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UN climate advisor says the way to save the planet is to protect the black trannies.


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What if they're right?

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This makes so much sense

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they aren't. global warming is a hoax

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But what if global warming being a hoax is a hoax?

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It's non-whites who breed like rabbits and destroy nature and as for transgenderism, just look at the moderators on this board and you will see how mentally ill they are.

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white people have done far more damage through colonialism and slavery

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Prove it was white people first.

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Global warming is dead. They already achieved their objectives of flooding the west with immigrant hordes. All claims of GW are now redundant.
I know, I know. You thought there was science there and not just a political agenda. You were wrong. You have always been wrong.

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Take it easy there adolf, you can't expect whites to perform extermination services thoroughly at their own expense. If whites want to spare and colonize that's much more reasonable.

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Strange that you talk about white people exterminating people, when the Muslims, Hindus, Chinese and Jews have been the ones committing actual genocide and religious persecution over the last number of decades, mostly of Christians and of each other. Out of all of these groups, it is the Jew that is streets ahead. We might want to think of replacing 'adolf' with 'a netanyahoo', but since Adolf was Jewish anyway (nephew of a Rothschild), I guess it doesn't really matter.

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every fucking group wants to exterminate everybody else lmao. all humans are fucking shit

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the critter we are is just wired that way, we've always been our own most dangerous predator

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Scienceologists: Trust the experts!

Experts: *unintelligible woke word salad*

Scienceologists: *cheers and applause*

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Why flooding europe with blackas tho?

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What if climate change is caused by cis male farts?