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What does science have to say about the realtionship between jerking off to porno and cuckoldry?
Are there any good scientific publications on this topic?

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>jerking off to porn
brainlet activity
who imagination here

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aren't you imagining you're the bvll fucking some retard's woman? you watch cuck porn imagining you are the cuck? lmao

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No, I watch cuck porn imaging I'm the woman

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Modern science

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well porn is like getting cucked, since you are watching another man satisfy the woman you desire.

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If watching normal porn is already cuckoldry then watching cuckold porn is meta cuckoldry. I imagine being the cuck and desire to be in his position. That means I'm getting cucked by a cuck.

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watching IRL porn is not bad in itself. if she not yo bitch then what's the issue

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People will do whatever gives the biggest dopamine hit. If you have a serious porn addiction and low self worth then you will keep chasing the dragon and at some point desire such things as paying a girl to get smashed by someone else while looking at you.
Pornography is really fucking harmful for young guys who don't fit the standards the internet has brought. You're probably better off dabbling with meth

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bro freaky shit is not for everyone, clearly. it's like weed. some people are just fine with it. other people get paranoid or have psychosis. clearly not for everyone, some people are fine with it, some are not. but it's not something you SHOULD be into, that's retarded.

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you may tell yourself that, but you're not actually there, so you're still wiring your brain to enjoy what's written on basedjak's shirt
personally, I only fap to solo lolis, or at least cute relationships such as sibling incest

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Who owns the porno industry?

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Imagine being so obsessed with sex that you think the worst thing about porn is that stupid vapid women are doing it without you.

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Anyone here ever quit porn and felt better? I mean I jack off to (pretty vanilla) porn in moderation. Maybe it is bad since I don't really have any desire to date. I'm on ssris for depression which kill sex drive.

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Most people who quit altogether are former addicts so they overwhelmingly feel better but it's largely attributable to selection bias

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how often to porn addicts watch porn?

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At least once a month.

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I used to wank every day up to 4 times.

Now I wank every week but sometimes go months without wanking.

It's not NoFap, it's lack of interest in the height of my sexual fantasy as I know too much about how dangerous it is.

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Present. Being capable of sitting quietly in my comfy chair without computer aid and lewd shipping anime girls until I'm sore and leaking from the furious hard-on without touching myself is the mark of a thinking man.

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Thinking, yes...

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Watching pornography rewires the brain to a more juvenile state

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what if I don't watch porn and I jack off with a blank mind? that's not porn addiction right?

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I remember reading there is a link between testosterone and porn watching. Makes sense.

>Wait wouldn't an ultra-t chad be able to just get a 9/10 chick in ten minutes whenever he had an erection and thus never use porn!

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masturbation is gay, don't do it, its bad for you