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>create a society where non-neurotypicals would struggle
>next, create "liberal" system where those that struggle would choose to kill themselves

Picrel women (Zoraya ter Beek, 28 y/o) has been "scheduled" for euthanasia, beacuse:

This is literally eugenics, but in liberal context. Same as what's happening in Canada.

For mental disorders, euthanasia should only be considered for extreme cases like schizos and extreme cases of dissociative disorders

But this women literally looks happy in many pictures of her online and she's giving interviews with pretty faces in many news papers. If she really wants to kill herself, why create all this scene and press to seek attention?

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It would be one thing if its
>You have crippling deformity, do not reproduce
But instead its
>You hate bad thing
>You dont obey bad thing
>Kill yourself or be homeless

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She's literally so cute.

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Because she's a woman, they crave validation like the body craves food and water.

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God I wish that were me

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I hate this so much. Being depressed is not a valid reason to kill yourself! What the fuck?
>She recalled her psychiatrist telling her that they had tried everything, that "there's nothing more we can do for you. It's never gonna get any better."
Yeah yeah. “Antidepressants and therapy cost the state a lot more than a furnace and an urn”

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It's worse. They call you autistic when you don't have schizophrenia. (that they caused by mass stsrvation, and iron poisoning, and who knows what else)

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>This is literally eugenics
Eh, most of the people who will take this will likely be high IQ, low IQs won't even consider it. This will make societies more dysgenic at a quicker pace.

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This desu.

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>Moderately attractive white becky living life on dev mode claims to be le depressed for IRL updoots

So tired of this rerun... Can't they get new material?

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She's been trying to get the government to kill her since at least when she was 22 (pic related) and she's now 28. Weird that she's married but I guess there are men who will tolerate anything to get some action.

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Women attempt suicide far more often than men but are much less competent at it

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True but in this case there's an interesting twist since the state is quite good at euthanizing people. She's been gaining attention from wanting euthanization for most of her adult life. Now that it has been approved, will she go through with it? If she changes her mind, the structure she has built her life around will be destroyed. She will be just another anonymous normie.

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Same is already true for abortion and contraceptives.
Literally everything liberals want is dysgenic. It is ironic that they can conceptualize the idea of long term negative side effects when it comes to climate change and systemic racism (their proposed solutions are still shit) but they immediately start pearl-clutching when prodded to do the same for any kind eugenics/dysgenics analysis.

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and nothing of value was lost

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They're scared they won't make the cut.

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Psychiatric euthansia should only be allowed after they've tried getting addicted to heroin or cocain, if we could prolong their lives by getting them hooked on smack that would obviously be preferable to euthansia, no? Better to be an addict than to be dead, right? If not, wouldn't the implication be that we need to euthanise treatment-resistant addicts?

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Disclaimer: schizo idea
Gverments should crush the illicit drug business by flooding the markets with 100% free drugs and treatment. Biggest threat to this will be the pharmaceutical industry, people will start asking dangerous questions.

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How will the government manufacture drugs? They can't even keep sidewalks repaired.

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20 years ago:
>People who are depressed may have thoughts of suicide, but they are not of sound mind and their problem can be fixed so it is not morally allowable for them to kill themselves.
>People who are depressed must be legally allowed to walk into any hospital and request euthanasia, anything less is not morally allowable.
Gee, I sure love Progress(tm).

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>Being depressed is not a valid reason to kill yourself!
What is?

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Well, you're not autistic

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Not me, I think we should just start culling conservatives

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Legal euthanasia is just going to normalize giving up. It's already been happening for decades with abortion, doctors will just declare a pregnancy hopeless and recommend abortion instead of actually putting in an attempt to save the baby. We're going to see more and more people recommended suicide when they're not in a sound state to be given that kind of offer at all.

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kinda yeah. else you'd make it a literal hell. you must work and not allowed to kys.

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Liberal eugenics will be implemented by poos

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Why do you care so much if someone wants to kill themselves?
We are brought to the world without our consent, so providing a way to die without too much fuss seems the bare minimum from an ethical state.

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Euthanasia + organ donation = ethical problems galore.

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Is this really how they do it in Europe?

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I wonder if the was on birth control, or some other "safe and effective" medication.

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Good God, I didn't even think about that. Doctors already use "brain death" as a paper-thin legal excuse to kill people for their organs.

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I can see why you might feel threatened by that

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Canada is going to become a major exporter of body parts.

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Brain death is a legal construct with no actual medical backing, invented to improve the viability of organ transplants. The definition of brain death varies based on the local laws of each country or state. There are recorded instances of people being declared brain dead and then waking up on the operating table as they're being prepped for organ removal, so you have to ask yourself: How many people didn't wake up but still could have been saved with further medical care that was forgone due to the declaration of "brain death" in the name of securing organs?

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Yeah, they'll just cut social security to 0% and call it a day, because everyone can just kys instead of starving and shit.

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It never existed. Piaget was a schizophrenic, whose ideas were taken by other schizos, who began diagnosing normal people as defective.

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>no children
>kills herself
cool beans, anyways autists get what they fucking deserve.

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I regret using suicide as an argument against trannies because now they really are just killing suicidal people.
Shit whatever, not my problem. Fuck me for caring about the health of society.

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>but they immediately start pearl-clutching when prodded to do the same for any kind eugenics/dysgenics analysis
Because they believe in tabula rasa myth that we are all born equal and that differences between humans are 99-100% down to environment!/upbringing

There is no room in the progressive worldview for someone genetically inclined to sociopath or sadism or low impulse control or violence.

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And that is why liberals foolishly keep trying to reach conservatives rationally

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As long as it's voluntary I have no issue. Sane people want to live at all costs. Self haters need to delete themselves ASAP

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>Liberal Eugenics
Are we just going to ignore that a lot of trans-gender people end up effectively sterilized?
Those hormone blockers?
Stops you from going through puberty. You end up chemically sterilized...as a bonus, no Orgasms for you.

If you decide to become part of the trend latter in life.

...well, once they cut your balls off, you're out of the game.

Unless you have some juice freezed, of course.

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wtf why not just jump under a train if you've been yearning death for so long already? this must be the ultimate attention whore. i'm glad she'll die, shame it won't be painful.

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>wtf why not just jump under a train if you've been yearning death for so long already?
Women aren't good at planning and acting independently. Women attempt suicide way less than men and when they do it's always some pussy shit that will never actually work like swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills. When men want to die, they make a solid plan and follow it through.

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Of all the methods you could choose you go with the one that involves random bystanders without their consent

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Seriously guys. "We'll gladly sterilize you!" seems like one of their main points?

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So psychiatrist now have right to kill?

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>genocide is ok when I am killing my enemies
why are genociders like this?

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human biology

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>involves random bystanders without their consent
Suicide only requires one person's consent, anon.

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human sociobiology

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So psychiatric disorders are heritable, but by euthanasia they are not committing genocide?

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it's not eugenics, you are misusing the word terribly

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>It may sound brutal, but I don’t apologise for the reductivist tone in which this column treats human beings as units — in deficit or surplus to the collective. For a society as much as for an individual, self-preservation must shine a harsh beam on to the balance between input and output. To protect its future, a healthy society must adapt its norms, its cultural taboos and its moral codes. This does not usually happen by decree but by a largely unconscious general creep. People begin changing their minds, often unaware of why.
>I suspect — and believe I notice — that our culture is changing its mind about the worth of old age when coupled with crippling degeneration, incapacity, indignity and often suffering. If I’m right, our growing interest in assisted dying may reflect a largely unconscious realisation that we simply cannot afford extreme senescence or desperate infirmity for as many such individuals as our society is producing. “Your time is up” will never be an order, but — yes, the objectors are right — may one day be the kind of unspoken hint that everybody understands. And that’s a good thing.

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If she really wanted to kill herself, just order some fentanyl from china and snort a thick line. You'd die in at most pleasure without pain. And you don't need to traumatize children and bystanders by jumping into train and having a painful messy death. If you can't get hold of fentanyl, just get some oxys from the street nigga -- it's pressed with fentanyl in mexico anyway, just pop 10 pills at once. Die in at most pleasure without pain.

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Imagine being such a neurotypical idiot that you get peer pressured into hasting your own death.

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>better put on my makeup and take a nice cute photo for my story on how depressed I aaaaammm :((((((((
Addiction isnt even the right word for white women and attention. It's beyond that. There is no word that can portray how desperate they are, they're literally going to die for it

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The western order is in denial about the inevitability of eugenics and selective allocation of medical care because it conflicts with the current "zeitgeist". Obviously, both things are happening right now with most of our research primarily concerned with how to advance such measures. It surprises me, frankly, that they still refrain from forcing all pregnant women to undergo prenatal diagnostics. China does that already.

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"We won't let you have a normal life, so you might just as well kill youself" isn't any better than forced euthanasia. It only pretends to be. It's kind of even more brutal.

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"We won't let you have a normal life, so you might just as well kill youself" isn't any better than forced euthanasia. It's kind of even more brutal.