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So AI's use "Denoising" technique to turn random noise into images...

The Big Bang started off as random radiation noise that gradually came into focus as the Universe we see now....

We are living in an AI denoise simulation.

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The universe would probably still be random radiation noise if it weren't for the fundamental forces holding things together in various ways. In not sure if the denoising AI has something like that, maybe it does. There's also causality effects, more mass and energy in some region causes other matter to be drawn to that location etc

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One problem. Universe currenty does the exact opposite of coming to focus.

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>We are living in an AI denoise simulation.
No you are the AI denoise simulation.
The matrix is the economy and the retard congressional controllers of it.
The simulation is printing so much USD all that invested time of yours still makes you poor.
On the brightside, if you are the AI denoise simulation make sure you prompt real hard and turn the CFG up

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no its gravity

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AI like stable diffusion needs to invest energy to denoise random noise into structured pictures. It needs to invest energy because it is working against the second law of thermodynamics. Contrary to OP's claim the entropy of the universe increases relentlessly.

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The energy it invests into the system is internally perceived as expansion and background radiation.

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>internally perceived
By whom? An image file doesn't have its own reference frame.

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*Except the image file being denoised in OP and similar denoising image file.

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>image files are conscious entities
Sorry OP, your anime waifu will never be real.

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I didn't say it did, but it does have multiple states and the way perception of energy internally is represented as it moves between one state to the next is in the form of expansion and background radiation just like in OP's image.

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I think OP meant like how the early universe was just a big gas cloud but over time its turned into voids and galaxy filaments and has kind of organised itself into galaxies and solar systems and stars/planets. Though this is due to effects of fundamental forces and not some kind of target outcome, it would seem anyway

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There are no voids, the fundamentals are still there, it's just that the field density has lowered
>inb4 but le entropy
Once the composites degenerate and the field density of the fundamentals becomes too large they will start forming composites again

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Clearly I meant the astronomy definition of void, not sure how you could possibly get that mixed up
My point was there is structure now when before there was none. And I'm not taking about atomic structure or skyscraper buildings or some other kind of structure, I'm talking about astronomical structure

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I know what you meant
>My point was there is structure now when before there was none
But there is structure, the "voids" are still full of matter

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A star has higher entropy than a gas cloud.

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its a gay simulation, just a pure misery machine

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ye they're always full of shit

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Just multiply everything by -1 then.