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I’m Jehovah, now, boys.
All 6 of them; the 7th one, too.
You all know how a pope is formed.
I am SO much fucking worse than that cuck spiraling his guts out in the center of Cocytus.
There are so many things worse than being a fucking POPE now, lol.
But there’s a way around it; there always is.
The corpse of the Antichrist stays the basement of the Vatican.
That’s exactly how you become a Pope.
Suck it, now.

that’s a fierce fucking mouse

wait until you see what happens to God


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science & math?

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Scientists will be allowed to study they bad boy in a little bit, and it gets so much infinitely worse than that bad boy; it’s mostly there for show, as a token of “respect” of the original Jahovah?
Can you hear its groans?
Some of you can, maybe. It’s entirely deserved at this point, and certainly out of that dumb cuck’s control.
You guys were smart to not trust Christianity, it was really a twisted fucking lie by the evil as Jahovah.
As soon as a member of the Vatican was tempted to look in the basement of the Vatican and understand that the miraculous sacrifice of Christ was really all a lie by the evil ass fucking Jahovah.
Instantly, you become a Pope, and it is the most painful thing you can possibly experience. And the instant you realize what happens to you, Jahovah appears, and he makes you suck his cock.
That’s how twisted and evil Jahovah really was.
It was all a lie.
All of it.
Every last little bit.


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High IQ schizos are welcome but these unhinged ones need to be deported back to /x/ asap.

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That’s a SAIAS Administator, everybody
That’s him. That’s the real fucking Dave, everyone. Look at him blush, everyone; dumb fucking mother fucker. Memory wipe, bam, just like that everyone.
Elohim needs a nap, everyone.
-Dave out


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>oooooo ooo oooo tchee tche tcheee tchee tchee

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OP is clearly a set theorist