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How long ago was Venus inhabitable? And who inhabited it back then?

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a sudden resurfacing event made it uninhabitable

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Technically, but that climate change had more to do with it's (lack of a) carbon silicate cycle and the sun. The former isn't an issue for the Earth as long as it's plates keep moving and the latter won't be an issue until the sun gets closer to the end of its life.
There was a brief period were some scientists theorized excess greenhouse gases with no other factors could cause a runaway effect on Earth, that is no longer considered a possibility.

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Venus never had a cold period because its atmosphere is over 80x denser than Earth's. Do climate scientists just not understand the relationship between gas pressure and heat?

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how is it possible that Venus has less mass and less gravity than earf, but can have an atmosphere so much more dense, being so close to the sun blasted with radiation/solar wind for the last billion years, and Mars has essentially nothing as compared to earf.

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Venus has an induced magnetosphere from being so close to the sun that makes it a bit of an anomaly.

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>Do climate scientists just not understand the relationship between gas pressure and heat?
They don't, they never learn basic physics.

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Are these climate scientists in the room with us?

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because gravity is more important than a magnetic field.

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Did you know Earth loses more atmosphere per day than Mars? And this happens BECAUSE of the magnetic field!

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>And who inhabited it back then?

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>Venus never had a cold period because its atmosphere is over 80x denser than Earth's
Yes but why is it so dense. Why isn't that carbon dioxide locked up in minerals

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That is just complete bullshit. Venus was never like the Earth. Venus receives more than four times the energy the Earth receives from the Sun. It never had water cold enough to remain in liquid state.

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just put reflecting panels in its orbit, enough to cut on the energy it gets. things should calm down.

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aphrodite challenged god and was struck down

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The atmosphere of Venus is not dense. The outlier here is the Earth that has a much thinner atmosphere than it should. The impact that created the Moon also drastically reduced the atmosphere density of the Earth.

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or god protects her from the human disease

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Wow! more rare Earth evidence. We truly are alone as a space faring race in the galaxy. If atmospheres on earth size planets are typically much thicker then it would be basically impossible to make space craft.

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Where's Mars' giant moon then

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Rerf is pseudoscience almost as much as flerf

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Do you have any proof of this? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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It's more and more clear that there's something special about Earth. We haven't found a single Earthlike planet anywhere else in the galaxy after years of looking.

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>hurr there's something special about Earth
>hurr we just haven't found anything like it, ever
Morons like you thought there were no exoplanets just because we never found any until 1992. We've barely started the search for Earth-like planets, you utter fucking moron.

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Every single exoplanet so far is very close to its star or stupidly large. If there was an Earthlike planet anywhere in the galaxy we would have found it by now.

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Furthermore Kepler has surveyed most of the nearby stars and barely 1% have planets

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White people existed on venus and they didn't stop carbon emissions?

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Serious question, Whens the last time you had sex

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We've only been successfully looking for THIRTY FUCKING YEARS. I wonder if large size has ANY CORRELATION with our success rate.

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unlike earth, venus has no way to dispose of atmospheric CO2

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>very close to its star
Yes but some of the those stars are red dwarfs and that makes them habital.

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The smaller the planet the thinner the atmosphere. Now take two of those and make them collide to form a bigger planet with 98.8% of the total mass, and a moon with the rest: you get a bigger planet with the remaining atmosphere of the original two smaller planets that had thinner atmospheres.

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>we would have found it by now.
No. Large planets close to their stars cause the stars to wobble more, which makes them easier to detect using that method. Planets close to their stars are also easier to detect using the light blocking method because they have shorter periods. You only have to wait days or weeks instead of years to know that a planet is there. An Earth-sized planet orbiting in the habitable zone of a Sun-like star is going to be very difficult to detect and measure.

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>anywhere in the galaxy
Where is this absolutism coming from?
The planes of other solar systems are oriented completely randomly, so there will be a vast % of exoplanets out there which we currently can't detect because they don't transit in front of their stars from our perspective (we can also detect planets through their gravitational effects on their stars, but this is difficult if you're looking for small rocky ones and there are also gas giants in that system).
Just because a planet's orbit isn't angled toward us so as to make it easily detectable, doesn't mean it isn't there

For any ayy lmaos with technology comparable to ours, earth might be impossible to detect if they are looking at us from above or below our orbital plane. They might be able to tell that Jupiter and Saturn are here and not much else.
And yet, earth is here

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>there will be a vast % of exoplanets out there which we currently can't detect because they don't transit
What the absolute fuck are you talking about. That's not how it works. Transit method is just a figure of speech

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> wef
> climate
are you fucking retarded?

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every great civilization in the universe colonizes 1 other nearby planet and then goes extinct after a short population boom

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Hmmm, it's almost as if the atmosphere has changed over time, you fucking idiot.

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>Every single exoplanet discovered by our limited tools so far is very close to its star or stupidly large.
do you ever wonder how it is that the lights are on whenever you open the fridge?

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>Furthermore Kepler has surveyed most of the nearby stars and barely 1% have planets detectable by Kepler.
fixed it for you.

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>Transit method is just a figure of speech
did you get mogged in school by smarter kids (i.e. everybody else) and ended up thinking this kind of pointless bullshit helps you heal, or what?

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Kepler hasn't surveyed nearby stars. It only looks at distant clusters to get a quick payoff

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Are “climate scientists” the dumbest branch of science? (“Social science” doesn’t count because everyone already knows that’s a fraud).

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Lmao, you have no fucking idea how hard it is to detect exoplanets.

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Don't worry about it

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>just a figure of speech
Seriously hope this is bait. We can either see a planet pass in front of its star and block some of the light, or we can't. It's something very specific and precisely defined

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All three together blocked

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Life is hopping around Venus, Earth, Mars and probably some other bodies in our solar system.

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>Are “climate scientists” the dumbest branch of science?
They aren't a branch of science, they're just political propagandists. They don't even learn basic math

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I wonder if earth is an outlier, or if the distribution across the parameters they are looking at is just really wide. Like, if they looked for a 'Venus-type planet', what would their luck be. I almost feel it's a moot point because they have such shitty data on the exoplanets they've found, just extrapolating from periodicity and magnitude of star dimming and comparing to the planets in our solar system. Come to think of it, in an absurd hypothetical where we did not live on a planet and had no nearby planets, I wonder how astronomers would interpret the periodic star dimming, having no prior knowledge of planets. I don't know whether to be impressed or skeptical when they say their gamma ray burst readings match prediction for a poopoopeepee event

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The sun was not as hot in the past you retard

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I think that, anywhere you find liquid water, you will inevitably find life. It's just almost all microbial/single-celled.

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that method doesn't work, all they're doing is detecting sunspots and interpreting it as planets

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long ago
black people

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go on do crocodile

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What if you find liquid water everywhere and no life at all?
Note: this is what's happening in reality

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>"The Sun was once like Earth, but climate change made it uninhabitable."
this is what you sound like

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was the climate change there man made aswell?

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Not true, and it's easy to tell the difference. Exoplanet transits cause brief dimming as they pass in front of their stars quickly. A sunspot or "star spot" causes a much longer period of dimming as the star's surface rotates slowly

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>I know the rotational period of stars outside the solar system
how? did you get a series of JWST pics of them and measure their rotational periods?

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Wahmen. But then they used all the resources like modern women on earth are the biggest resource wasters and then Venus became uninhabitable.

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Yes and you own taxes to pay for your sins even though someone else ran off with all the profits

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back before atheism became acceptable and commonplace in the late 20th century, the original sin concept was reserved exclusively for debts owed to God

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>brief period
>some scientists
it's so funny trying to downplay the incompetence of the whole climate change church

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they're not telling harmful lies by accident, its all happening intentionally

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Everything in atheism is just cheap ripoffs of Christian inventions and concepts, even science

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>god created the universe in 6 days?
>science created the universe in 3 minutes!!!
>thats way faster!!
>science is sooo powerful!!

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>Venus was once inhabitable and people used to live there until they destroyed it by driving too many cars
This is what global warming faggots actually believe

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>that pic triggers me

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Belief in global warming turns on ignorance.

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Aliens fucked up their planet.

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Damn you, humanity. How could you do this?

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>And who inhabited it back then?
Humans are from Venus. We bombed ourselves back to the stoneage and fled to Earth as a last resort, after ruining Venus. However, the eons of having advanced technology on Venus led us to evolving back into dumb monkeys.

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My ancestors

>> No.15858328

that baboon drawing is very accurate

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>Belief in global warming turns on ignorance.
thats right, but the people shilling the global warming narrative also know that less than 1% of the population is educated enough to not fall into the ignorant category so the lie works on most people

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>How long ago was Venus inhabitable?

Hell, it might still be habitable, but just not for us.
Didn't they detect some kind of organic chemical produced when microbes consume and shit out organic matter? Phosphine? Isn't there something visibly floating in Venus' atmosphere that's absorbing UV radiation or something?

I've been lead to believe Venus has a very thick atmosphere rich in energy, chemicals, and vapor. Wikipedia says 50-55km up the atmosphere becomes between 25-75 Celsius- the hottest Hyperthermophiles can make a living at 80 Celsius and survive, but not reproduce, at 120 Celsius. The planet could have anaerobic 'Sky Algae' of some kind: slurping up that Carbon Dioxide or huffing those Sulfuric Acid Clouds. Who am I to judge the habits of colourful Venusian flora?

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>ancient alienz used to live on venus
fake and gay

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> muh obsolete speculation
Fuck off you ignorant piece of shit.

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a batallion of russian soldiers raped my sister, im killingmyself in this stream:

discord , gg/4channel

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the global warming shills will lie about anything in order to shills their narrative, everything they say is a lie

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This has convinced me the earth really is flat

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Better answer is that sunspots/starspots are very irregular and they grow and shrink and drift around over the course of months, whereas an exoplanet transit will repeat as the exact same dip in brightness every time

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Yes and no. People who actually study the climate have to have high iq because it's too complicated to make any sense of it. People who regurgitate what they are told no. There are plenty of people like that getting degrees in climate studies

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>(“Social science” doesn’t count because everyone already knows that’s a fraud).
Social statistician here, go fuck yourself.

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Venus is not uninhabitable. It's completely habitable. It's not habitable by lifeforms from other planets, but still habitable for Venus-based lifeforms. Stop being Earthist, you planetist. Disgusting.

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>sunspots/starspots are very irregular
and you claim to know that because of observations of one star
>sample size = 1
meanwhile jupiter has had a persistent storm that lasted hundreds of years and rotates with the planet with absolute regularity and if jupiter were observed from a great enough distance then the Great Red Spot would be interpreted as an exoplanet because of the regular dip in brightness

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> Great Red Spot would be interpreted as an exoplanet
Wrong, it would appear too close to the planet. You are not minding your posts.

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The GRS would be interpreted as a planet with an orbital period of 10 hours

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So the Venitians killed themselves because they didn't go green?

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>Stop being Earthist
>t. Venusist
why don't u just move to Venus if u love it so much?

>> No.15864960

*a lack of plate tectonics made it uninhabitable.

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reminds me of people who live in one country, but are loyal to another

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your mom would be interpreted as a planet

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they failed to place orders for sufficient new electric vehicles in the 3rd financial quarter and it was all over

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oh shi-

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Never. Venus is a recent addition to the solar system. It moved near the Earth around 1500BC and caused cataclysms and a shift in the earths axis.
Initial orbit around the Sun was wild, interacted with Mars as well and around 750BC settled down in their current orbits.

This might sound wild, but it is less wild than claiming 3 independent cultures, all with highly developed astronomical knowledge all made the same errors for some unexplained reason, and all at the same time as well.

>> No.15873545 [DELETED] 

ok, thanks

>> No.15873557

Based and Velikovskypilled.

>> No.15873668

True question is why isn't musk obsessing with venus terraformation?

>almost the same gravity
>tons of stuff in the atmosphere to be condensed and used, not like mars where it has to be created

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The same group of scientists that insist that they can predict the weather on Earth in 100 years are incapable of accurately predicting the behavior of the GRS on Jupiter, the decay of the GRS caught them completely by surprise.

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Pretty much, since global warming is a lie, everything thats said in support of the global warming hoax is also a lie

>> No.15876005

crocodiles don't have skeletons, they only have jawbones

>> No.15876889

you're thinking of sharks

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The global warming shills will lie about anything

>> No.15878256

Do you enjoy flerfing your wife's boyfriend? Donut earth is the true theory

>> No.15878762

exoplanets are fake news bro

>> No.15878849

About 10,000 years ago
>And who inhabited it back then?
me and your mom.

>> No.15878878

Fuck off you ignorant stupid piece of shit.

>> No.15878905

Venus was the original life-bearing planet in our solar system. They colonized Mars after Venus became too hot for life but their civilization was destroyed in a nuclear war billions of years ago.

>> No.15879994

belief in exoplanets turns on ignorance of optics

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Benis is a 500 year project minimum

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>It's more and more clear that there's something (unknown) special about Earth

what the fuck are you smoking?

retards like you get participation trophy degrees and that is the problem with society as a whole right now. I swear to god 90% of you should be living hand to mouth laboring to survive, but here you are, dragging humanity down with your faux-intellectual retarded opinions. I'm so fucking tired of you brown clowns.

>> No.15880603 [DELETED] 

>Not true, and it's easy to tell the difference

it's impossible to verify. Fucking brainwashed by grifter kikes selling fairy tales for university grants

>> No.15880606

Goddamn, humans even fucked up the climate on Venus millions of years ago.

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how much taxes do I owe to fix Venus?

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Indeed, it is impossible for humans to ever fuck anything up.

>> No.15882375

is that speculation or this twitter person is just talking out of her ass?

>> No.15882850

>this twitter person
its the WEF

>> No.15883187

Why would I care what the world economic forums thinks about a planet? They are just a propaganda machine and know nothing about science.

>> No.15884839 [DELETED] 

Their propaganda is more relevant to your life than science is

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but that means climate change is not due to humans. weird. or are they implying hypothetical humans that lived on Earth-like Venus did booboo and made climate change that made Venus what it is today?
this is quite confusing.

>> No.15886252

Mars has a surface that would be safe to walk around on and explore right now (in limited doses), and a manned Mars landing could happen within Musk's lifetime, and he wants credit for getting there first.

>> No.15886258

nah we'll teleport to mars and embody mars-adapted "bodies" while there. makes no sense to carry over the sack of biological shit that we are. which isn't adapted for that environment anyway.

>> No.15886323

The technology needed to send humans to Mars as-is already exists.
Transhumanist mind uploading does not exist yet, and are you really traveling or teleporting to there if it turns out you're just making a copy, its experiences have no continuity with yours?

>> No.15886756 [DELETED] 

They don't want to admit it, but thats how really it is

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effective propaganda affects life more than ignored truth does. the jews lied about the holocaust and ignored the truth of their mass murder of Russian Christians in the USSR and there have never been any consequences for those lies.

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because making a base on mars is more accessible to our current technology.

>> No.15887374

My guess is climate change had nothing to do with it. Something large impacted Venus, changing the rotation. Seems pretty obvious.

>> No.15887591

this has convinced me the earth isn't flat

>> No.15887599

assuming this info is even true, just because something can technically house life doesn't mean that life sprouted there. OP is a retard

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give me all of your money, its for, like uhhh, the climate or something
t. science

>> No.15889090

The atmosphere is like 90x denser than Earth, it's like being a kilometer deep in the ocean, you would be crushed instantly.
A day also lasts ~5400 hours instead of 24 hours.

>> No.15889610 [DELETED] 

>The atmosphere is like 90x denser than Earth
It achieves that higher atmospheric pressure with less gravity

>> No.15889666

they are all women and retarded and jews. Their combined intelligence does not withstand a 5 year olds rebuttal of "source?"

>> No.15890652

>hurrrr durrrrr i wannaa do the terraform meme of le other planets
stop watching hollywood soience fiction its turning you into a moron

>> No.15891329

Thats what putting goyslop into your brain does to a guy

>> No.15891414

you don't understand how CO2 works retard, kys.

>> No.15891697

>taxes payed by venus: 0
>masks worn on venus: 0
>life forms on venus: 0

IT JUST WORKS. Take THAT, chuds!

>> No.15891699

If the climate on Venus could change so radically without human activity, then isn't it possible the climate on Earth is also changing naturally and not due to human activity?

>> No.15891701

it's funny people act like we know shit about exoplanets when we can just barely even detect the presence of larger ones

>> No.15891702

meant to quote >>15845829

>> No.15893052

Mars has a pretty substantial atmosphere compared to Earths, the low atmospheric pressure on Mars has as much to do with Mars' weaker gravity as it does with lower overall mass of Mars' atmosphere

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Explain to grug how planet with not that much gas and pressure get much gas and pressure

>> No.15893102

So its atmosphere is larger but has less pressure?

>> No.15893190

Having a larger volume and much lower mass of atmospheric gases is not at all surprising given its gravity

>> No.15893255

How would it feel to ejaculate on mars?

>> No.15893257

pointless and depressing, ejaculating on anything other than a fertile cervix is just a hedonistic waste of time

>> No.15893299

inhabitable doesn't mean inhabited

>> No.15893345

Like the pressure difference? Or how cold it is? Either way it would likely be uncomfortable, but if you assume your inside so sort of human living arrangement I'm assuming the biggest difference is how fluid acts in lower gravity.

>> No.15894670
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just as keiaku

>> No.15895504

No they didn't, they made it be that way because thats how they like it.

>> No.15896832

>A day also lasts ~5400 hours instead of 24 hours.
Right, except no sunlight reaches the surface of the planet because of how thick the atmosphere is, so the length of day is irrelevant, there are no days or nights

>> No.15897623

>venus was once inhabited
are the global warming hysterics really schizo enough to believe this?

>> No.15897626


>> No.15897627

They'll believe anything they're told. That's where the "useful" part of "useful idiot" comes from.

>> No.15897630

how did you get that from the headline you moron?

>> No.15897637

do you have any evidence to back that up

>> No.15898807

>are the global warming hysterics really schizo enough to believe this?
yes, they are all extremely gullible

>> No.15898818

Man I love seeing every astronomy documentary use MUH GREENHOUSE GASSES as a scare tactic.

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File: 685 KB, 1437x1208, hpdqtm0d3kn31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are the photos the USSR gave us of the surface of Venus real?
We are lied to so much that I have a hard time believing we actually live in a time where we can view photos of the surface of other planets.

>> No.15899434

Benis landings are easy because everything just floats down to the surface

>> No.15900897

probably just a pic of some remote part of russia with a yellow filter to make it look like a sci fi movie

>> No.15900899

It's beyond retard and disingenuous compare the Venus "climate change" with the Earth.
Venus is like that because it's severely hydrogen-depleted. Completely different to Earth that's abnormally rich in hydrogen. Mars is similar but with less gravity and thus atmosphere.

>> No.15900917

You're bad at larping as a smart person.
>Most known exoplanets have been discovered using the transit method. A transit occurs when a planet passes between a star and its observer.

>> No.15901364

That's what I'm afraid is the case here.

>> No.15901755

Its no different than the rover pictures from "Mars" that were really taken in northern Canada

>> No.15901772

I don't want to go down schizo territory but I'm starting to think all the photos of other planets and galaxies are bullshit.

>> No.15901773

But how else will we get the goys to eat bugs?

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>> No.15903300

Got any more?

>> No.15903982

Its not as if Devon Island is cluttered with walrus bones

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>And who inhabited it back then?
No one

>> No.15904027

Any of you guys have telescopes? I have one that gives me decent photos of the moon but I'm looking into more powerful ones that will let me see other planets.

>> No.15905103

https://www.writingtoiq.com/ says that your IQ is 92

>> No.15905925

you should be able to see other planets with your telescope if you can see the moon, i can see other planets with my naked eyes

>> No.15906291

I actually want to see details like Mars' ice caps.

>> No.15906424

Sol Warming could have been avoided if Solarians had used public transit and lived in fifteen minute cities instead of spreading out all over the surface because the darkness of sun spots scared them.

>> No.15906437

Can someone tell me what's the point of retards cooming over colonization of Venussian upper atmopshere? Yeah, okay, there's sort of earthlike air there. And? We can maybe harvest it or other things, but that doesn't require human presence. Being basically IN THE MIDDLE of an inferno planet's gravity well confers WHAT advantages vs just staying in orbit/within asteroid belts???

Fucking stupid triva whores keep mentioning that, yowza, we could stay on Venus with less effort than on Mars! Yeah, okay. Let's populate a complete dead end with super fragile habitation that can be hurled into a furnace with very little effort.

>> No.15906488

> point of retards cooming over colonization of Venussian upper atmopshere
Get money from govs and feed their mental onanism. That's all.

>> No.15906576

the assumption is probably that the co2 on venus didn't get weathered into rock that was then shoved into tectonic depths, while that did happen on earth

eve if that's not the assumption, i'm certain your mistake is thinking that the atmosphere is independent of the geology, which it's not

>> No.15907072

>the assumption is probably that the co2 on venus didn't get weathered into rock that was then shoved into tectonic depths
thats your assumption

>> No.15907168

yes, and it's also common to this topic, that's why i said probably

>> No.15907746

faggots get excited fantasizing about living on other planets because of their intense desire to escape the shame of their real lives here on earth. people who are not total losers on earth do not have the drive or desire to escape from the best planet in the universe, you'd have to be a retard to want to live anywhere other than earth

>> No.15908866 [DELETED] 
File: 49 KB, 1200x575, 1691944396784981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>who inhabited it back then?

>> No.15908876

dude like we need to like stop smoking weed dude it's like making too much smoke I don't want to live on penis noooooo

>> No.15908899

>Every single exoplanet so far is very close to its star or stupidly large.
Gee I wonder why?

>> No.15910511

exoplanets are fake af

>> No.15911144

not only that, they're also completely irrelevant for a society that can't even make it to the moon

>> No.15911338

1st world white people caused the damn climate change and the planet is uninhabitable now

>> No.15911611


>> No.15911631 [DELETED] 

Are you suggesting it's England's fault because they own the world or?

Seriously, we have checkmated America with weapons on their own soil. They are forced into peaceful relations.

>> No.15911639

unless we can watch their tv

>> No.15912149

holy shit. this board is so bad.

>> No.15912300

does anybody with high iq study climate science? pretty sure they would do medicine/engineering if they were actually smart

>> No.15913140

30 years ago "climate science" was a branch of physics known as "atmospheric science", but they broke that discipline away from the physics department and changed it's name and removed all the intellectual and mathematical rigor from the topic as a means of attracting the useful idiot environmental/political activist class. If you wander around the right university campuses you can still see signs of the old order, such as buildings with the name "atmospheric science" or "physics and atmospheric science" on the sign

>> No.15914029

>removed all the intellectual and mathematical rigor from the topic as a means of attracting the useful idiot environmental/political activist class
To wit, check the credentials of this lot:

>> No.15914177

yep, they're all retarded

>> No.15914665

prove me wrong

>> No.15914675

not if they're up close to a brown dwarf

>> No.15916076

>muh gay space travel fantasies
The Star Trek connection

A surprising number of child sex abusers appear to be Trekkies. Trying to figure out what that means, however, shows how little we really know about pedophiles

The first thing detectives from the Toronto police sex crimes unit saw when they entered Roderick Cowan's apartment was an autographed picture of William Shatner. Along with the photos on the computer of Scott Faichnie, also busted for possessing child porn, they found a snapshot of the pediatric nurse and Boy Scout leader wearing a dress "Federation" uniform. Another suspect had a TV remote control shaped like a phaser. Yet another had a Star Trek credit card in his wallet. One was using "Picard" as his screen name. In the 3 1/2 years since police in Canada's biggest city established a special unit to tackle child pornography, investigators have been through so many dwellings packed with sci-fi books, DVDs, toys and collectibles like Klingon swords and sashes that it's become a dark squadroom joke. "We always say there are two types of pedophiles: Star Trek and Star Wars," says Det. Ian Lamond, the unit's second-in-command. "But it's mostly Star Trek."

>> No.15917264

Mite b cool to pilot a robot body on Mars from Earth, the 8 to 20 minute time lag really makes it an adventurous video game.

>> No.15918169

Just goes to show you how dishonest the global warming hysterics need to be to shill their narrative. They wouldn't need to go to such lengths if global warming was real

>> No.15919165

>i hate /sci/
why are you here?

>> No.15919170

If it didn't have an intelligent industrial tier civilization then is the WEF saying that humans don't necessarily cause climate change?
This is probably the normal cycle of life, just as deserts were once lush biomes or oceans, planets sometimes eventually become rocky wastelands, shit happens klaus you stupid jewnigger

>> No.15920834
File: 68 KB, 800x554, cf16b8efb7c1968166a7d19ed10081b61f14d8cef34828dc302b73a6728e22fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15921976

Same thought. What was the WEF thinking?

>> No.15921984

Psychology is up there, but that's basically pseudoscience

>> No.15921992

now this is my kind of environmentalism

>> No.15922125

If climate change is an irrevocable cosmic event, what the fuck are a heap of hairless chimps supposed to do about it?

Our greatest achievements -in terms of our ability to have an effect on material reality- have been making big explosion and using tiny controlled explosion to propel a tin can into low orbit. Everything else our civilization does (ie our capacity to shit up everything) is locust-like behavior that any lesser lifeform would engage in given the right conditions. So really all we can do is stop behaving like a plague. But there's nothing particular about the behavior of locusts. They do what every other organism does, except there's a metric fuckton of them. So it's a matter of numbers. Behavior is not the problem.

Is the WEF calling for TND?

>> No.15923253

psychology is a very high iq discipline, learning how to manipulate people is the most valuable skill

>> No.15923280

>Venus was once just like Earth, but voting for Trump made it uninhabitable.
god these clickbait shills are disgusting

>> No.15923281

what a surprise

>> No.15923706

the Arrogance of You, so called, Humans, to believe, and make believe, and force believe, that Venus is, in your Words, "UnInHabitable" when You know Nothing. Sample Size of One. Extrapolation, no Examination.

>> No.15923726

Too much Chad cock.

>> No.15925299
File: 45 KB, 460x396, BSM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Venus used to have ppl living there, but they built a thriving civilization and thats why Venus is dead now
>you should trust me because I'm an influential person in a thriving civilization

>> No.15925314
File: 3.62 MB, 1920x2160, Tech_Priest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Earth was once like Venus but climate change made it livable!

>> No.15925324

oh shit nigga

>> No.15925875

>trust the civilized guy when he tells you that civilization destroys planets
why does he choose to be civilized if he hates civilization so much? how come he hasn't returned to monke?

>> No.15925917
File: 106 KB, 900x892, wef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only the WEF can be so stupid and ignorant at the same time.

>> No.15926062

And Venus' climate change was caused entirely by natural processes and not by humans burning prehistoric plants from the ground. What's the WEF trying to say here, that natural processes are mostly responsible for climate change?

>> No.15926129

That pic is goddamn amazing

>> No.15926140

So humanity descended from venus?

>> No.15926808

Venus died because they refused to eat the bugs and live in the pod

>> No.15927727 [DELETED] 
File: 825 KB, 255x144, 1699936939371.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15928653

To complain and be bitchy

>> No.15929429

Thats what the science says according to the WEF

>> No.15929431

the science they'll always refuse to show you becuase you're just too DUMB to understand it
>eat the bugs, goyim

>> No.15930416

It was never inhabitable, thats just political propaganda made up by the global warming scammers, all they ever do is lie

>> No.15930888

>all they ever do is lie
They have to lie because global warming is a big lie, if they told the truth they would be admitting that global warming is fake.

>> No.15932017

oceans aren't necessarily productive environments, the mid ocean region of the pacific for example supports very little life, deserts are far more productive than that.

>> No.15932262

No, they're in govt. offices lobbying for more funding.

>> No.15932268

Pleb-tier faggotry.

>> No.15933540

That why they call environmentalism a death cult. They hate humanity and want to eliminate it

>> No.15933546

most people seem to want to cull most people for not being in their group. completely unexpected

>> No.15934290

this, psychology and communications are the two highest power degrees.

>> No.15934294

no one said that and nothing in the headline implies this

>> No.15934335

If anyone's in a death cult it's the people who want to consume all of the non-renewable resources that humanity relies on power civilization.
Conservation vs. gluttony.. I know which comes more naturally to an idiot.

I know I know. I'm wasting my breath on narcissist.

>> No.15934344

Why no moon?

>> No.15934346 [DELETED] 

Think of a heart shape one upgrade from a normal heart shape. It works like a microchip looks like but it's not looking like that. It's more complex but it's strangely this. Just a clue. Yes - all install this shape if you work it out. Think of crossing the heart.

>> No.15935424

>everyone who disagrees with me about anything is a greedy narcissist
>i am a perfect saint and all knowing
Ernest Jones, in 1913, was the first to construe extreme narcissism, which he called the "God-complex", as a character flaw. He described people with God-complex as being aloof, self-important, overconfident, auto-erotic, inaccessible, self-admiring, and exhibitionistic, with fantasies of omnipotence and omniscience. He observed that these people had a high need for uniqueness.

>> No.15936315

Well I know Mars doesn't have a substantial atmosphere because it doesn't have a magnetosphere, meaning solar radiation has blown most the atmosphere away.

That and Mars is like a third the gravity of Earth, so it wouldn't have had the same amount of pull anyway

>> No.15936645

It truly would solve just about every single significant environmental problem, real or imagined

>> No.15936722
File: 120 KB, 717x900, LNVyaOCujKrW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15936741

Wait a minute this isn't /x/

>> No.15936752

Yes it is

>> No.15937453

its funny because its true

>> No.15938620 [DELETED] 

>the global warming narrative is so fake and gay that it belongs on /x/ with the rest of the sci-fi junk
agreed, i've felt that way for a long time too

>> No.15938627
File: 121 KB, 896x896, 1682711694331400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15939992

sorry kid, but no matter what you do in any other discipline, nobody will be convinced to pay attention to you unless communications chads decide to make them pay attention to you. if communications chads decide that people should pay more attention to the kardashians or ricky & morty or some other idiocy then thats what people will be paying attention to. no amount of math and physics will ever change that.

>> No.15941030

don't care, didn't read
>learn terraform

>elon mars

no electromagnetic field

yeah space x
what's it actually for?


>> No.15941568

Thats how things really are, thats why Bill Nye is a more influential scientists than some chump who publishes articles nobody ever reads in expensive soience journals

>> No.15941582

Venus has too much atmosphere, Mars has too little. The solution is obvious: run a long hose from Venus to Mars to equalize the atmosphere between the two.

>> No.15942614

>The solution is obvious: run a long hose from Venus to Mars
it would have to be a long one because a short one wouldn't reach

>> No.15943546
File: 269 KB, 1488x1488, you don't recongize him because he isn't jewish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bill Nye is a more influential scientists than some chump who publishes articles nobody ever reads in expensive soience journals
Thats because both of them are worthless morons, a scientists who has useful knowledge and abilities would have more clout than a media clown…oh wait, no he wouldn't nevermind

>> No.15944882

>…oh wait, no he wouldn't nevermind
ppl don't think it be like dat but it do

>> No.15944931

Climate """scientists""" have the same number of correct predictions as Harold Camping.

>> No.15944944

Venus was never inhabitable. The only major solar hubs are Earth, Callisto, and Quaoar. The latter of which is just used for dumb fighting tournaments where the low gravity requires everyone to carry satchels of garbage around that they can kick off of in order to remain within orbit after every god damned blow (relying on the rings to return is an unreliable death sentence, you NEED a bag full of shit you can launch yourself off). Callisto is the scientific hub of the solar system. If you ever watch a fighting tournament on Quaoar it's much like soccer on earth: too much faffing about and not enough actual sport. They spend more time punching shit to fly back towards the arena than actual contact with one another. Callisto actually suffered a lot of impacts from people fighting there before they got moved to Quaoar. They have some pretty good arrays to deflect impacts now anyway so even on the off chance some shit actually manages to bypass Jupiter and hit Callisto it'll be redirected before it lands. It's not likely to be hit naturally but some fags aim at it. Well, you'll get it when you ascend.

>> No.15945654

And Neil Furguson