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Can microplastics effect developing sexuality?

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Obviously condoms have made the white race infertile.

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go outside

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Sex toys are not micro althrough they are often plastic

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no but eating my cum can

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Yes, but the effect of public schools is more significant. If your son suddenly chops off his dick then that's not because of microplastics but because his teacher told him to do it.

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If they made a machine that converted you to a young woman I would use it.

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no, stop being autogynephilic

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>Can microplastics effect developing sexuality?
No, hormonal changes during puberty effect developing sexuality. But microplastics can certainly affect those hormonal changes and thereby indirectly affect developing sexuality.

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Nah, the fact they gave women the right to vote is overwhelming evidence they were already retard faggots long before plastics were a thing.

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what's wrong with women having the right to vote? I've met just as many dumb men as I have met dumb women.

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There were plenty of plastics in 1920.

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yeah we will have to develop a horrific experiment where we give young people estrogen and plastic to determine the difference
instead of just trusting our fucking intuition