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Thoughts on this study https://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/doi/pdf/10.1289/ehp.94102s783 ? Also ideas on autoimmune disease and mineral deficiency? As well as gut immune system connection

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It is indeed interesting, I have read up some stuff on that. I could see a link between gut well-being and the immune system, at least probably the most noticable. Did you read up anything on this specific matter? Which supplements help boost the gut well-being. I was also thinking of doing a GAPS diet just to see what will happen to my body.

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I read up mainly on permeability as well as dysbiosis and a few mice studies on various supplements like probiotics and coconut oil. I think full mineral intake is most important, then followed by prebiotics and probiotics. I think carbs are only bad if you already have a severe issue otherwise they should be ok.

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I mainly try to work with anecdotes online and think them through a bit as studies are quite sparse