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Since there are 4 fundamental forces that govern the 5% of the universe that is visible matter and energy, doesn't that suggest there are probably something like 76 more fundamental forces that govern the rest of the universe thats made of dark matter and dark energy?
What are these 76 other fundamental forces?

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- tour de force
- a force to reckon with
- delta force

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- aur force one
- force o' nature
- forced penetration

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abnormal force
although to be fair, the 5% of the universe that we interact with is a tiny minority and the dark matter/dark energy part of the universe is the more commonplace "normal" part of the universe.

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dark matter is alienz

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3 fundamental forces.
Gravity is not a fundamental force

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Electromagnetism is the only fundamental force.

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There is no reason to make that extrapolation.

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>Gravity is not a fundamental force
if it causes acceleration its a force

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Theres no reason not to. Its rational to expect that if it takes 4 forced to govern 5% of the universe then the same should be expected of each of the remaining 5% divisions.

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imagine someone claims they have a "theory of everything" but that theory only explains 5% of the universe

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They happily ignore that because bragging about having a "theory of everything" appeals to their irrational egotistical know-it-alism

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>their irrational egotistical know-it-alism
Yeah, astrojunk really does seem to have exceptionally strong draw for mentally ill narcissists that have grandiose delusions of intellectual superiority

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where are all the aliens !?!

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Consciousness is a funda-mental force.

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>I know everything about the entire universe!!!
>t. astrotards and physics idiots

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There are no fundamental forces. They are all geometry.

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NTA but, it's a force, just not a fundamental force. Rather it's the computed result of the three fundamental forces acting in tandem upon the material matrix.

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based, fuck every other force

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dark matter is just regular matter thats cooled down

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It's nice to see other people that understand it.

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But where are all the aliens ?

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So how do we build anti gravity?

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the fundamental forces govern dark matter too
there's no such thing as dark energy

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Stop time.

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use anti-matter
anti-matter has anti-gravity

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if there is dark matter life that you can't see is that proof of fairies

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Its hilarious that the astrotards who love to claim that they know everything about the entire universe also need to claim that 95% of the universe in unobservable in order to justify their claim that that they know everything about the entire universe. Might be the dumbest circular logic loop of all time.
How low IQ do they have to be to have that kind of total lack of self awareness?

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>How low IQ do they have to be to have that kind of total lack of self awareness?
100iq or below

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That seems reasonable, the other way it might work is 4 forces for visible matter & energy and 4 forces for invisible matter and energy.
If the 8 forces hypothesis is correct then the 4 forces governing visible matter & energy are of vanishingly small importance, they're pretty much just a footnote compared to the 4 forces which control 95% of everything.

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either way, the forces we're all familiar with are pretty much unimportant

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It is retarded the amount of time physicists spend on studying regular matter when dark matter is 95% of everything and they know nothing about it whatsoever

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Well, it's that eV's of fundamental particles may be different in other parts of universe.

It's like packaging of candy's every country gets different packaging, but if you remove package it's sweets they're looking a like but taste different.

I wonder how science on this planet doesn't came to this conclusion.

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>ignoring 95% of the universe in order to claim you know everything about the entire universe
what a lame cope

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It is, dark matter is a potentially fascinating topic but the low IQs only want to study whats right in front of their faces, they're too brainless to deal with the vagaries of invisible matter

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Thats why people who think that science is all about "muh IQ bragging rights contest" do

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dark matter is made out of the intellectual gap between the amount of astrophysics people presume they understand and the amount they actually understand.

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>dark matter is 95% of everything

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how does electromagnetism explain dark matter?

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Dark matter is only required under the assumption that objects in space are electrically neutral with respect to each other and large-scale electromagnetic structures don't exist on a galaxy level, both of which are observably false axioms.

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Yes that's a good description for dark matter.

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