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I just bought an Alienware M18 laptop. What scientific things can I do on it?

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Smash it with a hammer for science

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Solve cooling for laptops

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Nothing. Scientific things are supposed to be done on a hpc cluster provided by your uni/research institute. You could however now gayme there

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Send some emails and get em to do an AI text-to-video that you can type in paranormal powers and see what they are, and then show all the science people that the powers are scientific if they are real and there is no proof they are not real if the hypothesis was that the powers are sporadic and the evidence would have to be claims of powers because it would outreach controlled environments. And do all that so we can discover human potential and scientifically evolve in a single lifetime. And then or in the meantime code a radionics software that wishes for the powers for us humanity.

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself on social media

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Piss on it and take it out in public and see if anyone notices you pissed on it