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Hi, do you 4chan guys believe in astral travels? If so, How Can I experiencie one?

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What are those?
Is it the same as lucid dreaming? Those seem to exist

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>Those seem to exist
only in your mind

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Its a sausage.

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A sausage in a liminal space

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Nah, I gave up on it a long time ago.

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go to >>>/x/ for all questions related to astrology, the occult, and other schizophrenia delusions

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not science

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no, it's bullshit just like auras, astrology, magick, divination,...

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Have a semi-lucid dreams while having a high predisponsity for magical thinking and a low IQ.
I recently had the most curious lucid dreams. In it I was in a perfect replica of my apartment, but as usual, it was fairly dark and none of the light switches worked, as well as everything having a characteristic low-res filter over it.
So I realized I was dreaming and wanted to wake up. But the usual methods didn't work. So I had the idea of running back to my bed where in my dream, my body was sleeping. I then woke up.
That token apparently satisfied my brain to cause a "need to wake up" signal. And it really was just a ritualistic token.