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I need your best method to study, I have a crucial exam in less than one month and I'm behind in schedule. I need life-changing stuff

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Less become behind in schedule, ask for help,

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What's the subject?
In most cases, it's just the matter of doing problems, and compare it to the "model" solution. See what you miss/misunderstan/etc. Make a note. Refer back to it when you solve the next problems.
1. HWs
2. Quizzes
3. Mid-terms
4. Past exams (even from a different prof)
5. Past HWs, etc.
6. Textbook problems
7. Problem book

Also stop shitposting on 4chan. Easy way to get permabanned is to make a post admitting you're underage. I did it on /fit/. I made a post like "I'm 12, how to get swole like picrel?"

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Best study strategy:
Go to class and learn material
When you don't understand something, go ask or put in the effort to understand it
When it comes time for a test, you'll already know the material

Sounds like you have enough time to put in the effort to understand the specific things you don't know. Go ask targeted questions

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download Anki

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general pathology. I'm at a loss with this exam, it's gigantic