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What happened? I thought we were the science.

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>Special Offer! Use our link
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>Welcome, friends of Sabine! If you appreciate her gobbledygook-free approach to science reporting, we know you’ll appreciate ours.

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global warming shills on suicide watch

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Judging by the image she isn't saying it's wrong but just that she's tapping out

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Nobody cares if they KYS

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I would only pay for her onlyfans

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Sure, but this woman is dumb and wrong when it comes to quantum science.
She believes in fucking pilot-wave for God's sake

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what does it matter while israel is committing genocide?

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I can't wait for all these heavily papered academic pay pigs have to admit Plants just eat the Extra C02 and produce more goods per acre. Unironically invest in nitrogen based fertilizer.

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Her entire statement is that we aren't going to reach the current climate goals and need to set better ones. Not that climate change or activism is in any way wrong. She even admits that we need to do something about it but that setting unrealistic goals is not the way.

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I hate climate activism etc. because, it is now our
fault for your private jet.

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>I thought we were the science.
She isn't the science, she's an opinated reporter of the science, very different.

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>Plants just eat the Extra C02 and produce more goods per acre
they do, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT, but humans release CO2 at a rate that plants cannot keep up with.

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>plants cannot keep up
Cool. If only the trannies stop chopping tree down. It's a fake problem that can be solved extremely easily.

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I'm the tranny chopping down your trees. Did you want to say that to my face or do you want to buy my lumber while the government sells me the rights to cut down more forests?

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>Unironically invest in nitrogen based fertilizer.
Nitrogen fixing plants become more efficient nitrogen fixers when they have more CO2 available to work with.

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Kek was about to post this

I'm sure some dudes would be into it

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Every aspect of plants functions better the more CO2 there is in the atmosphere, they become more efficient users of every nutrient, more efficient users of water, more disease resistant. There is no downside to adding CO2 to the atmosphere and there is massive upside to doing it

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he's a lumberjack and he's ok, he sleeps all night and he works all day!

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If you follow any climate change debate it inevitably degenerates into moving goal posts, whatifs, infantile "gotcha" comments and info-graphic wars.

Climate change is fuzzy, the time spans are so long, the science is so inexact, the data open to interpretation, so endless debate ensues with no resolution. no firm conclusions, no straightforward remedies ( if actually needed ). Even worse it has several elephants in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge.

The science about biodiversity loss and habitat destruction is clear and straightforward. It affects a key component of our standard of living and survival. The food chain. But they are sidelined, obscured from view, by the climate change debate.

I struggle not to wear a tinfoil hat but I am beginning to think the focus on Climate change is intentional. Its a convenient way for corporations to divert attention away from the ecological destruction caused by many of their activities. Its a smokescreen. if not deliberately lit then most certainly used as one.

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I think you are reading into it a little bit much. Doomerism is a sociological/memetic phenomenon. The threat of rapture provides motivation for proselytizing and for the converts to take action. It is Jim Jones.

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I listened to her for the first time. Her accent sounds really bad

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like jews genociding people is anything nwq

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>the data open to interpretation
people who never passed a thermodynamics class will just interpret temperature data any way that pleases them since they're not bound by what they learned about thermodynamics

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The power of ignorance

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Greta was never even able to pass high school math, yet somehow she still considers herself a science expert.

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>focus on Climate change is intentional. Its a convenient way for corporations to divert attention away from the ecological destruction caused by many of their activities. Its a smokescreen
I feel the same way, instead of pollution, biodiversity, wildlife habitats and so on all they talk about is muh CO2 as if nothing else matters

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theres tons of pseuds just like her on /sci/, can't do math, never learned physics, yet still consider themselves climate experts

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Lack of math ability and ignorance of physics is a prerequisite for climate science

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The only Genocide there was October 7th.

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divided and conquered.

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>muh six zogillion
shit that never happened

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problem? better than what 90% of 'scientists' believe

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>yet another hossengoblin simp thread

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Environmentalism is just a symptom of a grandiose narcissistic personality. They imagine that they own the whole planet and that its their job to decide who gets to use it and how.

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If only humans had the technology to genetically modify the Plant Kingdom for betterment of all mankind....if we had this technology we could easily increase the plant's ability to process Carbon....oh well!


He idiot....they still need fertilizer. That's how I know you've never grown a vegetable. Grow a tomato in the garden and never fertilize it. Now grow an identical tomato next to it and feed it as much salt based fertilizer as it can handle without damage. Now weigh the resulting produce at the end of the season and see which tomato plant yields more. Spoiler the one you fertilize. So yes the nitrogen fixing will be more efficient but only a fool would "leave money on the table" and purposefully yield less per acre when a simple application of cheap nitrogen results in anywhere from 20-100% increase in end product aka a 20-100% increase in profits. If you use your brain and simple logic things like the above will not need to be explained to you, it will just come naturally.

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Well, new science has emerged.

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which was also done by Jews (killing their own)

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you only believe that because you can't do math

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Inability to do math is a key factor that powers belief in global warming. Its only this level of total ignorance that forces people to blindly believe in the global warming propaganda. If you can run the numbers for yourself then you can figure how they don't add up.

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Show me the real numbers

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Acid rain isn't a problem since ages ago. coal power plants emit little more than CO2 these days. CO2 isn't even a pollutant.
Deforestations isn't a real problem either, trees grow back.
Most issues that environmentalists bitch and moan about are completely fake and stupid and they only feign belief in them because they like to bitch and moan and be demanding like babies, which they in turn enjoy because they're mentally immature.

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Surely a guilt based narrative will work out right? Just forget about the whole "sin" thing I'm sure THIS time it will work!

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>trees grow back
They grow back even faster and quicker with additional CO2 added to the atmosphere

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Climate change affects all ecosystems, all at once. That's why.

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no it doesn't

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Slavery is the original sin angle

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