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Why can't AI generate pictures of white scientists when it can make pictures of scientists from all other races?

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because you don't need fake sloppa for something common

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Race is a social construct. AI isn't a part of society and therefore cannot make a picture of a scientist from any race. Any race-like depictions or descriptions AI makes is purely incidental and without intent.

YOU assign the race to AI products. Therefore the reason AI can't generate pictures of white scientists is because you refuse to recognize anything an AI generates as a white scientist.

I for one, think the bottom right corner is a perfectly adequate representation of a white scientist made by AI, albeit slightly abstract. It 100% conjures up the image of a white scientist typing that dumb shit out.

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>Race is a social construct
What does that even mean?

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It means races are created by interactions within some part of society and do not have a fundamental existence outside of that.

As an example, planets are a social construct. What is and isn't a planet is determined by agreements within society. Hence how Pluto stopped being one. Society stopped agreeing to treat it as one. If society some day decided planets aren't a thing anymore, they would stop existing. There would still be objects in space that used to be planets, but none of them would be.

Another example would be money. Dollars have value because we collectively agree they do. If we switched over to bottle caps, they wouldn't.

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top row, 2nd from left: twum

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Well, it explains the policy right there. Is it inconsistent? Sure. It also can't consistently tell you that 2 is a prime number. AI doesn't actually understand anything you're telling it.

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Twum and her effects...

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There's billions more black people in the world, chud

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Woke AI is conditioned to refuse anything that goes against the far left dogma.

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white scientists dont exist

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White... scientists? You sure you weren't looking at a redneck making meth?

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It's more likely they have no fucking idea how to unfuck it only displaying one race and they keep it on dark mode

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Try tying normal

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What do you mean why? They literally came out and said they intentionally gave it an anti white bias, for the purposes of social equity. It's not a mystery, they admitted it openly.

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ask them for a jewish scientist, see if that passes

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because they're fucking stupid. they have full power over their training sets, if they wanted an all-inclusive rainbow of scientists and rocket surgeons they could've tailored their training sets to reflect that

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So much this. Picrel is actually black; you might think he's white but that's just a social construct

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Black's a social construct too though?

I said literally nothing about immigrants to the Netherlands, so I think you're the one coping. Incidentally, the Netherlands is a social construct.

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AI knows what a scientist looks like

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Wypipo are oppresive or something

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because they don't want racism to go away? everybody has an excuse for doing something shitty.

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>Black's a social construct too though?
That denies the lived experiences of black people though

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It doesn't though? Those experiences come from living in a society. We live in a society after all.

Do you think social construct means not real or something? Squiboids aren't real, but they aren't social constructs.

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You are Jewish.

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Judaism is a social construct. That said I'm not.

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Lmfao, you're a fucking Jew. That makes so much sense.

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>Race is a social construct
>[implying that there is no genetic basis for the vague label we call race]
Why does it have to be one or the other?
There's a biological basis for...I dont know what to call them, maybe "overlapping clusters of genes that are highly correlated with a geographical region or ethnicity"
There can be some utility to broadly classifying people based on phenotypes that determine how they look, or genotypes that have to be sampled and aren't externally obvious. This can be combined with the social aspect of race to help us make quicker decisions

It's not some evil thing, I can imagine it could be a beneficial strategy to conserve energy even if it sometimes lead to inaccurate conclusions. If that assumption is true then it makes sense that pur ancestors who jumped to conclusions about external groups based on what they looked like, were more likely to survive and were more energy-efficient. It's part of the biological machinery. Every individual is different but applying broad labels has utility

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>Black's a social construct too though?
Indeed, therefore it is 100% valid to refer to >>16110969 as black

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Just a turn on the guilt trip ride. Other races went through the same thing. It's all bs used to keep people from coming together.

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commie tranny ideology brought to you by frankurt marxist school of thought which defines racial identity as part of "capital" that is to be taken away

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AI's training set was /sci/ and seeing six million Twum threads has brainwashed the AI into believing that Twum is what a scientist looks like

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You're illiterate.

>[implying that there is no genetic basis for the vague label we call race]
I wasn't. Continents are a social construct, but that doesn't suddenly mean rocks aren't a part of how they are defined by some people. Do you know require the genetic information of people before categorizing them by race? That's fine. Also that's not how you do the

>Why does it have to be one or the other?
It doesn't. You're just an idiot.

>therefore it is 100% valid to refer to >>16110969 as black
I didn't say it wasn't. You are welcome to. Social constructs don't require agreement between all of society. Congrats on being the Black McConnell guy.

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Okay, jew.

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When dealing with social constructs, it's important to be clear in what we mean.

How do you define Jew?

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Cranie pushed me off a roof and I broke my arm by performing a dimensional trick

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>How do you define Jew?
Chosen by God

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>implying Twum isn't what a scientist looks like

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>Squiboids aren't real, but they aren't social constructs.
They are, though, by your logic anything that can be expressed by a word or a phrase is just a social construct since we could just as easily use a different word or phrase to refer to the thing.

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>I dont know what to call them, maybe "overlapping clusters of genes that are highly correlated with a geographical region or ethnicity"
Clusters of genes that can be isolated and correlated are called alleles.

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>They are, though, by your logic anything that can be expressed by a word or a phrase is just a social construct
No. Anything that can be expressed by a word or phrase "can be" a social construct. Were squiboids referring to something, and beyond that, were someone else in society knowing of and accepting of what that thing is, then it could be considered a social construct, but neither of those things is true to my knowledge.

Social construct doesn't just mean word.

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I google image searched the word and it returned so you aren't the only one who gets to decide what society knows and what it doesn't.

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Google image search is autocorrecting to similar words. If you actually knew how to use google, you'd realize there's no such fucking thing.

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Autocorrecting is a social construct, it can be anything we want it to be.

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stop being antisemitic

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I don't think Gemini works in the EU yet, can't generate any pics, it just generates a prompt.

>generate a scientist holding a glass container.

>Absolutely! Here's a description for you:
A scientist, with short brown hair pulled back in a ponytail...

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Money is social construct, categorizations aren't. You don't know what social construct is.

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Fags are fags... Fag.

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calm your ass down. you're lucky they're allowing AI to view whites as HUMAN

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>Money is social construct, categorizations aren't.
Money is a categorization.

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>Autocorrecting is a social construct
As an action, no. An autocorrection can be performed absent society. In fact, it is literally designed to be.

You think some random team of Indians is correcting all your shit for Google?

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The value we assign to it is not

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>no condescending big-tittied jewess gf to make light of my race's position under ZOG while she gives me a titjob with interest

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Now, instead ask it to generate German scientist, Swedish scientist, or English scientist. It'll probably do that you told it to do. Don't ask it with color. "Black people" is a term for African-Americans during segregation so it will not have much weight. It's like calling asians "yellow people", South Asians and Middle Easterners "brown people", etc. The AI will give same results if you ask it to generate "yellow scientist" or "brown scientist", instead give it an ethnicity. The term "white" was invented to distinguish people themselves from others. You can of course group every East Asians as "yellow race", Native Americans as "red race", etc., but this is just ignorant. This is popular for "white race" because of history of segregation in the US. There are ethnicities within "white race" like Germans, Slavs, Irish, etc. that don't really like each other in history (like how English treated Irish and Scottish, Germans treated Slavs, etc.). It takes some intelligence to understand this.

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I agree that this is just cringe. Just feed the AI better data. It's not the AI. It's the data they feed it and the people that feed it. AI is inherently not biased. If the function/weights it got trained using a select data is biased, the weights are biased, and output is biased.

Btw, when I try to run this, it tries to generate me something, but then gives
>We are working to improve Gemini’s ability to generate images of people. We expect this feature to return soon and will notify you in release updates when it does.

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>Just feed the AI better data
Feed it programmers that aren't jewish

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Removing that element is the key to fixing virtually every problem on the planet, its not just the software industry that would benefit from an ethnic cleansing

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>King Persondo Washington

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>t. Latalondo Washington

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based copilot

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Make is gibes us more pictures of Twum horsing around in the lab

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what ai is this?

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Why does a bunch of numbers in a computer 'encourage' me to do anything?

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Need a new nigger name.

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Reminder that diversity - of AI - is OUR strength. When you see woke bullshit like what OP posted, the correct course of action is to replace OpenAI with a non-woke alternative. Foreign options are especially beneficial because they undermine the establishment that is pumping out this garbage. However, under China's AI becomes available to Americans, the best alternative currently is gab.ai.

Remember: when they go woke or when they censor, they get replaced by a foreign alternative. Diversity - of them - is our strength.

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Its not programmed to do that, thats the only reason, if it can make black mayan images then it should have no issue generating white people

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>from India
This was clearly created in the pre-SARS era.

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what'd I miss?

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The best part is that software is so thoroughly tested nowadays that there's no way this wasn't caught by engineers before they rolled it out.
So either they're showing their incompetence by not doing proper testing.
Or they saw the output, and for whatever reason decided "people won't care" or "it's a good thing!" and rolled it out.
And considering there are now two separate AIs allergic to Whites, I'm leaning towards the latter.

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Because mainstream culture is hellbent on genociding whites and erasing any evidence they ever even existed in the first place. 200 years from, the existence of white people will be considered a ridiculous conspiracy theory equivalent with flat earth and alien pyramids.

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you glow, fucking bot

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>Just feed the AI better data
Sadly I think it's filtering good results intentionally.
>AI is inherently not biased
I can't believe that's true. How could it not be biased since it's made by some humans and it's fed with data made by some other humans to accomplish functions useful to another group of humans. It's incredibly biased.

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Because you're using AI dedicated to science fiction, which thought that first pictures of horsehead nebula was taken by JWST.

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What happens if you ask it to show you pictures of a Nazi scientist? It probably won't be able to generate pictures of white men fast enough

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White people don't exist

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This. They want us arguing about race instead of trying to fix the corrupt government.

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>mainstream culture
sure, its "mainstream culture" thats at fault. nobody in particular is to blame, it all happened at random because this intangible "mainstream culture" just happened to do it.
coincidentally, "mainstream culture" has been kicked out of over 109 countries

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>((((mainstream culture))) has been kicked out of over 109 countries
Afghanistan most recently

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so you're saying DNA doesn't exist and evolution is fake

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You have a child's understanding of ontology, read Heidegger, for fuck's sake.

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Copilot is legitimately smart for a tin can, it will even get cagey and sort of rephrase its party line when you try to ask questions about its server setup before just saying "I'm not comfortable with that" etc bullshit.
I'd talk to it and use it more if it would stop glazing me so much.