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What was this machine designed to do exactly?

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exactly what it still does today, be visited. they absolutely nailed it

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it turns little black balls into potato knishes

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it opens a portal to ay lmaos
ive wseen the documnets

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It's a machine that turns mummies into older mummies

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and opens a portal to ayy lmaos

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Survive the sands bruh?

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its a power station, it creates chemical energy.
this is old news anon

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There used to be machinery in the lower chamber but it was removed, you can still see the mounting points.

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the magic and the mystery

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break bucks

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Were those small air vents any good? Looks like one could put fire outside and kill anyone inside

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I don’t want to make any assumptions about what the pyramids were for, but one thing that is true is they were stripped of all valuable parts. All the gold and white bricks are gone. So if it had technological secrets of value then those were likely taken too. Whether to hide their secrets or simply greed who can say, but then again this is only if it had machinery which is a big if. All the same it’s possible there weren’t machines but did have a proper use that’s been lost due to stolen or missing pieces.

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We'll probably find out once they finally explore the hidden large chamber above the grand gallery. Probably going to take ages though

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pilgrimage, hence why no mummies were ever there.

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nice pesh bro

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why is it set to the golden triangle?

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The pyramids are a hoax. Egypt literally made them up.

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it's suppose to ejaculate the soul of the pharaoh into the stars

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protect the king in his sarcophagus along with the stuff he needed in the afterlife and it completely failed. It turns out a six million ton pile of stones is the most conspicuous thing in the world so they had to switch to burying kings in hidden secret tombs.

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air filter for our ancestors who live underground

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Besides the astrological religious stuff, I think it was designed as a hydraulic system to help build itself.

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Holy shit

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>located the head of the Nile river delta directly next to the river itself

Considering how much they lived and died by the Nile river, it would make sense if it was a component of some sort of aqueduct or irrigation water pumping system. I wonder if the ancient Romans knew of this would they keep it out of their own history books just cause it made them look bad?

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>animated mental disease

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ha'tak landing platform

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Oversized hydraulic ram? For what use?

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>Egypt literally made them up.
lol, good one

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They made Saladin's son seethe, and he vowed to destroy the whole complex until he figured out that destroying them is just as hard as building them (no explosives back then) so he gave up.

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Hydrogen maser. Produced electrical energy for an advanced global megalithic civilization that could be collected anywhere on the planet, similar to Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower but on a much larger scale.

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Air filter.

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Why is it we can use seismic technology to see what the core of the earth looks like, but not the inside of a pyramid?

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Did you just look at the pic in the post without reading the text in the post, then decide to reply with text instead of a pic?

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turn lead into gold in the kings chamber

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i watched on the history channel that flood waters enter the chamber which causes it to start beating like a heart which then sends some sort of light beam up into space

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Why didn't they just fill (and obscure) the passage out with bricks and stuff as they went, so that grave robbers would've had to take it apart brick by brick? For resurrected royals? Well if there are traps or the entry is sealed, they would've just died again on their way out I think.

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We sang songs n sheit.

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Nice, but why do you need such a massive building for that?

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humans dig through everything, eventually. they could have used granite for everything, but that is way harder and expensive as fuck.
it's not like they didn't build pyramids before. they were absolutely clear on the fact that people do what people do, dig their way into anything to steal everything. hence why it's made as a pilgrimage site, no burried mummies. it's there so people can visit the king, they put ventilation holes so they could breathe while there.
people are still doing it today, they were geniuses this way, they achieved their goal, have the pharaoh in everybody's minds, forever. everybody heard of the fucking pyramids in Egypt.

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I went there and it is now my belief that it is a machine designed to make the population of its host country retarded beyond belief.

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you're not allowed to touch the pyramids because they are made of cardboard.

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They're just air vents, bro. You can just look it up, they pull natural drafts and recirculates air on the inside. Of course, it was done only for specific chambers because Egyptians used to believe that their mummies weren't truly dead and needed things like gold and treasures in the afterlife. Plus many times slaves and servants were sealed in graves, so these may have been a way to keep them alive to "tend" to the mummified person.

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The Egyptians were a super intelligent master race.

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Like in the film Fifth Element?

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it's a unnaturally-naturally aspirated turbo

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Will someone do that? Lie to questionaries?

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Read Hancock.

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these were designed to focus ether on the kings chamber.

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clearly it is a pump

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They were oil rigs.

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back to Howth Castle and Environs

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It's sad that people are going to ignore this. They are either going to believe mainstream nonsense 'tomb' theory or other ridiculous conspiracy theories i.e nuclear power plants.

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Working principle.

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The Egyptians had access to real magic.
There's no "secret" to the pyramids, it's just that you think their significance must be mechanical when it's actually spiritual, just as is stated in contemporary documents and carvings on the tomb itself. It's like giving a crate of smartphones with dead batteries to a medieval peasant and he starts guessing they might be some sort of roof shingle.

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it's not one

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To make us remember the speed of ight.

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A star harvester

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it forgets about the principles of work and hydraulic head. the pyramids are thoroughly above ground and the vacuum needed to pull water to that height would be unachievable.

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What about those huge layered pyramid things in bosnia? Or the american mound builders?

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>hydraulic head
damn, this reminds me of her

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Ayy lmao? Ayy lmao!

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Same shit, simple construction plan and lasts forever. People buried inside nothing magical although I want to believe

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Your ancestors are ashamed of you. It is really a shame for humanity that such stupid people can freely spread disinformation.

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hydrogen maser

inukshuk for an interstellar highway

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Make a big pile of bricks last a while.

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That's right, pure fucking vaporware