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The multiverse, if real, is finite. Our lives contain a limited number of choices, the options for these choices are limited therefore all possible outcomes of your life are finite, non-infinite and special. Check-mate, atheists.

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The idea that there's another universe for every decision we make seems absurd and I don't like it

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While I am positive multiverse theory is bullshit to grift grant money I must also point out the logical fallacy in your argument. You ignore all the choices made across the entire universe, known+unknown, since the dawn of time. Please note we have no idea when time started or how large the universe really is. In reality both are most likely infinite. This in and of itself gives you an infinite number of "choices" that span infinite time and infinite space. Your argument is made from a flawed anthropocentric view point.

In reality we run into the issue that the universe CAN NOT manifest, collapse the wave function, unless it is observed! So we must conclude that since the very first moment the universe has ALWAYS had an observer who in turn must be able to make choices. Assuming humans are anything but the "flavor of the week" as far as consciousness goes is silly. The universe exists because someone(something) decided to observe it, since then decisions have been made and each new branch would produce an exponentially growing branch of possible outcomes. We also have no idea when "time ends".....it doesn't....so we have a future of infinite choices ahead of us as well. Not to beat a dead horse but it's likely we have made an infinite number of choices before the universe manifest as well. Because we must have made a choice to think about observing the universe.

Please note we can never run out of choices, or "do all the choices" as space and time are infinite. So you haven't done any of the previous actions/choices in the part of space+time you've yet to discover and there is always new space+time to discover.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? They both have always existed, simple as.

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It's dumb.

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I just decided to reply to this. There's another universe I guess

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>Our lives contain a limited number of choices
This is true. But they're not all binary choices. For example if time in the universe is continuous and not discrete. Then say I walk from point A to point B, then wait a bit, then walk back to point A. That time I waited at point B could have an infinite number of durations, even if we say the maximum is 1 second. Because if time is continuous, then I could wait there for 0.50000000000000012323 seconds, or 0.50000000000000000000000000000039583 seconds, and so on, infinitely smaller and smaller. So just that one choice would require an infinite number of universes to cover all the possibilities

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Not a theory

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>In reality we run into the issue that the universe CAN NOT manifest, collapse the wave function, unless it is observed!
that's a misconception, the wave function collapsing means the particle interacts with something, it doesn't need any observer and hasn't needed one for all the time humans weren't around but stuff still happened.
The position of an electron being probabilistic doesn't mean it doesn't exist

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You forgot to take into account that t=inf so the possible combinations are also infinite, but yes, this instant is all there is, there is no past, future or infinite timelines