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If the climate is so much hotter now than it was in the past how come trees used to grow on the coast of the arctic ocean, but now its too cold for them to grow there?

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>If the climate is so much hotter now than it was in the past how come trees used to grow on the coast of the arctic ocean, but now its too cold for them to grow there?
Read the rest of the fucking article.
Pay attention to, for example, how long it took to change.
Then maybe contemplate that even if it had the exact same temperature TODAY, and if magically everything were held constant, it might... take... time... tooo.... ????

When your teacher said there was no such thing as a stupid question he was lying to you. That was an obscenely stupid question. On the order of "baby no have object permanence" stupid.

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Its like that because global warming is just a meme, its as fake and gay. In reality the climate is slowly cooling off because the current interglacial period is coming to an end and next ice age is beginning.

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>Andrei Velichko
LOL, he's a Putinist plant. This is a Russia funded paper.

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you seem upset

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Where was the tree line during the ice age and how did it commute all the way to the arctic by 10000 bc?

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>During the period of maximum forest extension, the mean July temperatures along the northern coastline of Russia may have been 2.5° to 7.0°C warmer than modern.

In 2000 BC it was 2.5° to 7.0°C warmer than it is currently, so why are people screeching about global warming now when the present is so much cooler than the recent past?

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Wrong. It was actually 10 degrees COLDER.

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>so why are people screeching about global warming now when the present is so much cooler than the recent past?
Because they're low IQ

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global warming hysterics will never be able to come up with a reasonable answer for that

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I hope that the climate fags are right. I hope that we're doomed. Then I'll smugly be able to tell them that I ignored them the whole time because they supported gays too much or some shit that will just piss them off in their final days

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Where is this from? Can you post the source?

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they're wrong

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>WEF infowarrior
You are brown (less evolved (poop colour))

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>so why are people screeching about global warming now
Depopulation of Whites

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you can always tell redditiers because they use the f-word "for emphasis" in their posts when they're upset. they seem to expect that being rude is going to win them respect or something, seems life fairly low iq reasoning.

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You know, you could try socializing without such pathetic baiting. Maybe try being interesting by expanding your own hobbies and growing as a person if you want attention? Rather than seeking negative attention from others?

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>Using theoretical arguments and statistical tests we find, as in Dagsvik et al. (2020), that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be strong enough to cause systematic changes in the temperature fluctuations during the last 200 years.
global warming hysterics will ignore this and instead listen to greta and al gore, neither of who have any scientific qualifications

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Your source is garbage. Try harder.

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>Your source is garbage. Try harder.

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it was much further south, glaciers crushed all the trees near the poles

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God planted the trees there, theres no way for trees themselves to move thousands of miles that fast.

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You can cry about your garbage source being garbage if you like. Can you find something that wasn't written by a retired civil engineer, or retired geologist, or retired chemist, ect.?

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Its colder in the arctic now that it used to be because of global warming.
also the arctic will be ice free in two weeks

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>the arctic will be ice free in two weeks
>t. al gore 20 years ago

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there's a serious problem here that you can't always see.
one-world global communist dictatorship is obviously the only solution.

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That's a no. I accept your concession.

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Good pic, how do global warming believers explain this
inb4 "its a hoax" "its a conspiracy" and other schizo persecutory delusions

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That graph is for Europe, not the Earth, and it doesn't include modern data.

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>noooo u must include data from measuring stations placed in cities and near roads else we can't fudge the numbers of the past 10 years
>seee seee number up over last few years aaahhh the world is burning
>seee there's no winter now so that's proof of climate change
>uhm sweaty just because it gets colder over a long period of time in Europe doesn't mean it's happening elsewhere in the world
lol lmao

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Nobody cares about your blogpost

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>Nobody cares about your blogpost

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Those urban zone stations present the false appearance of global warming because the urban heat bubble effect gets stronger every year

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global warming shills can't come up with an answer for this

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about 45ºN or so

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Global warming is fake af

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You really don't understand the significance of why they're coming from retired experts?

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Nobody can answer this question

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Why was 2011 so much colder than 1998 if global warming is real?

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Global warming isn't real, its just a media meme

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Humph before polshits

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Who owns the media?

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Because global warming is a false narrative

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the red area is the treeless zone, 2000 years ago trees grew throughout that region.

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Because global warming isn't real

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If CO2 were really as strong a greenhouse gas as they say it is then it would be impossible for 1998 to have been warmer than 2011

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If 2011 can be colder than 1998 even though 2011 had 10% more CO2 in the atmosphere then CO2 couldn't possibly be worth worrying about in terms of it's potency as a greenhouse gas.

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>increase CO2 by 10%
>temperature goes down
is that the effect a greenhouse gas would cause?

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Clearly not. CO2 is not a greenhouse gas

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Thats what child and adults with emotional disorders do, they scream and cry when they can't get what they want.

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imagine having never matured emotionally past "the terrible twos"
how low iq do you have to be for that to happen to you?

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half of the population is over below average IQ

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i'm thinking based

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>arrested psychological development
>formerly known as retarded psychological development
the name of the condition was changed because the original monicker eventually became stigmatized by the characteristics of the people with the condition
see also: negro, colored, yid

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50 years ago the climate scientists were positive that CO2 was going to cause the next ice age.

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The magnetic poles shift every 12,000 years.

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what does that have to do with trees

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The magnetic poles shift 90 degrees and with it, the Earth's tilt changes. Arctic regions become more temperate or tropical, and the more temperate and/or tropical areas become colder. You'll see plant growth when the ice melts in the former arctic regions, which is why they're seeing signs of it there. Core samples taken from different places around of the world seem to corroborate this.

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>which is why they're seeing signs of it there
but there aren't any trees in the arctic

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Trees were able to grow there 2000 years ago, but now its too cold for them to grow there, yet people are saying its hotter now than it was in the past

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those people are clearly lying

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Almost like the climate changed or something

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Right, its getting colder because the current interglacial period is coming to an end

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if CO2 causes global warming, why was it hotter 8000 years ago than it is now?

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If OP wasn't a faggot and read the paper, he would find that it took >1000 years for the forest to advance and retreat.

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there were trees on the arctic shore less than 2000 years ago, now there is none. if global warming is real, why is it so much colder now than it was 2000 years ago?

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>doesn’t even have temperature

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It wasn’t

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>the hockey stick meme
has long since been debunked