literally less than a month. What the hell are you guys doing? It seems to me that everyone in data science and defence industry is hiring.

t. math PhD

>> No.16225784

Data science is the most mind numbing career imaginable. When you make your 1000th powerpoint for the year you'll realize where there is so little competition for these jobs. Plus there's little career advancement into management.

>> No.16225932
File: 78 KB, 640x640, 1717666447460192.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

EE undergrad interested in medical physics. If I were to go the non-traditional route (PhD + 1 year certificate, can't afford moving to a state that offers a medical physics degree) does it have to be a field physics or can I get by with transitioning to biomedical/nuclear engineering?

>> No.16226030

What do you wanna be a PhysterSister for? The Daily Mail told me that's the perfect path for maxxing out on ropium.

>> No.16226040

>salary rivaling doctors without a fuckton of tuition
>understaffed and can work in any major city after being certified
>high IQ semi-physicsy shit

>> No.16226043

I think you need a physics minor at least (calculus based physics for 2 semesters and then 3 upper grad physics courses). You might have that from the EE, or you might need to take an extra undergrad class or two during your PhD.

On a related note, does anyone know if there are any jobs related to medical physics that would be more suitable for someone who has a strong engineering/comsci background but is specifically interested in neurology/psychiatry?

>> No.16226048
File: 32 KB, 700x466, 20891775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the occasional undergrad volunteer who disappears after two weeks after you wasted hours training them.
That's (soon to be) me

>> No.16226149

My stem career is a pathetic joke.

>> No.16226252

>STEM career
simple, if you're a Jew or support Israel, get the fuck out
the writing on the wall is no more money for Israeli's, Americans can barely pay their own bills

>> No.16226346

Americans are either rich or broke. There is no middle class in the US anymore. Also, most STEMfags didn't make it, they're working poor and were destroyed by millions of H1Bs.

>> No.16226395

What kind of job did you get then?

>> No.16226415

>Data science is the most mind numbing career imaginable. When you make your 1000th powerpoint for the year you'll realize where there is so little competition for these jobs.
When you are looking for work you cannot really afford that attitude.
>Plus there's little career advancement into management.
Please tell more.

>> No.16226673

Man I am fucking lost and considering blowing my brains out.
Graduated a month ago with an aero engineering bachelors and NO ONE wants anything to do with me, companies don't even write back. I don't care about the company, I'm not shooting for six figures or whatever, I just want any sort of a job related to what I studied for 4 years and got into debt over.
It all just seems like a giant cope and I feel scammed.
It's also kinda depressing to see all the new developments and revitalization in the space industry because I am just starting to realize that I am never going to get to be a part of it.

>> No.16226681

One month is nothing, no reason to be concerned. Just keep sending in applications.

>> No.16226682

network network network

>> No.16226684

Ain't it kinda late for that? I can't exactly go back to school and bug my former profs about this. How do you think I can even get any networking done at this point?
I tried with the uni career fairs. The lines were long and recruiters didn't want to talk to anyone. They just told everyone that we'd be great and to apply online.

>> No.16226686

I hope you are right!
I am gonna shoot myself if I am still unemployed in 3 months

>> No.16226691

cold message people at companies you want to look at, go on linkedin and go to a company's employees and find one thats like a hiring manager or in the position one above the level you want or something. also you can bug your old professors they might have good opportunities in their pockets

>> No.16226695

I guess it beats doing nothing, I'll see what I can about it anon.

>> No.16226748

Look for companies in your area.
If you are only applying to like Raytheon headquarters or whatever yeah they don't give a shit about you and probably get 5000 applications a day.

>> No.16227353

It took me closer to a year, and I had some experience. You just have to keep grinding but you shall succeed. For so it is written in /scg/ .

>> No.16227366

I'm a physics major wanting to go into industry. Do you guys think it is wiser to go straight to graduate school or join the military to get some job experience and then go to graduate school part time while I (hopefully) have a job?

>> No.16227439

Bumping this.

My basic question is, what’s the best path for a math bachelor’s to get into engineering?

Second bachelors? Can’t imagine going back and sitting with a bunch of retarded undergrads. But getting a masters with no BsME looks like I’m missing foundational knowledge.

>> No.16227655

How do I get into finance with a BS in math?

>> No.16227687

I'm out here trying to reverse this process through PE restructuring and employee empowerment. I know, sounds gay, but I sense I have a moral obligation to do so.
>t. /biz/

>> No.16227693

Then make your own company fag.

>> No.16227694

Spam apps after filtering for what you can deal with. You may not get work directly in your field, but you may work for a company that does work in your field, or something related. Get a foothold before bum rushing the door.

>> No.16227699

We study the job market here. We are job scientists.

>> No.16227700

CFA charter

>> No.16228080

How do you get CEng? I know you need to have an MSc and 4-5 years experience but know nothing else. The internet is completely barren of guides on how to become chartered?

Also generally speaking is our field even worth it? Do you get money and a work/life balance once you’ve accumulated enough experience and become chartered?

>> No.16228088

Do most "STEM" jobs at defence companies actually do anything?

>> No.16228125

Once you have tasted disposable income, it is hard to go back to student poverty lifestyle. So if you get a job and go to a PhD study, you really need solid funding from your employer.
The FAQ has some infor about the military route, but it has no info about military supported PhD studies.

>> No.16228161

What disposable income? A trailer in flyover land costs like $300k now.

>> No.16228225

>Once you have tasted disposable income, it is hard to go back to student poverty lifestyle
As the other anon said, what disposable income? Pay after my apprenticeship felt shitty enough to go back to uni over 8 years ago already. Can't even imagine how brain numbing it is now after inflation fucked any prior value. My lifestyle didn't change much either, albeit probably less partying due to getting older.

>> No.16228297

This is a while ago fo rme but I had not enough money for alcohol, cigarettes (never smoked anyway) or a GF, the 3 largest expenses for most students. It took a few years after leaving academia before I go a well paid job, but by then my spartan lifestyle was pretty much cemented.

>> No.16228695

Come home, white man.