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Only anti-scientific regressives oppose this progressive measure to use the scientific method to convert tax money into double-genitaled canadians.

And that's science.

Science is EPIC!

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>Dr. John Money being brought out of stasis to give a random Canadian child a double-penussy

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And that's science.

Ya just got scienced roight in the canadussy.

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Bigots deny a childs right to recreational exploratory surgery and novelty alterations.

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I dont want to have kids because I don't want to State to have something to corrupt and use as a hostage against me for my good behaviour. I'm going to destroy the lives every judge that didn't defend us when we needed it most. Just as soon as I'm diagnosed with cancer.

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>I dont want to have kids
>Just as soon as I'm diagnosed with cancer

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Why don't troons always go with this option? Neovaginas are hardly pleasurable so it's a good idea to keep your OG genitals so you can fall back to normal sex

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They deserve to get nuked next Monday.

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no, go back

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Is that the same Canada that rejected reparations for vaxx injured people and recommended euthanasia instead?

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trannies should keep their pp

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They use part of their colon for zer axewound.

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And that's science! Males transition to female with colon hole!

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