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The mainstream science media is finally starting to admit that global warming is fake. They're trying to play it off as "this was just a big misunderstanding, nobody is at fault", but they are still admitting that global warming is fake.

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I guess we should start supporting endless population growth in Africa since climate change isn't an issue now. We could try to aim for 50 billion industrialized and semi-industrialized Africans. According to numerous anonymous experts on /sci/, this can't affect the climate because it was hot 50 million years ago or whatever.

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>Well, a new paper from the University Western Australia Oceans Institute has some bad news: the world might’ve blown past that threshold four years ago.
anon, the paper is saying global warming is happening faster than expected. they'll never admit their lies

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Least illiterate climate change denier

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>hay guise, the fake temperature record we faked in order to present the illusion of global warming turns out to have been fake
wow, who could have guessed that

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good news, never thought i would live long enough to see this day.

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>global warming
Nobody ever took this theory seriously except a few crackpots. Take your conspiracy theories to /x/.

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What was CC doing to end population growth in Africa? It's focus is mainly on the West; stop eating meat goyim; stop driving cars goyim; stop going on holidays goyim; stop have white children goyim. Meanwhile import the third world, because reasons.

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Whatever your stance is on climate change (it’s real, let’s move on), it’s impossible to have missed the near-ubiquitous call to action to “keep temperatures from exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels.” Over the past few years, the somewhat bureaucratic phrase has become a rallying cry for the climate conscious.


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You climate alarmists have not only subverted and removed real environmental concerns from the public discourse, but you've been saying the world is doomed and will end in five years for the last hundred years. You just want big government and less individual rights because you're a communist/socialist/nazi faggot.

Move to China if you want to "save the environment" and see how you're treated by the government of one of the world's biggest polluters, if not the biggest.

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That's funny, why is America's new archenemy the largest investor in solar panels worldwide if it's all a hoax anyway? Like, are chinks in on it? I thought it was only the globohomo kikes? Are chinks the new kikes now? If so, what do we think about the old kikes? Are there old kikes and neo-kikes? What about trannies? Haven't mentioned them yet. Are there kiketrannies in Xi Jinping's cabinet? Is Xi himself a kiketranny? Is he secretly a gay globohomo kikeniggertranny?
Questions after quesionts. I'll ask Cletus from the Springfield Harley Davidson Fanclub facebook page. He's MY go-to expert when it comes to all things climate hoax.

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Terminally online insane schizo spotted.

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>mainstream science
who cares about rotten and corrupt grifters with flat earth tier trace gas hallucinations?

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>the largest investor in solar panels worldwide
Funny how you folks only care about per capita CO2 emissions, but use absolute numbers when talking about China's solar investment.
China is 25th globally of solar generation when looking at a per capita basis.

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Wow, interesting. I wonder what the mainstream science media's excuse will be when it's finally admitted that the epidemic of all-cause excess mortality rates we've been seeing across the world for the past few years are actually caused by that totally safe and effective vaccine everyone on planet Earth was pressured into getting.

Whoopsie doopsie!

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>why is America's new archenemy the largest investor in solar panels worldwide if it's all a hoax anyway? Like, are chinks in on it?
China is also the world's biggest user of coal, both per capita AND in absolute numbers. Their tiny per capita solar investment means fuck all when they're burning more coal than the rest of the world combined

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climey had a ragie

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Yeah .... oops.

Looks like people who were unvaxxed (Republicans) Died twice as much as people who were vaxxed (Democrats). Almost as if the vaccine did exactly what it was supposed to do and your misinformation got people needlessly killed.

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>links to npr

Tell me you're a retarded faggot without telling me you're a retarded faggot.

Now, did you get your fall booster? Oh, why not?

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What do covid deaths have to do with the current trend of all-cause excess mortality being seen today? You didn't even address his point.

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>The researchers note that their study has several limitations, including the chance that political party affiliation "is a proxy for other risk factors," such as income, health insurance status and chronic medical conditions, along with race and ethnicity.

>The study focused only on registered Republicans and Democrats; independents were excluded. And because the researchers drilled into data in Florida and Ohio, they warn that their findings might not translate to other states.

>The researchers' data also did not specify a cause of death, and it accounts for some 83.5% of U.S. deaths, rather than the entire number. And because data about the vaccination status of each of the 538,159 people who died in the two states wasn't available, researchers could only go as granular as the county level in assessing excess deaths and vaccination rates.

Anon, you should probably read the article, and not just the headline. But my advice would be to just kys.

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Democrat voters are on average much younger than Republican voters, and considering covid kills almost universally elderly people, it would make sense that deaths (covid or non-covid related) would skew in favor of Republicans in states like Florida, that has one of the oldest populations of any state in America. This study also does not disclose vaccination status, or cause of death, so using its own methodology, if a vaccination campaign was initiated, and, to play devel's advocate, it turned out that vaccine was potentially harmful and there was a risk of death after taking it, and the majority of the early recipients of the vaccine were elderly (and by age, in these states, are likely Republican voters), you would see vaccine-related mortality skew in favor of Republican voters.

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In 2022, 37% of Republican voters were 65+ compared to 33% of Democratic voters, 33% were 50-64 compared to 28%, 24% were 30-49 compared to 29%, and 6% were 18-29 compared to 14%.

These numbers correlate very smoothly with the study you linked to, and so the data actually suggests that the discrepancy in deaths is age-related.

The reason deaths were higher among democrats early in the pandemic is because the virus spread rapidly in cities like New York and LA first, before reaching the older, more rural and more republican counties. Seeing as the elderly in these counties were relatively protected during the initial waves, you would expect a spike in covid cases and deaths later on, once the virus reached their communities, whether vaccinated or not.