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If you're so good at math, why aren't you rich?

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>why aren't you partaking in the exploitation and destruction of the planet and its inhabitants
Question only a jewish vermin would ask

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Poorfag mathlet cope
You're even seething by offloading your anger to someone else. You being poor isn't really "saving the planet"

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It's the odds are stacked against you. No hope in gambling or business. Unless you break out with a million dollar idea ya just work for the best pay you can get and uni takes 4 years.

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And this, dear >>16023624 is what you call Nazi lifestyle.

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"I could totally become millionaire at any time, bro. It's just my integrity that's holding me back."

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>Unless you break out with a million dollar idea
I think it's implied in the OP that mathematicians are super smart, so they should be able to come up with ideas. Successful ideas are usually the ideas that solve some kind of problem that has no solution or solves it in a way that's better than any of the existing solutions for some problem. Mathematicians are apparently good at solving problems. Maybe they're not good at identifying problems to solve, i don't know. Or maybe they just want to do math and don't care about money

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Money is a jewish invention and one of the most significant causes of the downfall of humanity, why would I care about being a millionare when money has no value to me

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I am rich. Bought bitcoin early now just shitpost all day.

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Isn't communism also a Jewish invention? Can't win

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Because I'm still in graduate school. I also don't really care that much about being rich. After finishing my PhD I will make more money than I really need with the job I have lined up and I don't think I really need or want to pursue much wealth beyond what is necessary to live well.

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People existed just fine in small communes without any need for money for thousands of years, modern society and the retarded sociopolitical ideologies forced on humanity were a mistake

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The economy is set up so that you can only really get rich by scamming someone. Honest jobs don't pay.

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I'm in graduate school, and I'm starting to grow my own vegetables.

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Because I am good at math instead of sociopathy.

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(except for one time off opportunity of bringing something completely new to the market, which can't be a regular source of income, just can't be there for more than a few)

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Double tard whammy

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Why make money when you can just study more math

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There is no point in being rich, there is nothing billions can buy which aren't just empty distractions from your rotting soul and unhappiness with life

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Jim simons is a cia/mossad operative:

>Renaissance was founded in 1982 by James Simons, a mathematician who formerly worked as a code breaker during the Cold War.

His company is just a front for government money laundering through the stock market. Same as Palantir, Alphabet, Meta and all the other glowie companies.

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What an interesting dialog. In truth poor people cannot do good in the world, because even a modicum will be injurious to themselves, thus only the rich can do the MOST good. However, they almost never do. Take bill gates for instance he is literally worse than satan because satan isn't real.
We should seek to have wealth and intelligence, as well as to be great people.
We have a deficiency of men and moreover there is a debt of great ones.
Worse though is that due to fiat wealth does not exist.

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If you leverage all your bets so you never lose then you can bet until you win.

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How over is it for me?

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You sort of see a linear stability for people in the middle of the IQ curve.
However near the edges of highest and lowest intelligence you see more instability.
A lot of geniuses are probably poorer than most redditneers

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>...because satan isn't real.

Except that he is. He's got curly hair. His eyes are a little close together. His purported beauty is vastly overstated. He has deep set wrinkles, but not like you'd see in a human being. He winks. One side of his lips rise higher than the other when he smiles. He's baby faced. He doesn't look human. He says that he is "god of this world" when asked who he is. He is definitely not human.

But, please, do, carry on.

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What makes you think I'm not?

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Are you describing mark zuckerberg?

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im smart butt lazy

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Its over for google since there aren't actually 450,000,000 results for that search term and if you go to the last page, it actually ends at 29 with only 286 results which is a pretty big lie and is like that for every single search term.

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Cause I get this urge to go fuck the hole of my bathroom sink for 8 hours every day

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even with right wing logic this is dumb.

>the jews are taking control of my country. hmmm I know what I will do. I will just let them take control and live by myself in the woods in total isolation that will show those jews!

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the math i am good at does not matter to anyone

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It matters to God, Anon.

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The impotent rage radiating from this post is tangible

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>Because I couldn't it means I should want it.

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>Jim Simons smokes
he's just like me

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I chose not to

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Becaue I have morals.

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When I do math, people seems so stupid about their decisions, that I stopped doing math so I don't feel like surrounded by idiots.