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Can anyone explain the solution to Loschmidt's paradox to me?
Also if the second law is a statistical law, is it possible that the entropy of our entire universe dips every now and then, and we can't even notice?
And after the universe reaches equilibrium, could entropy ever go down?

I'm presenting a seminar on it tomorrow
Please, I need answers

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>just read this 250 page book in one night bro
if you're so smart, why can't you just explain it?

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>I'm presenting a seminar on it tomorrow
Did you just make up a lie to get responses? No one would schedule you to give a seminar on something you know nothing about.

Btw your thread is now my personal "taking notes on time" thread; hope you don't mind.

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* the speed of light is the speed of sentience
* the turning radius of a car is like the turning radius of self-awareness
* "generations" are the discrete analogue of continuous time
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_0jJfliUvQ
* https://youtube.com/watch?v=JN81lnmAnVg

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>i'm presenting a seminar on it tomorrow
>and i don't know
must be a shit place to select you as the seminar speaker.

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Just to IQmog everyone here. The solution to Shlomo's paradox is that it's not a paradox at all. Mathematical formalisms to describe nature will always have extraneous solutions. You're not at all bothered by rejecting negative-time solutions in projectile motion equations, yet you're extremely bothered by rejecting negative change in entropy solutions for a closed system? Peak midwit behavior.