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Absolutely soulcrushingly depressing knowing that all the sacrifice and blood and sweat that was poured over making modern society will be totally irrelevant in 100-200 years (especially with europeans worldwide dissapearing at an alarming rate)

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The industrial civilization is coming to an end...
We had a good run desu, but it could have been better if it wasn't for vested interests

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Who could these vested interests be...

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>muh euromutts
go back to /pol/ chud

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Refute my argument without malding

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Mostly jews and some complacent whites

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Me neither, but the reality is quite dire. We've already exhausted easily accessible resources and severly degraded natural environment just to maintain our current consumptionist and unsustainable lifestyles.
There most likely won't be any space-faring civilization, unless we somehow manage to innovate in severly limited conditions.

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Not science or math, retard. Back to >>>/pol/

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You are brown otherwise you wouldnt be this mad

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>bu- bu- but master Musk said we'd colonise the galaxy and we'd be the spacefaring species like in my scifi movies! What do you mean I will die before then???

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>Society will collapse without me!
Grow up.

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Fuck off back, you pol discharge

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75% of this board needs to go back to /pol/.

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/pol/tards are a self-correcting problem, evolutionary and politically.

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Look at the bright side, at least we stopped before building infinite torture devices. The stars are one thing, but giving a psychotic monkey the keys to hell is always a fate best avoided. Also we solved the Fermi Paradox. Nature hates consciousness!

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Yeah but who knows how many elementary school they'll shoot up before the problem corrects itself.

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School shootings done by whites are so infrequent that caring about them is completely nonsensical, after all you are far more likely to die in a driveby shooting by black people than be shot by a white social outcast in any sort of educational institution.

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Then how can we accelerate /pol/tard population correction?

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Any technologically advanced society that chooses to ignore the implications of the exponential function (logistic function) deserves whatever it gets.

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Don't you worry sir, when the white men is go, us Indians will carry the civilization forward.

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Don't worry, you will die and wake up somewhere else, perhaps quadrillions of lightyears away as an animal on some peaceful planet, this is just a temporary dream, you should not care that it crashes and burns, let the fools dig their own graves, go to death with peace in your mind.

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Yeah, although if they had a jewish mother or were on psych meds with regular contact with a psychiatrist the risk is practically nonexistent

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*although unless

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It hurts. I’m just gonna ride it out until I die.Which is definitely before the 22nd century. Worst case scenario before 2050

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>Da blacks
Whataboutism. I'm leaving.

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Based and datapilled

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This is why I can't into industry, it's just soulless and meaningless.

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Ya know, in 200 years when everyone is some samey shade of brown and the world has stagnated into mediocrity, I think they’ll tell stories about us white bros. They’ll tell about the culture, the achievements, the science. Many won’t believe the stories because of how far fetched they will seem. We had a good run bros, I think this is how the Atlanteans felt when their number was up.

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Pussy. I'm a Gen Xer who remembers the 1970s...now THAT was a fucking shitshow, ending with a bunch of durka durkas laughing right in Carter's face as they held American hostages at gunpoint. Who knew that the end of the Cold War, PCs and smartphones were on the horizon...

You don't have a single source to back up that fruity socialist doomer outlook and you fucking know it. Fuck off.

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All of it is irrelevant if your scheme of things is grand enough. Why worry about a scale that you couldn't possibly dream of having an affect over? It's the dog chasing a car situation all over again.

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>You don't have a single source to back up that fruity socialist doomer outlook
Open your eyes, boomer lite. For starters take a good hard look at China's internal strife. Then take a look at the overall geopolitical picture. The raw resources from all the dictator ran shitholes are gone and are not coming back. Then you can take a loot at the debt the west has accumulated. On top of paying for the retarded boomer entitlements we're not also obligated to service an exponentially growing payments just if we want to keep up with interests. That doesn't even go into the reality of the worlds oceans reaching their capacity to store the heat from emissions or the fact that our green solution of EVs requires additional coal plants to open up just to keep up with the demand on electricity. How long do you think the bottom half of the population is going to sit there and endure taking it up the ass for the sake of asset prices? Is that really a sustainable picture you see?

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>EROEI has been declining
>debt is mounting due to boomer economy
>cost of living is increasing
>society is more divided than ever
>parasites on top get even more rich with each year
>species are dying at increasingly accelerating rate
>natural disasters are more frequent than they used to be
>agricultural production starts to get impacted by extreme weather
Just take a look around you. The "It gets better" times are gone. The most tragic thing is that it could have been prevented or at least dramatically slowed down if it wasn't for muh GDP.

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>>species are dying at increasingly accelerating rate
>>natural disasters are more frequent than they used to be
>>agricultural production starts to get impacted by extreme weather
Why include all this fake stuff in with real problems?

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Last time I checked people actually need food and stable, functioning ecosystems to survive. Isn't that right?

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Non sequitur.

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It's because of people like you who thought we'd just bounce back that it's gotten this back. Right now is 100% worse than the 70's, there's no future for the majority of people being born right now.

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>ask for a source
>rattles off a list of leftist memes
Humanities... not even once. Drown in your tears, doomer bitches.

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The retard generation that never learned to do anything themselves firing at all cylinders. . Fantastic. If you were genuinely interested you'd get off your lazy ass and fire up the good ol' search engine, but you're here to shit up the board with retarded Idpol shit. Leave.

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>still deflecting like a bitch
Getting mad don't help.

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>why won't anyone spoonfeed me
Unreal level of retardation. Given your propensity to shit out unprompted idpol insults my guess is the second someone gives you something you're going to shit your pants about how the left propaganda machine is out in full force. Why would anyone waste their time?
But fuck it.
Let's start simple.
What's your response to the runaway debt and the fact that boomer entitlements are sinking us?

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>What's your response to the runaway debt and the fact that boomer entitlements are sinking us?
Simple: America will continue to dominate global economics for the remainder of this century after China slumps into the middle income trap. So, a non-problem... especially after the boomers start dying off from their coked-up lifestyles in years past.

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Dominate how? The 2 year bond rate is almost back up to 5 percent which means no one wants to buy our shit debt without huge yield which increases our annual interest payment that's already almost at 700 bil annually as per the usdebtclock.

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>bond rates don't routinely go up and down
>especially as investment gets diverted after a traumatic global event like covid
Stick to alarmist "science". Economics isn't your strong suit.

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Industrial society had to end. Why? Because industrialization is a lark, an experiment, it was never meant to last.

Industrialization was both the product and the cause of the largest scientific breakthrough in human history. It only started because of science and it happened to advance science. Now that human scientific output is ending industrialization will no longer be needed. Remember, all the "economic output" you see today was the product of science in some form. Once an industry matures and science can no longer produce any value corruption will start to take hold, companies will start to bake in other things to continue to produce profits, like subscriptions, hidden fees, price increases, etc. which don't add anything of value to the economy. Essentially at that point no more intrinsic value can be added to products, after this happens human birthrate plummets and manufacturing will no longer be needed. Nothing about the economy is "arbitrary" and 1st world birthrates are going down for a reason, same thing with the 3rd world. We've exhausted all the extensions science has afforded to us.

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>deflecting like a bitch
Literally one layer deep. Pathetic.
>bond rates don't routinely go up and down
Vacuous, nothing statement. Of course bond yields fluctuate. The alarming part is the rate of increase after a huge relief on 14th we're already back up to 5 which indicates that no one wants the debt without a cherry on top. How the fuck is that dominating?
>investment gets diverted after a traumatic global event like covid
What the fuck are you talking about? Covid brought on the largest wave of liquidity by the fed just look at the M2 supply at 2020.
>Stick to alarmist "science". Economics isn't your strong suit.
kek, you're a full on goober, anon.

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Forgot pic

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Why are scientists such narcissists? Why do they constantly try to take credit for things that other people made?

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>Covid brought on the largest wave of liquidity by the fed just look at the M2 supply at 2020.

>this wouldn't affect the 2yr bond
Thanks for underscoring my point.

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If everyone wanted the 2yr the yield would be low, you actual fucking swine.

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Going to Europe was the saddest experience in my life. Watching your entire ancestry getting replaced hurts.

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You can go back to ancient Rome where the economic output was approximately 0 if you care so much. Note that I never said scientists created everything, just that they're responsible for enabling economic output. Engineers and builders are the ones who built everything, but we'd still be at an 1800s level of sophistication and growth without science.

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Your graph looks stunted.

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These WRIGGLERS are way up inside my asshole, not near the opening.

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It's not difficult to look any of these up

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"Stunted" isn't a valid way of criticizing math.
It's the logistic function plotted in excel. Any idiot can come up with similar.

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The population will collapse. This is the natural cycle of civilizations! There will never be another one on earth, but the pattern will repeat countless times among the stars. Enjoy your first row seat to the collapse of man!

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Are you also sad about how all the nuances of feudal era borders were lost when the people removed the emperor's heads?

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No I mean it literally looks stunted, as in the plot has a dent in it.

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the blue curve is a function of the orange curve.
the orange curve can be anything, but i based it on some kind of non-renewable resource that becomes more scarce as it is used up.
Plug the logistic equation into excel and make your own.

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People already don't believe that white people went to the moon or invented nuclear energy, but that is mostly because such great achievements should have more than absolutely no returns on investment.

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>but we'd still be at an 1800s level of sophistication and growth without science.
So they would still be building things like cathedrals and public buildings that lasted for centuries instead of infrastructure that crumbles within the decade in order to support the modern broken window tier construction industry?

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Industrialization would have been infinitely more beneficial if it were to remain in a restricted, isolated extent. The real issue with it is scale. Systems keep growing and consuming resoures at an unsustainable rate and the result is massive disruption which ultimately leads to collapse. An important aspect of this that i rarely see discussed is the intangible resources. Such as human labor and also what could be called social resources. It destabilizes culture in a way that led to humanity degenerating.

Large, dense population, destruction of human relationships due to aforementioned disruptive impact, it all loops in a feedback loop, we get a greater population of lower quality humans.

Most people would probably have been far happier and far healthier in small, localized communities with only limited communication to the outside. But instead industrial processes kept growing and consuming and consolidating until everything and everyone on earth is immersed in it's grasp. The luxuries and quality of life improvements come at too great of a cost.

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erm guyss.. aren't u forgetting about agi?

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the only thing i like from the chinese bureaucrats is that they dont give a shit about commerce, this means they dont give a shit about usury

If you want to kill democracy, you only have 2 options: support china or support islamists. I thin k china is the least evil.

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Basing society on commerce was a mistake. And before that it was basing society on military affairs entertained with Judaism And before that it was the agricultural revolution.

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>I'm leaving.
to reddit I assume?

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>modern society will be totally irrelevant
good thing, the sooner the better.

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>ending with a bunch of durka durkas laughing right in Carter's face as they held American hostages at gunpoint.
nigger have you been living under a rock recently? now it's Hamas doing it to President Biden instead of Iran doing it to President Carter. literally nothing has changed

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>hamas isn't currently getting its teeth kicked in

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Meaningless arrogance.

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Just imagine how many Marvel movies we will get before humanity fades into nothingness. You have so much epicness to wait for, so don't be depressed.

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It feels sad to be alive at the tail end doesn't it, watching it all wither away.
Over 50% of zoomers in First World will never own a house or have a family.

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civilization will be fine

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the overwhelming majority of it or just a handful of it?

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Not without whites it wont

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you don't need white people for civilization, just people (any race will do) and the right institutions

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define "fine"

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Are you sure about that?

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I don't think you should lump the elementary school attacking trannies in with the pol posters. Pol has assured me that they are in fact entirely separate groups. In fact, I'm starting to think that pol posters really dislike trannies and their child killing ways, but I can't be too sure.

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AGI is the problem. People think resource usage or climate change will get us first, but they're wrong, AGI will end the planet before either of those memes.

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What is South Africa?

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>infrastructure that crumbles within the decade in order to support the modern broken window tier construction industry?
That is not the problem of scientists. It's not their job to dictate how advancements should be used.

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Well it's a moot point considering AGI doesn't exist yet and we're probably not even close to achieving it for the foreseeable future.

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ok racist

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I bet you thought this is some kind of "GOTCHA" moment, you deranged trash.

Racism is completely natural. If you're not racist, then you're mentally broken.