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Why is this considered an accomplishment?
Has Australian astrophysics accomplished anything else noteworthy?

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Is it just me or is anyone else’s experience with women in academia pretty bad? Actually lot of women I respect in my field, but also a lot of women obsessed with pulling rank. I know women who slept with their advisor and now try to use their gender as a shield now that they’re somehow in positions of power. Infuriating dynamics all around.

And that’s not even talking about the grad students.

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>Has astrophysics accomplished anything noteworthy?
No, astrojunk is an entirely worthless branch of soiyence, its actually less than worthless since it hogs up resources which could have otherwise been used wisely. Its only value is as a dumping ground for unwanted mental cases such black soiyence tranny

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Clearly not as useful as your burger-flipping job that pays for your anime figures.

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Working class people do productive and necessary jobs, why does that upset you so much? Why do you hate decent honest working class people? Do you have a guilty conscience because other people are diligent and productive while you are not?

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Idk but women in academia are all full of themselves

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Are they like her?

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academia is part of the democracy. your lot will suffer the same fate of the bureaucracy or even the business world

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I used to work one of those jobs, but I never talked about how scientists are worthless. Nor did I fool myself into thinking doing some mildly useful minimum wage job was this glorious thing, so much better than increasing human knowledge.

Also, most working class people are not particularly diligent, decent, or honest. They're just people. They're average on average. Scientists are are also people. Smarter than average but that's about it.

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The death of science and the west benefits all of humanity.
Uncle Ted was right, but how do you kill a rats nest like science? You need poison.

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Why would I care? Those kinds of trivialities don't interest me.
I'm kind of a timid shy guy, but because I'm tall and work out women think I'm "mysterious." I actually like having a woman be my advocate, less work for me.
So I'm ok with the whole women replacing men. I actually don't even like men. They're usually mean and evil in my experience.

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>decent honest working class people
No such thing, almost all people are subhuman dregs and poorfags are among the worst. Their poverty breeds amoral evilness.

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>Here's how they did it

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>timid shy guy
So a massive pussy. Got it.

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there is nothing wrong with sticky notes

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she looks much better with her hair down

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What have you accomplished? Can't even reach a single woman.

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>scientists can't be working class
what's your definition for working class?

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No, I'm strong when I need to be. I just don't have much of an interest in being sociable
It doesn't really matter because most people can recognize the utility in knowing me. So I am often bothered. I would say my desire would be to have more peace, for more people to not bother me.

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Thats not her hair, its just a different wig

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Oh yeah? Watch this.

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So how did they do it ? With gender biased hiring or recruitment ? Surely that's fair as long as it doesn't benefit males.

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thats how science works these days, it became a prestige job due to the scientism fad, so now all of the most shallow minded, image conscious, low iq people in society seek it out.
theres nothing more image conscious than a girl, you may have noticed that they're so concerned about appearances that they spend hours every day putting on makeup and doing their hair.

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These type of post make me feel disgust at academia faggots.

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So they fired smart hardworking dedicated white males and filled the void with neurotic female brainlets. They care more about looking cute from the outside than researching science. These women are going to have to work with stuff they hate so much now, just to look like actual scientists. The people responsible for this are the definition of bigot, sexist, racist and fascist. Got it. I WANT SCIENCE YOU FUCKING CUNT, NOT SMILEY AUTHORITARIANISM, you hear

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>They care more about looking cute from the outside than researching science
Thats the same for everyone in science, they're all massively image conscious and devote their lives to selfishly chasing titles and prestige

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Can't say I've noticed big difference. I pharmacology so I've been part of some pretty varied teams. Chemistry feels like a decent mix of male/female, bit of a trend towards male the closer it is to physical/analytical chem and vice-versa for biochem/molbio. The more biology focussed teams have had massive swings towards being mostly women. I've seen multiple microbiology teams that were 9/10 women.

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I shook my mechanic's hand recently just because I wanted to recreate this scene - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPFexk0V5Wo

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It is considered an accomplishment by nitwits that think demographic equality is the most important goal when making hiring decisions. These people want to force the world to be the way they think it should be, and they don't like how other people choose to spend their time. Merit is the only thing that matters in any field, and the political correctness ideologues are destroying science, society, and freedom of speech.

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>competency crisis
Is this actually a thing?
And if so is it the diversity hiring that is causing this?

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>It is considered an accomplishment by nitwits that think demographic equality is the most important goal when making hiring decisions
Its also considered an accomplishment by schemers who presume that if only idiots are hired then they'll be the smartest one left in their department and will have an easier career as a result.
If you wanted to win an academic competition and you could select your competitors, would you choose the best and brightest or would you choose the dimmest and dumbest?

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smart-sounding way to say
>well it FEELS like everything is gradually getting worse
without any real data to back it up
then grifters and hustlers use it to push whatever crackpot theory of humanity they have

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yes and yes

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Yes, young people can't do even the most basic things and they're not learning to either

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>Has Australian astrophysics accomplished anything else noteworthy?
Has astrophysics accomplished anything noteworthy in the past century?
No, it has not

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95% of the universe has been discovered in the past 50 years

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You two should be so lucky that they're seeking to hire idiots.
Obviously when any department is looking to hire more women, they seek to hire more women with the appropriate skills. You dolts. You're the ones hearing "hire more women" and concluding that means "hire any random women who walk in the door regardless of qualifications". But that's why you're not in charge of these things.

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>they seek to hire more women with the appropriate skills
and the skills in question are having tits and a vagina

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>fired men
>hired women

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We always hired the hottest girl in the group, then others realized what we were doing and now HR decides. Sucks cause all the hotties have either left or hit the wall.

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This is what an astrophysicist looks like
Show the children

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I'd honestly do her.

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Phd students are a slave class

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>they seek to hire more women with the appropriate skills.
He asserted without evidence

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Now that's an outfit that says "Respect me for my intellect"

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Pics like this aren't any better, in fact the one one in >>15890835 kinda says "look at how physically disgusting I am, I must be intelligent because as you can see, I have nothing else going for me and would have long since committed suicide out of shame if I couldn't perform intellectually"

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Hey man, if people wanna look like some kind weird vegetable that you'd pull outta the ground, that's there prerogative.

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>that's there prerogative.
No it isn't, being willfully ugly is disrespectful to everyone who has to look at you

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touched a nerve?

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My experience with women in STEM, is that women or in fact, any gender in general, can focus on the wrong thing. The thing is women get catty and unnecessarily making rude comments asl in my lab experience. The thing with insecure people is that they can be a drag and how it affects research as they keep making stupid mistakes because they cannot focus on work and focus on peacocking themselves instead and it's usually nothing impressive but simply annoying.

I may say this could happen within where I live and worked but not sure about other places.

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They sound more based lol than people who "advocate for this and that" for tit and tat. I prefer my honestly primal comrades than people who goes around trying to advocate for "higher purpose" or whatever stroke their feathers

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>increasing human knowledge.

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>We don't exist for consumption
Sports Illustrated.

I'm pretty sure truly smart people knows how stupid this is

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Soiyentists claim to be "increasing human knowledge" but all the ever really do is publish slanted replication crisis fodder in the academic vanity press, which effectively decreases human knowledge. Confusing every issue under the by sprinkling it with falsehoods is not "increasing human knowledge", it only makes things worse.

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This, disgusting people are extremely presumptuous, they selfishly take advantage of the "you can't judge a book by it's cover" meme to allow themselves to be lazy slobs and then get offended when people accurately judge them by how they look

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By "skills" you mean "credentials" and you know it. Your whole retarded worldview relies on the unjustifiable assumption there are equal numbers of equally credentialed people between demographics, and that there is a low skill variance between holders of the same credentials.

It's the same garbage as "equal pay for equal work". You can't use job titles to determine who's doing how much work. Anyone who has ever been employed knows this.

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Why is having 50% women an accomplishment?
Next is "new high of 36% homosexuals"

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My friend worked in astrophysics in a major Australian uni, was radicalised into becoming /ourguy/ by seeing his field go to shit and lose all rigour to accommodate retarded diversity hires and nagging, mediocre women

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I've definitely seen some bad ones and a lot of incompetent ones. But the males are quite incompetent too. I can't say I've seen many brilliant women though. Maybe one, and she was extremely autistic.

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literally me except not astro
anyway I'm OUTTA THERE

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Academia is a dumpster fire and the women were the last thing to make me hate academia.

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I would say for people in positions of authority, regardless of gender, they are shit 60-70% of the time. People that earn their positions are rare, doesn't matter if they have a dick or not. So many people fall up because they know just the right asses to kiss.

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>without any real data to back it up
lol & lmao at this retard

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get some amusing anecdotes from him and post them here

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>lose all rigour to accommodate retarded diversity hires

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yes and yes

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That's the point. You're meant to see how stupid it is and feel helpless to stop stupidity. After having stupidity shoved in your face over and over again with there being nothing you can do about it, you become numb to it and have no will to oppose stupid things.

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>Here's how they did it
I can guess

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Its been years since she showed us that sample tray and when I first saw it I assumed she was proudly displaying it because it was the key to some sort of major scientific breakthrough or something, but so far there has been no big announcement and I'm beginning to suspect that theres really nothing all that special about that sample tray

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all style and no substance

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repulsive, both physically and metaphysically

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but I thought ugly people were supposed to be smart?

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Why would anyone intelligent be ugly? Its an easy problem to avoid, only an idiot would let themselves become repulsively hideous. Hygiene and dressing decently isn't all that difficult to figure out.

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nerds thing they're "too good" and "too smart" and "too important" to have to go to the effort to look good. its extremely presumptuous and selfish of them and they're clearly wrong.

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nerds all smell like shit because they don't wash, they almost as disgusting as hippies and homeless people

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In regards to STEM and the scientific method, women will almost always work towards proving outcomes which they have already predetermined within their own minds. Men are the only ones capable of parsing information impartially and objectively.

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Because it's tearing down a system of oppression perpetuated for centuries. And it makes you seethe, which amuses me.

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astrophysics is a worthless useless unproductive science, its a perfect place to stick women and minorities because their inevitably mediocre performance won't cause any harm. high iq male minds should be reserved for useful pursuits

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Ideological accomplishments.

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Why are you considering this article as a scientific accomplishment?

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Women in the workplace was a mistake for so many reasons, and dumb headlines like that just make it so much more obvious.

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If only that 0 had been a 9, still quads confirm.

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Lol, where did the top image come from?

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Looking forward to the inevitable confrontation when the roasties decide that Einstein needs to be canceled because he is an old white male.

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he gets a free pass because he was jewish