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>stop browsing /sci/ and pretty much 4chan in general in 2014 because of army stuff
>come back
>nobody has any degree
>nobody is studying anything
>nobody knows math
>nobody even asks other anons to do their homework
>like thrice as fast as before
>it's just /pol/ one a blue background
What the fuck niggers. Where have all the oldfags gone?

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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>muh army stuff
>"n-nobody here knows math!!!"
Kek as if you knew what it means to actually know math

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bow down before me NPD faggot

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>be OP
>permanently butthurt reddit pleb
>go to /sci/
>expect Neil Tyson pop sci and calculus 101 homework circlejerk
>be shocked to find a thread with opinions I disagree with
>conclude that nobody here knows math
>ignore the fact that the board is actually full of math and physics PhDs because I never enter these kinds of threads due to my own lack of education
>shit up the board with another offtopic thread demanding 4chan to become more like reddit
Nah, fuck off cunt.

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stfu shit eating schizo

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for the record OP is a faggot

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Oldfag here. There are few of us left and the newfags refuse to believe that /sci/ has ever been any different. They are nearly all /pol/tards who think that going to a science board and having an argument demonstrates how smart they are and disproves whatever science they don't like. Ignorance and namefags run rampant.

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Prove you're an oldfag. What was the top /sci/ meme of 2011?

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sci is for retards with an interest in science, not retarded scientists

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I don't know. In 2011 I had just graduated high school and was lurking /b/. I didn't come to /sci/ until after my freshman year at college. If I had to guess it would be Kirisu challenges, haruhi problem, 0.999...=/=1, or finitists vs infinity.