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materialism btfo

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Bump. I want to see your answers, basedence guys.

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>materialism debunked by consciousness
>idealism debunked by physics
Dualism has won. Simple as.

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Now thats what I call cope. Why are we like this, /sci/?

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>Dualism has won.
There's dualism between what material is like from the inside / outside. You lose.

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Well (lack of) light is to do with particles, not atoms. So the correct statement is that everything is particles. Dreams are just electrical impulses. There, materialism wins again. It always wins.

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Science is still unable to measure shadows or dreams, so it's just another theory pushed as "settled science".

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Dreams and shadows are an illusion.

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Shadows still need material to form, you can't form shadows out of nothing. Dreams are neuro-electric phenomena ultimately. Imagine getting tongue-tied by a little girl's questions. Next.

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>points to different shades of colors: look another object