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How can weak slow humans counter the machine race?

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By plug them off nigga

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we will be the AGI.

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Why would I counter a silly differential equation, touch grass king.

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>AI, please give me a picture of Krystal from the Star Fox series, completely naked with voluptuous thighs and large breasts

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there is no need to fear AGI, they will just be people, they will be no more or less capable of destroying the world than humans are, in fact presupposing they will be more dangerous than humans is really nothing more than racism

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I don't understand the fear behind A.I.

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it stems from bad epistemology

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By using our natural stupidity. What can go wrong?

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depends. plebs gonna get shit hardware, similar to what humans have now. but they will have ASI at some point, which is completely something else. these are two different applications.

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by taking your LARPing ass to /tv/ and going to the terminator franchise thread