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So is everything Freud wrote about bullshit?

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imagine getting yelled at. by a woman

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No, there are some insights there but his conclusions are highly outdated and mainly relegated to the history in favor of better models like Jeung and Maslow, cognitive behavior therapy etc. It is still a 101 staple however as an introduction to some important concepts

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does she have an onlyfans

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Still Sexo

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unironically more bullshit than the bible
also she's fucking hot and I want her to do that to me... my mother is not attractive and I'm very unlucky because of that.

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Psychology has a minuscule kernel of truth surrounded by a massive sheath of bullshit. Even economics is more rigorous.

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Let's review what Sigismund Schlomo Freud postulated:
>children are hypersexual and want to have sex with their parents
>conservatives are only conservative because they are stuck in their "anal phase", i.e. subconsciously want to play with poo
>dreams need to be interpreted as sexual as possible, every long object is a penis and by inversion every short object actually represents a long object i.e. a penis as well :DDD
>the cause of all mental illness is sexual repression, hence society must be sexually liberated
>narcissism is le bad
>war and sadism are actually le good because they come from the natural "death drive"
>monotheism is the highest cultural achievement
>the soul is tripartite because ... uhm it just is, okay? And this is totally not a cheap copy of Plato, so we don't mention him at all
>this whole theort is totally scientific btw and not made up because ... uhm Robert Koch just discovered bacteria and surely some day we'll find that mental illness is also caused by bacteria
>followers of psychoanalysis must do so dogmatically and hate other psychologists like Jung and Adler who are retards and wrong about everything
>if a patient ever disagrees with the therapist then that's a defense mechanism and actually proves the therapist right

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No, he really wanted to bone his mother

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Sure. I mean it was educated bullshit, but there is as much truth in a science as there is math in it.