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Can race be used to predict heart disease?

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noticing ist verboten

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Picrel: distribution of the sickle cell trait, shown in pink and purple. Sickle cell gene mutation probably arose spontaneously in different geographic areas,[56] as suggested by restriction endonuclease analysis. These variants are known as Cameroon, Senegal, Benin, Bantu, and Saudi-Asian. Their clinical importance is because some are associated with higher HbF levels, e.g., Senegal and Saudi-Asian variants, and tend to have milder disease.

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Non-whites get cardio-metabolic abnormalities at lower BMIs than whites, bit dumb to not include race.

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What race is an American?
That's the problem, it's becoming a useless predictor because of how mutt people are becoming

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Might still be reasonable if the correlation disappears when you factor out the higher rates of extreme obesity in Blacks.

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Simply weigh the BMIs by their racial makeup.
You do know what % white you are, right?

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Self-ID race and measured genotype have over 90% correlation.

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I have heart disease and it sucks. Hope no one here has to experience it.

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what race are you?

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No. most of the data in America concerns one subset of African-descent people who have an extremely varied ancestry. So it's basically is really hard to apply it to an extremely diverse population, more so when living conditions and eating habits are not even moretly uniform.

Americans eat like shit, Black Americans more so with both surpassing Germany's heart disease rates. Nigerians on the other hand have extremely low heart disease.

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But how useful is saying "Yes I am Black" when your full makeup is like:
>51% African, 40% European, and 9% Asian or Native American genetic descent
Which is what Condolezza Rice is. We can do heavily individualized treatments by using such ancestry data. Which isn't bad at all since treating every patient as an individual is really important, but a lot of these "race medicine" is about cutting costs and making money off it while delivering not much better treatment.

A pill that works 66% on blacks but 60% on whites can be listed as "black medicine". Even if the treatment that facilities currently use is say successful on 90% white and 87% black.

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Burger here (half limey, half mick) I got familial hypercholesterolemia, diet and exercise is useless against it, got 9 stents already, started at 34. Uncle passed away at 41, dad had 1st heart attack at 49 and had a 2nd one later.
>everyday I get up its the Easter rising, the Limey in me is trying to kill the Mick in me and vice versa.

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I'm an obese negro, my doctor said I have to cut down on KFC and grape soda and that I have to stop smoking menthol cigarettes because of my heart, it sucks, nobody should have to experience this torture.

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White European

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Vaxx status is a more reliable predictor.

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Sorry to hear that mate, isn't that the disease where your LDL (or is it HDL?) Is elevated from birth?

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Btw check out the heart podcast on Spotify, a couple episodes ago they did one on this

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Sounds like watermelon is still OK, you should take up swimming if you want to strengthen your heart

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Since we're on the subject, how are people who are massively fat (talking 300 pounds+ for decades) but don't end up with heart disease or diabetes even? How did boogie make it to almost 50 while this guy >>15878454 has it?

Were they just born to bloatmaxx?

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Look at your skill level for a sec.

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Data and analysis of it means NOTHING to liberal progressive feminist, they ALREADY have decided the outcome!

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Thats what happens when politicians control science funding, stuff that contradicts the politicians' agendas don't get funded, so anyone who wants to have a career has to cater their careers to whatever the politicians are shilling

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1drop of nigger=100% black

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Nope, and don't bother looking. There's 100% no difference biologically and it's a complete waste of time to research the ways FUCKING NIGGERS might have particular vulnerabilities. Especially don't look into vitamin D, race, and latitude.
The last thing we want is FUCKING SMELLY GORILLA NIGGERS getting good advice for their individual needs.

God I'm such a good person. I'm so antiracist and leftwing. Everybody is the same!!