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A gene comparison

Altough spiders are arthropods like insects and there for not a unique group of their own, they are the most ancients.

You see, spiders never evolved chewing mouthparts while other arthropods have it. Actually most of the more complex forms of life have chewing mouthparts, spiders dont as they did not evolve.

This is due to being so ancient anad unchange for hundreds of millions of years. Ancestors of spiders went extinct, they have certainly been the eyrypterids so called sea scorpions. They came to land 333 million years ago and gave rise to land scorpions and one group of land scorpions eventually evolved into spiders and lost their tails and the venom gland on tails were genetically shifted to appear onto their jaws instead. Spider venoms and scoprion venoms are essentially same stuff.

So now we see here a genetic comparison between multiple spiders and some human relatives thrown in for a good measure. Comb jelly is there to provide an outgroup.

Humans and spiders do share one thing: both are bilaterian animals and had the same ancestor who lived maybe 800 million years ago on the bottom of the sea. While a comb jelly and human shared ancestor a longer time ago, probably 1.1 billion years. Comb jelly is the first animal that appeared on Earth. Animal is not a plant, yet it is alive. Another mandatory requirement of an animal is to be multicellular form of life, single celled life is never an animal despite how much it would behave like an animal. Animals and fungus are more similar to each other than neither are to plants.

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It's going to suck once you realize this meticulous and grandiose scenario you've posted hinges entirely upon quack science like universal common descent being true, lol.

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>dust mite
>sea spider

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this image gives actives my autism