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What would be the implications of this for the fate of the universe?


Heat death is popular at the moment and it projects another 100 trillion years of potential for life.

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yes, some scientists believe theres particles moving above the speed of light, and they cant slow down below the speed of light, it a limit for them

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Moving relative to what?

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to any frame of reference

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>X could make up Dark Matter!
Might as well just call it aether or shadow physics and be done with it.

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We do. Aether was a primitive attempt to model a field theory as stress in an imperceptible extremely rigid solid, the luminiferous aether. Our field theories are a bit more refined but not much.

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oh my basedence!
did you hear the news?
jak just published another paper on le white holes and antimatter!
this will greatly benefit the basedverse!

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what does it mean like
can one thing move in one direction at the speed or light, and another thing move in the opposite direction at the speed of light, thats impossible right because then theyd be moving faster than the speed of light with respect to each other

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Relative motion is relative, like the name suggests, it's an optical illusion