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Can you edit yourself? True, you're unique, but is it possible to edit yourself given the things that make us unique? Simply put, can you change one tiny fragment of unique self to have a massive effect on all other fragments? Can we use the mind to edit ourselves?

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Here's a better version taken by james webb

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Had to do a double take to make sure that's not another salami.

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Wake up.

You're in the real world.

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The self is a nominal designation to our subjective experience through which we discriminate against the world. That that subjective experience only arises in 2nd order or 3rd order reflection. It's an artifact of our minds' reflective function.

If you're talking about the physical aspects of the self, then you can exercise the body to gain mass/lose weight and change your nominal designal of the physical body.

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I'll show you a little photo frame of who you were at the end of your suffering, a little pink scrunchie attached to it. To quickly jolt your memory as to why that happened. Then I'll dress you in exactly the same character and send you away from this place, just for my advantage. Trust me. I don't like you, and never will.

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The resemblance is uncanny

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If I catch you off guard here, you'll see what is true.

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Are you saying can you induce physical changes to your body via thought alone? Yeah you can in some ways. Mental stress can affect your body in various ways, mostly negative ways