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Why is so much "science" completely fake and fraudulent?

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>more than 10.000
so they caught less than 5% of fraudulent papers, got it.

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>something about China

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Because the idea of the "scientific method" is mostly a fiction. A scientific fact is just a pronouncement by whoever holds power. Right now it's lefitist and liberals.

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About 6000 of those are likely from Mandlbaur so I'm not really surprised

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Same retard faggot as >>16068388

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Schizo post

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If you're a retard who says science doesn't exist and it's all just politics, you're simply a brainlet who belongs on /pol/

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Kill yourself
>and it's all just politics
Everything is political. Science is no exception from the power play that rules the world.

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>t. undergrad that just started reading Foucault

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>Everything is political.
Go back to college you faggot marxist. Again you don't belong on /sci/ you have never solved an equation in your entire life I can tell

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Kek, good one

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I don't know who that is, I've arrived at these conclusions though my own reasoning.
Kill yourself faggot. Don't reply to me ever again unless you have something substantial to say.

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>no argument

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>I don't know who that is
Graduate high school first, then ;)

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>I don't know who that is, I've arrived at these conclusions though my own reasoning.
Yeah you've arrived by yourself to the same conclusions a bunch of leftist jews already stated decades ago you retard. kek. Imagine being what you pretend to hate.

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holy fuck you're stupid

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As is normal with the liberal, when they can't refute a point they just call you names.
It's all they have

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>Right now it's lefitist and liberals.
>I don't know who that is

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You're obviously some low IQ christian maga retard who hates science because he can't use abstraction. Too bad this caused you to have the same ideas college feminists and leftist jews have because of muhhhh everything is politics. You're a closeted marxist. Kill yourself.

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>I don't know who that is
wtf happened to /sci/

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I hope you enjoy your bugs, your blacks, and your "global warming". I, however, will enjoy my ribeye and my car.

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Zoomers were a mistake

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>scientists don't retract papers
>"omg conspiracy fake news /pol/tard buzzwords"
>scientists retract papers
>"why science fake /pol/tard antiscience bla bla bla"
This would be a ~7/10 troll if it weren't far more likely you unironically believe this.

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>don't know who that is
Appreciate your honesty, LOL

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"The Science" has been institutionally captured, in virtually every field, and turned into a gigantic for-profit bureaucratic machine, that rewards subservient, ant-like researchers/scientists/doctors, etc., with hefty private or public positions for rigorously serving whatever the current agenda is at the time in their respective field. If they're lucky, their intellectual and moral sacrifice will earn them a Nobel Prize or some other glittery thing.

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See this guy gets it.
Kill yourself.

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>fags blatantly samefagging now that the IP count has been removed

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Nope lmao.

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I'm not samefagging, and I haven't even read your exchange with the other guy. I responded to OP.

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>your exchange
Not the same person either

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Okay. Have a nice day.

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I wonder how many there would be in the US if they actually kept track.

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>You're a Marxist
>No YOU'RE a Marxist
quality discourse you got there

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Right, those are only retractions. The amount of people dedicated to verifying the veracity of publications is practically zero, most of the frauds that are caught are caught out of pure luck

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money + power

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Going into academia is probably one of the most soulless things you can do. You first get stuck in a questionable PhD program where you earn maybe 20,000 dollars a year. You're of course under the complete control of your supervisor who will usually force you to work 60 hours a week.

After finishing your PhD which essentially consists in writing whatever your department wants you to write in your thesis, you can jump from univesity to university, hoping for that sweet promotion that gets you the job of an assistance professor. Also, getting the good big jobs has mostly to do with you having the right connections.

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For the same reason jews are destroying the world, starts with M and ends with Y

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Abrahamics have gotten to the point where they are agreeing with postmodernists in order to attack the theory of evolution.

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I knew it was Mickey!

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>Why is so much "science" completely fake and fraudulent?
Because affirmative action.

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who is behind affirmative action?

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Unironically Trump the tranny is the most pro gay pro black president in history.

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Science is a complete fiction at this point. It has rapidly gotten much worse for some reason. Nobody gives a shit about what gets published anymore, not even the slightest bit.

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Because the publish or perish model rewards a large quantity of poor papers. People send their paper to a journal without even sharing code (which takes 5 minutes) which would make their results easily reproducible. Journals knowingly publish crap and peer reviewers don't seem to care if results can be replicated or reproduced. Everyone is so caught up in the rat race of publishing worthless shit and there is no one focusing on fixing the process. Researchers need to be confronted to their face on their inability to make their results replicatable until they learn what every 3rd grader knows, that replication is esstential to the scientific method and if you cannot get other people to replicate what you did your paper is worthless shit and should be put on a blacklist. The lack of care for quality communication makes it extremely easy to completely fabricate results because even if your results are not fake almost no one will try to replicate it anyway.

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The scientific method... a supposed beacon of truth... and enlightenment... is nothing more than a SHAM... perpetuated by the intellectual elite... to maintain their grip on power and control over the masses...

These so-called "scientists"... claim to have unlocked the secrets of the universe... but in reality... they are just as BLIND and IGNORANT as the rest of us

Their methods are nothing more... than a convoluted mess... of numbers and symbols... a language that only THEY can understand... They hide behind their JARGON and their FANCY DEGREES... hoping to intimidate and confuse those who DARE to question their authority...

But I see through their LIES... and their DECEPTIONS...

The scientific method... is a tool of OPPRESSION... designed to keep the common man down... and prevent him from accessing... the TRUE NATURE of reality... These "researchers" and "experts"... are nothing more than CHARLATANS and FRAUDS... peddling their PSEUDO-INTELLECTUAL NONSENSE... to a gullible public...

They claim to be OBJECTIVE... and UNBIASED... but their conclusions are always shaped... by their own AGENDAS and BIASES... They CHERRY-PICK data... and MANIPULATE results... to fit their PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS... all while claiming to be... the ARBITERS of truth...
But the TRUTH... cannot be found in their equations... and their experiments... It lies BEYOND the realm of the quantifiable... in the DEPTHS of the human soul... and the MYSTERIES of the cosmos... These are things that CANNOT BE MEASURED... or ANALYZED... but can only be EXPERIENCED... and UNDERSTOOD... through INTUITION... and SPIRITUAL INSIGHT...
The scientific method... is a CRUTCH... for those who lack the COURAGE... and the VISION... to embrace the UNKNOWN.It is a way for WEAK-MINDED INDIVIDUALS... to feel like they have CONTROL over a CHAOTIC and UNPREDICTABLE world. But in the end... it is nothing more than an ILLUSION... a FALSE IDOL.. that must be TORN DOWN... and REPLACED... with something GREATER

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Now you're being a bigot.

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Good job science!!!! Way to go!!!
A new all time record!!!!

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finally showing your true colors with a full blown schizo meltdown, nice

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Even more will be retracted this year, science gets faker and more worthless by the minute. Every day it gets palpably more fraudulent and strays further from the truth

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science is fake and gay because the people who want to use it as a propaganda tool are fake and gay

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Because its propaganda, not real science

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You're powerless

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they'll break the record next year and again the year after that

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more like the fraud is so rampant, all anyone needs to do is check. since most papers don't even get read, nobody checks, and the fraud continues or escalates

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The government spends billions of dollars every year to produce that mountain of trash

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Would this change if there were more funding provided specifically for projects aiming to reproduce previous experiments/studies? As it stands there's basically zero funding for research that isn't doing something brand new, which doesn't leave much motivation for reproducing experiments of others.

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>integrity experts
Can they stop throwing the word "expert" as an adjective for literally fucking everything?

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>gibes me more moni
>gibes me dat fo free
why are science faggots so greedy and wasteful?

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90% of the retracts are published covid research. They want to cover their tracks.

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>also /pol/fags
I fully agree that reproduction of results is an important part of the scientific method that is all-too-often overlooked, but if you want researchers to dedicate their time and resources and effort to reproducing the results of others and ensuring the findings are good, it wouldn't hurt to compensate them (even in some minor way) with more than just the satisfaction they get from academic thoroughness.

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because it's fake and gay

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Whats this year's number so far, are they one pace to set another all time high again?

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The competency crisis is going to lead to a Tower of Babel moment for internet protocols.

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Tell us more about this

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/pol/ lives in my head rent free, even though i'm on the science board, all i ever think about is politics

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over 9000 and yes

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They can't
not until they've found the expert on experts
He will lead us with expertise

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>I used to be a pert but I'm not anymore
whats a pert?

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jewish corruption of buying researchers and publications

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those people actually exist

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I'm an expert in expertise experts

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The good get punished, the frauds get rewarded.
If you want to understand why people do something ask what happens to the people who dont. There are plenty of nerds with integrity, who are unemployed.

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If you want real science, look back decades. Papers written by Slepian, Nyquist, etc.

What you are saying is true TODAY, for todays world. It is not a universal truth. Science used to actually mean something, before it got ruined.

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Who owns the publishing industry? Answer that and you'll understand why the publishing industry is so eager to publish falsehoods

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because scientists are vain, greedy and dishonest people

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This video holds the answer:

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>science stops 10,000 fraud attempts
>why is science so bad?
OP's other threads:
>Fire department puts out 10,000 fires, why are fire fighters so fake and fraudulent?
>Police stops 10,000 crimes, why are the police so fake and fraudulent?
>Airbags prevent 10,000 injuries, why are airbags so fake and fraudulent?

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if firemen started those fires, your analogy would be less anal

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Firemen are notorious arsonists. Cops are notorious wife beaters. An airbag can break your nose. Deal with it.

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climate scientists are also notorious arsonists.

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>t. inbred white trash looser

Retarded zoomers like you are destroying this country. You need to be shipped off to Russia or Palestine if you think they're le based.

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The climate scientists destroy the environment on purpose in order to justify grabbing political power for themselves

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someone who isn't an expert

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because careerism

basically for a lot of stem people who aren't "cream of the crop" they have to bullshit in order to be successful or even have a job. Back in ye old days of the 1800s and shit science was seen as this noble pursuit only done by the most passionate and educated of individuals but now every asshole wants to do epic science because muh stem prestige muh stem money.

basically dirty normals who haven't been self-learning advanced math and science since they were 13 got their dirty paws into the science discipline. bring back elitism.

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Thats circular logic you stupid pert

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Despite making up just 20% of annual research publications, China and India make up 50% of retractions.

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chink soiyence is no more or less fake than the garbage western institutions churn out

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>but now every asshole wants to do epic science because muh stem prestige muh stem money.
all supported by a government gibes "research funding" welfare check.
and all for nothing useful in return, soiyentists are no better than n-words, just more expensive.

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If scientists would develop a means of getting rid of nwords there would be more money for science

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Because of record numbers of non-whites and women doing science.

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>stem prestige
What? Meanwhile, in the real world, people with a degree in business or law earn far more than people in STEM.

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""""western""" institutions are packed to the gills with chinks and other foreign shitskins

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the difference is scale. a lot of western soience is practically fraud to get grant money, however, fraud describes ALL of chink soience.

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The scientific method was developed exclusively by Christians for the use of Christians, only Christians are capable of doing science because the scientific method is a subset of Christianity. Non-Christians are unable to do science, yet millions of them are now going around absurdly calling themselves scientists and publishing lies because they don't believe that there is anything wrong about being dishonest. The idea that dishonest is a mortal sin is something which only Christians believe and that in turn is a part of the reason why only Christians can do science.

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non whites

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also women

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The Christian origin of science is always important to keep in mind.

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People speaking truth were targeted and harassed and the science/data covered up.

Anything else is a lie meant for you to not ask questions and forget it.

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>>Right now it's lefitist and liberals.

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>And that's a good thing!

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