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what did america mean by this?

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Why don't you contact him like a grown-up who's interested in science and math instead of /pol/posting like a sister-fucking highschool dropout who wasted all his money on Alex Jones' vitamins?

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because i am a sister-fucking highschool dropout who wasted all his money on Alex Jones' vitamins

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You need to dial it back. It makes you stick out like a sore thumb.

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it's divine revelation, of course it will be beneficial for us

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(((david march)))

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It means jews will give your children cancer if you dont give up their foreskin.

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The make a $500 profit on selling the foreskins so they publish articles telling everyone to give them free foreskins

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Shouldn't the boy or the boy's parents get that $500 instead of the doctors who thieved the foreskin?

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Less surface area on the penis and lower risk of contracting STDs like HPV which increase the risk of penile cancer, I guess?

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Less penis means less cells to become cancerous, sure, but the cost of the reduction seems excessive.
Ideally the boys get to just keep all of their body parts, as medical experts should never offer to remove healthy flesh for 'preventive' reasons--barring consenting adults undergoing cosmetic surgeries.

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Then just ask them when they're 18 if they want to cut off their cock instead of forcing them into a procedure that causes brain damage.

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But they said the vaccine could prevent the oncogenic types. Wowwie. What a backpedal they did to get those prescious foreskin cells.

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100% true and real.

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Just cut off the whole cock and you'll never get stds or cancer on your cock

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life causes cancer