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Science is collapsing

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Actually the science all says that circumcision is extremely harmful to children, female circumcision is completely outlawed. Male circumcision probably would be too, but the doctors are bribed with a $500 fee paid for every foreskin so they don't speak out against the practice.
Anyone know why people are willing to pay $500 for a baby's foreskin? What are they doing with them?

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>clitolis mutilation
le bad
>penis mutilation
le good

America is a shithole.

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jews eat them

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Female circumcision completely removes sensation, it would be more akin to chopping your entire penis off. Male circumcision isn't the same .

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Also it's a CELL CULTURE you idiot. They just took cells from a foreskin, put them in a medium, and grew more of those cells. You're not buying an ACTUAL FORESKIN.

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how would you know? have you experienced life as both genders? or are you just one of those sicko autogynephiliacs that obsesses over porno and fantasizes about being a girl and absurdly presumes that you know everything about them because of your experience of jacking off to porno for 10 hours a day errrrryday?

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Doctor here. It's true, we get paid $500 per foreskin. We also keep all the foreskins and at the end of each year we each make something out of the foreskins and enter it into the national foreskin tournament. Last year i made a small foreskin yacht and sailed it to Israel and back

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>They just took cells from a foreskin
So if I kill an animal and ground it up into mush, eg ground beef, It's actually not meat, but just tissues from meat which is not the same as intact animal meat.
By that logic suasages are essentially meat free.
>put them in a medium
Wrong the forskin cells are the medium, but yes experienced approximately 16 population doublings beyond the biopsy material.

Cells from foreskins are not foreskin I agree, it simply contains cells from forsekin.
That makes it 100% ethically agreeable to strap infants up, and remove their forsekin without anesthesia.
Just take infant out, and torture it for no other reason, then aesthetics and alleged hygiene.

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this stuff doesn't really make sense

The rate of straight men contracting HIV from vaginal sex in the USA is less than 16%, so how could it even prevent that much?

Also, we have a HPV vaccine?

The fungal infection thing seems like it makes sense, though, although at this point why would I trust someone who already lied several times in one article?

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It's not the same, although I find the purported benefits of male circumcision to be overstated, and as a procedure it seems totally unnecessary.

It's more like frankenmeat. Do you consider that meat? It certainly starts as some meat cells, but mixes it with a bunch of other stuff I'd rather not consume.

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>The rate of straight men contracting HIV from vaginal sex in the USA is less than 16%, so how could it even prevent that much?
And condoms are a far better prevention tool than circumcision.

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I don't care what the science says. My son can choose to have the procedure when he's an adult if he wants. I was not able to consent to having a piece of my manhood cut off, and I won't do that to him.

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There is actual an experimental HIV vaccine that has a higher rate than that. Doctors never bothered rolling out mass vaccination since the rate was too low.

I guess when your personal religious beliefs are on the line, though, you quickly change your standards.

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correct answer!

most parents dont know that male babies foreskins are supposed to be stuck to the head and try and pull them off - this leads to the idea they are somehow 'dirty'

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Isn't male circumcision actually good for most men? I mean, it prevents phimosis and some infections, doesn't it?

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this would be like cutting off your toes to prevent athlete's foot or ingrowing toenails. sheesh.

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Ask yourself what happened in your life that you're willing to search for reasons why it's okay to mutilate an infant's genitals for aesthetic reasons

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It is a weird thing that happened to catch on in the ancient world. Afterwards, modern people went around looking for justifications.

Ask yourself this: If you had never heard of it before, and you were hearing about it just now, would you consent to it?

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Yeah, for sure. Just think about it from evolutionary perspective. If a tiny change to one skin fold could prevent infections to your reproductive organ, it would surely take evolution tens of millions of years to get rid of it. Reproductive organs are simply not that important when it comes to reproduction and propagation of genes.

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There are multiple forms of female circumcision. US federal law makes a pinprick to the clitoral prepuce resulting in mo loss of function a felony, while full excision the foreskin (without anesthesia) is legally protected. It's ritualized violence against male infants, full stop.

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>Also, we have a HPV vaccine?
Yes. Where have you been?

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all of those are fake
urinary tract infections are solved by medication on a week and just save 1 for every 150 cases, it's a retarded thing to cut anyone for something so non life threatening and has functions on sexual functions and immune functions
balanitis is solved by cleaning again and isn't reduced at all by the cause of it being wounds which circumcision does
prostate cancer is totally unrelated, just a relation of specific US families having more money and getting circumcised more thanks to that rather than an objective fact
the hiv study is totally fake by it being done on certain men which had recovery times, were given condoms and were taught to use them, were on places with less hiv and more and still with that the difference was 1%, if the other intact men were teached how to use condoms the ratio would have been 90% less hiv in comparison to circumcised men because the foreskin has cells which fight against hiv and reduces the likehood of wounds which in turn generate hiv for both partners
hpv is a literal foreskin infection, the same as penile cancer being foreskin cancer, that would be akin to cutting the tongue of everyone when they are born because it reduces tongue cancer rates, is ludicrous and is the reflection of mutilating healthy parts thanks to people disregarding them as a natural part of the body, the solution would be to cure them (which is very easy thanks to penile cancer being caused by lack of hygiene and hpv being just reduced by not having as many sex partners.
and for the last one, that's pure bullshit, the US is one of the countries with the highest std rate and everyone is cut there, an operation which causes wounds and in general has the capacity to make contact with fluids more direct will in turn cause more stds for everyone involved, that study is again bullshit and made with people which had more capacity to get things like vaccines or other medications which obfuscates the high rate of stds on cutting cultures

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Chopping your entire penis off would be equivalent to sewing up your vagina, so male and female circumcision are equivalent in terms of degree.

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Look up the definition of "homologous sex organs", come back and explain to me why you're wrong.

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At first they only gave it to girls under 12, then only women, now it's standard for kids. Adults have to jump through hoops to get it.

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I actually remember when i had to take a deep dive on the subject for arguing for more than 6000 words about mgm with a suspected semite on a finnish ice fishing forum. Turned out that the STD studies were real but somewhat cherrypicked. If i remember correctly there were also studies which found the exact opposite to such a high degree that they had to pause the studies. Also the surgical failures in babies/increased risk in older medically required patients when you account occurance was stupid high around 100/1. UTIs were near comparable in europe and USA. The complication rates were overall so damn high that 100s of kids were either functionally impaired or even dead and all you got in return were a couple thousand less simple antibiotic curable UTIs. Occurance of surgery without pain relief were still in the tens of percents in the 2000s. For some reason people completely overlook the experience of pain with the simple hand wavy attitude that babies don't remember it. Demented elderly don't remember if you beat them up into silence in hospice either. I gradually came to hate them.

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Meanwhile they're being sued in a huge class action because it's extremely dangerous.

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those faggots at deep think talk of science as if it was the pope or some shit

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i think there is some sarcasm in there, but i can't pin point it

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Retards do a lot of stupid shit.
Forked tongues, random implants, scarification tattoos, piercings in mucous membranes, having unprotected sex with your mother...
Those are very recent, some even completely unprecedented in all of History.

Normalfag don't really do thing according to logic, reason, or decency, they do what the herd do, as evidenced by the 80% vaxxrate.

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Cosmetics and skin grafting.
Not if only the entire clitoral hood/prepuce is removed - that is biologically equivalent to removing the foreskin and should be legal by your own logic. As far as damage to the frenulum and surrounding structure goes, that may translate into tissue damage and scarification around the clitoris, as well as removal of part of the upper labia minora, specifically the female frenulum. Depending on interpretation of homology, this could reach as far as urethra, but should not uncover the Skeenes glands.
see >>15896712
You are wrong. The glans is homologous to the clitoris, regardless or urethral opening. The rest of the penis is homologous to most of the rest of the vagina, that includes the majority of the erectile tissue, which ironically makes it more invasive.
Even the worst case of female circumcision is not homologous to penectomy, as a lot of the erectile tissue is left in tact.
It is akin to glansectomy.
They only do this to increase profits and availability, baby foreskins are still extremely valuable to the industry.
They will never admit that circumcision is bad for you in any aspect.
If anyone ever does research showing clear evidence of harm, their career will be immediately destroyed and their research will be raped by ethics commities.
Fact is that physical trauma in such a sensitive area of the body so early in childhood will leave permanent mental scaring, as much has been previously established by multiple studies.

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Well yeah, adults are degenerates so they're already infected.
It's not cost-effective to infect on purpose groups that already have it.

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It's interesting because the bilbical practice of circumcision, the brit milah didn't even involve the total removal of foreskin (brit peri'ah), but rather only removed the tip of the foreskin, while leaving enough to encase most of the glans.
The believe that brit peri'ah was commanded in Genesis is simply erronious.

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>I want science to fail
Why would anyone want this?

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>just wash your dick
>just wash your dick
>just wash your dick
>can't get dick cancer if there is less dick
>just wash your dick and use condoms
By this logic we should start removing females labias including clitoral hoods shortly after birth.
It would probably reduce bacterial growth and UTIs and as long as the clitoris is still in tact, no sensation should be lost, just as is said to be the case for men.

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Fedowitz buys them in stacks like pringles. Pop them and the fun never stops.

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We are literally born with a foreskin, yet its logical to remove it?

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Evolution deniers think it is, they think they're smarter than God

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>Female circumcision completely removes sensation
so does male circumcision

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>hahaha mutilating innocent children is sooo funny!!!!

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Amerisharts are demons

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You have to know this isnt true

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it is
less frequently but male circumcision does remove the sensation
see byron (reckful)
he spoke at lenghts about basically not feeling anything or just slight knowledge of something happening at the frenulum, but nothing worth having

you're either an evil jew or coping circumcised goy

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NTA, it's true, I have had zero sensation in my foreskin ever since it was stolen.

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Reminder that the government of Iceland backed down on banning the mutilation of baby penises when the ADL threatened them with being branded as antiemetic.

These are the reasons jews are universally despised, rightly or wrongly. If only the kikes would figure it out they might stop being idiots.

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Can we keep the ironic antisemitism separate from consent advocacy?

It doesn't even make sense because:
-Jews are only a small minority of the people who practice circumcision.
-Jews are disproportionately represented among anti circumcision activists.

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>Female circumcision completely removes sensation
No it doesn't, but probably 80-90%. Male circumcision removes 80-90% of all sensation.

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In what way am I being ironic or antisemitic? I'm pointing out how fuckwits like those at the ADL are making jews worse off by doing things like this.

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If we could make them better.

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>rightly or wrongly

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>In what way am I being antisemitic?

Well, you referred to Jews as "kikes", for starters.

Keep in mind that pro circumcision advocates always want to paint anti circumcision advocates as antisemites. When you say stuff like that, you're playing right into their hand.

If you're bothered by medical consent issues, then just say that, and don't bother bringing anything about Jews into it.

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Kill yourself you filthy kike.

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>Well, you referred to Jews as "kikes", for starters.
OY VEY!!! antisemitism!!

jews refer to everyone else as "the goyims" so why is it a problem if everyone else refers to jews as kikes? jews make nasty characterizations of every other group of people, so why should they consider ben garrison pics to be offensive?

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Yeah I would love to see these "studies"

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>Jews are disproportionately represented among anti circumcision activists.
Lmao, nose is showing

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The money is just a side benefit, the real purpose is to physically mark their property. If a man thinks about the fact that he was mutilated as an infant, he either has to defend the character of those who did it, or accept they were mutilated as an infant under false pretenses. And most men are too proud to admit that they've been had.

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All of the STD studies were done in subsaharan africa, where circumcision does reduce transmission rates, by being done in such a so traumatic and invasive manner that it substantially reduces or eliminates the ability to have sex at all.

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Anti-circumsision is anti-semitism. We didn't even make that choice, they did. It is core to their cultural identity. Because they're evil.

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>The rate of straight men contracting HIV from vaginal sex in the USA is less than 16%, so how could it even prevent that much?
Take whatever the rate is and multiply it by 0.84, that's how.

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don't ever bother trying to engage in intellectual discourse with jews, they are all amoral liars, they don't consider you to even be human, you're just a dumb goyim to them, so why should you have to treat them as an equal? you don't have to and you're shooting yourself in the foot if you do. just tell the kike to go get gassed and move on

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>Also, we have a HPV vaccine?
we have vaccines. For some strains, but not most. Now people have an excuse to go out and get pozzed even more.

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>And most men are too proud to admit that they've been had.

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Why must the whole foreskin be chopped off? Why not just make a small cut to insure proper clearance when pulling back the foreskin?
Circumcision is abuse, bodily mutilation, there's no sugarcoating it, I'm sorry.

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> Because they're evil
and because their culture is based around penis envy, jews are a matriarchal, they're effeminate and penis envy is rolled into that due to the nature of women

>> No.15907683

>society is matriarchal because women aren't sent off to die in wars and can bring genes anywhere
>it's penis envy becus women
Circumcision is evil, but you're fucking retarded.

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This being the same science that deliberately separates sex and gender and claims that people can be male-brained or female-brained.
Those who subject science to political capture should be barred from practicing both practical and social sciences for life. American science is a meme.

>> No.15908024

Those who disregard enviromental parameters will never be making real science, have fun looking at equations that will lead nowhere 90% of the time

Desperate to make them match any scenario

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theres a video on youtube where natal foreskin cells are used to train a brain into playing pong better than AI, they accomplish this by hooking up the foreskin brain chimera to pain receptors

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Who comes up with this absurd amoral experiments?

>> No.15908307

Shalom rabbi

>> No.15908406

asians and jews unironically. this initially came out of china

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>that pic is mutiliated dick cope, the list
kikes and shabbos goy who defend mutilating your childrens dicks remind me of corporate shills
you wonder why on earth they would do it but then you realise their mutilated dick (or corporate product) is part of their identity enough for them to be emotionally invested in defending the mutilation of their own and other childrens dicks
really quite bizarre

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havent read mein comfy chair yet
>jelly-like slime which divided up and poured through your fingers, but in the next moment collected again
>not the slightest recollection of the day before
shitler confirmed for being unfairly harassed by time traveling changeling NPCs
next spawn try not backstabbing the russians, maybe we'd be in several solar systems by now instead of another artificially induced blacked age

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>Who comes up with this absurd amoral experiments?

Dude you have no Idea how much foreskin is used to torture animals in the persuit to trick humans they are asymptomatically sick.

>> No.15909145

I have an idea I just wanna know who came up with it

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Drop the antisemitism.

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good point.
jews, how do you respond to this?

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I wonder why.

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UK is a sharia law state, so its not only lawful, its likely to soon be mandatory

>> No.15911552

Mass media conbined with higher verbal intelligence has allowed jews to mark their subjects on a national scale, amongst other things

>> No.15912776

>has allowed jews to mark their subjects on a national scale
some people say thats whats going on, that they jews are following their talmudic laws which say that their slaves must be circumcised, but other say mass circumcision is carried out because the jews who pretend to be white want to be able to hide amongst the goyims more easily

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I fucking hate Jews so much
>just tell the kike to go get gassed and move on

That's what kikes want you to do, kikes want you to move on and ignore little boys getting genitally mutilated. Male genita l mutilation must be banned just like female genital mutilation is banned. Kikes calling for the mutilation of little boys MUST be imprisoned.

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I fucking hate Jews so much
>just tell the kike to go get gassed and move on

That's what kikes want you to do, kikes want you to move on and ignore little boys getting genitally mutilated. Male genital mutilation must be banned just like female genital mutilation is banned. Kikes who call for the mutilation of little boys MUST be imprisoned.

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>he didnt follow the science
enjoy having your kids foreskin give him cancer

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oy vey let me meckle your baby boys scmeckle

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>heh heh heh i'll threaten the goyism with cancer >this will definitely trick the goyims into cutting off their kids' dicks heh heh heh
nice try shlomo

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Jews are Asians, Israel is in Asia