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University of Pittsburgh assistant professor of infectious diseases and microbiology, Moses Bility, who published and later retracted a paper claiming that jade amulets prevent covid, is now suing University of Pittsburgh over claimed racial discrimination for denying his application for tenure.
Amongst Bility's evidence of racial discrimination is a claim that
>"students in Defendant Pitt’s School of Public Health called Dr. Bility derogatory names, such as stupid, retarded, unintelligent, etc.”

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This is the complaint from Bility's lawsuit

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This is the withdrawal notice for his paper on the medical uses of jade amulets

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absolutely loquacious

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>In addition to my biomedical laboratory work, my research program also seeks to address foundational questions about the mechanisms of emerging infectious disease epidemics. My research program is developing quantum theoretic-based models of epidemics based on a proposed continuous translational symmetry between non-active matter and active matter. A major focus of this work is understanding the effect of the spin-polarized muons-modulated lithospheric magnetic field on iron-chiral biomolecules interactions in macrophages during weakening in the geomagnetic field.

Someone like this is an assistant prof and I'm getting smoked out of academia before reaching even that stage.

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From page 6:

>In the groundbreaking research work, Dr. Bility hypothesized that a weakening geomagnetic field and associated environmental/hydroclimate changes are linked to large-scale human deaths. Dr. Bility proposed a mechanism based on the chiral-induced spin selectivity effect phenomenon, whereby weakening in the earth’s magnetic field, and increasing cosmic radiation triggers serpentinization-driven magnetic catalysis of aberrant chiral biomolecules (including certain viruses from endogenous viral-chiral biomolecules) via interaction with iron in the body. This hypothesis is consistent with the well-established progressive (or escape) hypothesis for the origin of viruses, which posits that elements within the genetic material of cells (bits of DNA or RNA) undergo a transformation, escape cellular control, gain the ability to move between cells, and become parasitic. Furthermore, this work is based on Dr. Bility’s idea that biomolecular chiral symmetry breaking and the enantioselective synthesis of homochiral life was mediated by spin-polarized electrons ejected from magnetite (iron oxide) by spin-polarized muons in serpentinization-driven hydrothermal systems in a weakened geomagnetic field in early Earth.

Groundbreaking is one word for it.

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>>"students in Defendant Pitt’s School of Public Health called Dr. Bility derogatory names, such as stupid, retarded, unintelligent, etc.”
Truth is an affirmative defense against libel accusations.

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It reads like an AI-generated block of text where somewhat currently trendy phrases and topics are strung together in a way that kind of might make sense if you don't know what any of the words actually mean.

Which could be exactly what it is, though in 2019 the tech wasn't as prominent. Having something like this as one of the three paragraphs on your institutional profile page is just stellar. The more important question is how someone like this, who is bullshitting so brazenly, has managed to stay employed in academia for nearly two decades in legitimate institutions. And apparently is teaching six different courses and supervising research!

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Are you a negro?

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>Reconciliation of quantum theory and gravitation via redefinition of time in a nondiscrete compressible fluid model of the universe with interactions governed by the Wheeler‐Feynman transactional theory in the quantum-equilibrium theory framework

This shit is like the Bogdanoff affair except the Bogs barely made it past the PhD hurdle.

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Bogs also didn't screech and cry and demand compensation over racism when they were called out for publishing meaningless schizophasiac word salads

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the bog bros were multitalented and already had successful careers under their belts before they ventured into academia, it seems like pretty good odds that their publications were misunderstood because they went over the heads of their peers.
the big pitfall of peer review is that its majority rule by midwits, statistics dictate that the majority of peer reviewers will always be roughly 100iq and if you express views that are inexplicable to to the 100iq level then you won't get peer reviewed positively because low iq people are incapable of understanding high iq thought processes

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Experience has taught me to be highly skeptical of any man who puts too much effort into their appearance. It's a certain archetype I've learned to identify at a glance: well groomed, fashionabe, they tend to wear 3 piece suits, they never seem to go longer than a week without a haircut, and oftentimes they wear flashy jewelry. Their facial hair is also always trimmed. Almost without fail, these types are total frauds and charlatans. They are often status chasers as well, and the longer you interact with them, the more you come to realize they lack any genuine interest in whatever academic topic. Honestly it just makes sense, anyone putting this much time into looking professional is almost certainly not sitting down spending hours getting invested in any intellectual endeavor. They tend to be Black or Indian, but not always. The frustrating part is they tend to do quite well at obtaining high positions despite being incompetent and also rather dull.

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This is one embarrassing story.

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Fun ideas. /x/ tier with better language.

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Those aren't word salads. His ideas might be wrong, but even I understood their meaning and I have no real STEM background - just high IQ. I'd have to read more on certain topics mentioned to get a better grasp of what he's talking about.