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none of those. but maybe some weird mix of a few of them

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Miyazaki would probably be most comfy.

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What does any of that nonsense even mean

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Is the vertical axis supposed to represent the level of socialization? The current names are unhelpful.

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Whichever destroys all technology forever.

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I think it's meant to represent human dominance versus our environment. Going up leads to humans being more autonomous and in control of their lives/society, while going down you're letting the automation, entropy, or higher powers take over.

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So basically the left of the graph

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Eco-fascist, most likely.

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Which ever one lets me be a big tiddy anime girl

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>human dominance versus our environment
If you mean humanity as a collective species (as your next sentence seems to imply), then that's just our level of technological progress, which would be the horizontal axis if anything. Automation is, essentially by definition, the subjugation of our environmental resources to human innovations.

Unless your definition of environment goes beyond the natural to include social institutions, like the economy, the financial system, and social media. In which case, the level of control you describe is consistent with the socialization interpretation, because the top has humans being well-integrated into these social institutions, while the bottom has them resisting it.

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I suppose you're right when you put it like that. You can label the top part of the vertical axis "for the greater good", while the lower part "every man for himself"

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In all honesty, I suspect that OP just wants to post the classic political compass, but had to give it a paper-thin futuristic disguise to keep it from getting deleted.

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Interplanetary Technofascist Manifest Galaxy
Humanity must outnumber the stars.

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All these seem pointless in a way. I mean, Eco? Fuck no. Nihilistic? Fuck no.

Planetary? Are you kidding me? Interstellar at minimum, intergalactic sounds much better. Fuck the casuality limits, I'm sure we figure something out, not so long ago no one believed we can fly.

But definitely closing ourselves in the virtual worlds sounds like a very virgin thing to do and I think we should rather be the chads of the Universe, bringing beacon of the civilization everywhere, yes you heard me right fuck your prime directive.

Imagine us descending in the most fancy spaceship that the laws of physics allow, changing the color of a moon to a disco ball or some shit. Fuck yeah. And then casually building gigachad AI, Dyson Sphere and announcing that their resource problems are over.

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I am leaning towards mining singularity?

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>Which way, /sci/?

Honestly, my personal bias is broad approval of really anything that leads us towards, or otherwise contributes to our expanding understanding of ecology, terraforming, biome construction, and genetic engineering.

I never grew out of my childish veneration for dinosaurs and ice-age animals. I know the vast majority of those "clone extinct animals" or "send us your dna so we can tell you what race you are : )" tech-start-ups are just bullshit scams, but I still kinda love them.
I'm also the kind of man who instead of Rome; thinks about Biosphere 2, several times a week. Really amazing atmospheric and air-conditioning system, genuinely ground breaking stuff, but the actual ecological experiment and management were all complete dogshit. So much of the work the people they locked in there for a year was basically horticulture and lawn-care because nothing was self-sustaining. They literally never even kept written records of what fauna they stocked the fucking Biosphere with. The 'biomes' they installed in there weren't even serious ecological experiments, but mostly just decorative gardens. It was just such an endlessly fascinating mess and I'd kill to have them do another one, but taken seriously.

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Eternal Y2k cultural time-trap forever is clearly the best option. Even the Matrix acknowledged that 1999 was the peak of human advancement, 2000 isn't far off.

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Fuck, that's an indisputable point

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Either that or a total nihilistic un-singularity sounds good.

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no, future compasses are just neat

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I just want to grill, for crying out loud!

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fully automated luxury ruralism + cybernetic neo-predator mind transfer

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All of these make me feel depressed. It's like the end of time.
This one isn't as bad.
Interplanetary arcology monumentalism actually seems cool.

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cybernetic sex slime transcendence reporting in.
right here, soldier.

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post more plz

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I'm thinking post mortality gamer technarchy

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Even the Matrix?! It is an indisputable fact

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Back to /pol/

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Would you rather have an eternal March 2020 time trap forever?

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>centrally planned recreational pseudo-crisis

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warhammer 40k interplanetary technofascism

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lame, other two are way cooler

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the border between technofascist manifest galaxy and miyazaki patchwork

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the original few spawned a subreddit /r/futurecompasses but it's mostly spammed by one guy who seems to have the goal of coupling as many esoteric political descriptors together as possible to make it seem cool and schizo

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One of these three. I mostly wnt to be left alone... could be difficult under facist rule but facist are better then anything thats ruling over us now and maybe I even will like it.

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we need variety. I'd oscillate between top left and bottom right

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what's the gayest choice?

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I haven't hacked you bro.