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undergrad here with the end goal of becoming a physician assistant
gonna be taking gen chem and college algebra in the fall semester, im not really worried about getting good grades but i want to be competent at the material vs just memorizing shit to maintain my gpa

what are the best self study resources I can grind out over the summer that'll carry over to the harder future classes i have to take?

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>Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

>If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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can you point to where in my post i asked for homework or career advice?

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Also, a potential skill that could help out in the future is learning LaTeX to create cheat sheets or anki flash cards for studying. Anki definitely helped me out in chemistry/ foreign language. And I still use LaTeX to make cheat sheets for a couple of my courses.

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