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Why does everyone hate the dentist?

>t. starting dental school soon

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its very painful for many people and very expensive for everyone. I'm a defense contractor so every year I need to get a physical exam. the doctor is a breeze. but most years the dentist sees the paperwork, quickly deduces that my employment hinges on this exam, and """regretfully""" tells me I need a few hundred dollars of work done before he can """in good faith""" clear me for the field.

what a racket.

and this is after his dental assistant who has done the job for like two weeks has poked my gums half to death with that fucking poker thing.

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My former dentist was a scammer. He said I have gingivitis and wanted me to pay a lot of money for the treatment. I went to a different dentist who confirmed everything's fine in my mouth.

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A lot of dentists are blatantly fraudulent, there's almost no medical evidence underpinning a number of dental practices, and the costs are kept artificially high by bad scope of practice regulations.

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Mercury amalgams, unnecessary extractions recommended by default (wisdom teeth removal), flouride, excessive head x-rays.