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Do animals rape each other?

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ducks do

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Female ducks are literally asking for it. They deliberately incite fierce competition between male ducks as part of their selection process. Projecting human values on a natural mechanism is not science.

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>ducks do
>Female ducks are literally asking for it.

For some reason National Geographic nature programs do not show this... the beauty of nature

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The pajeet of birds

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>each other
that's not how rape works

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Videos like this are misleading. It's normal behaviour for a male duck to bite a female's duck neck feathers during sex. The main problem here is too many at once but it looks more violent than it is.

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>it looks more violent than it is.

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Do you actually hurt your gf when you pull her hair?

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It's shit. You're shit. It's so fake and setup. Had you judged yourself correctly no-one would have looked at you. So they're shit, and they will be punished.