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I understood black basedence man was stoopid n shiet when he said calculus was hard

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astrotards don't even learn real calculus, they only learn derivatives and some basic integrals. thats one of the reasons the discipline is some popular with girls, because the math is extra easy and doesn't filter them out

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Delusional or baiting

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calculus can be as hard as you want it to be

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I'm as hard as you want me to be.

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have you seen some of the shitty survey papers in astro"physics"? it's just some fucking high school math nowhere you'll see an integral. there are plenty of them published by womxn and DEI hires.

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real physics btw
in none of those paper authored or co-authored by this woman you will see more than one integral or derivative

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actually I take it back, there is one paper in that image that has more than high school level math but she's not the first author so I don't know how much she contributed.

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>my introductory calculus course was so easy
neck yourself.

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thats because astrofaggotry is a low IQ discipline, which is in turn why its filled with women and shitskins like black scyence man.
>i saw star wars and it was neat-o, i want to do that for a living
you have to be very low iq to be thinking like that to begin with, someone like that can't master calculus

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He was stupid when he joined a Satanic cult and probably told himself, "The cult that I picked is the one that isn't Satanic." However, maybe he knew, in which case he's worse than stupid.

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This negro believes men should be allowed to dominate women's sports and expose their penises to women, including children, in women's changerooms, and that you're a bad person for not getting the unsafe and ineffective covid mRNA gene therapy.

>hurrrrr I was wrong for all the right sciencey reasons
>hurrrrr you were right for all the wrong unsciency reasons
>I win

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It dey culcha

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How does it feel to be super smart?

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black people don't have a culture
they have the culture given to them by white supremacists, the smartest people on the planet

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I studied through all of this book in the last year of high school, you stupid nigger.

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the n word is racist

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their culture is actually defined by what jewish media shills on them

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Rudin is not hard. Shlomo Sternbergs book is not only more interesting but its exercises are unironically much more difficult

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I understood when i saw that he is a negro