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I don't know if I should post it here, but the Wikipedia article on this topic literally reads like a pro-circumcision pamphlet.

I always thought that routine circumcision was an unncessary, invasive medical procedure, so that's really strange.
What are the actual effects of circumcision on the human body and sexuality?

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circumcision makes it functionally impossible for makes to feel true sexual pleasure and as a result they're only able to get psychological sexual pleasure and their sexual life revolves around pleasing women rather than caring about their own enjoyment. this results in a lot of other psychological phenomena such as men wishing they were women so they could experience the pleasures of sex (because in their twisted minds they refuse to acknowledge or even consider the harm that circumcision did to them, they just presume women get more pleasure out of sex) and men getting pleasure just from watching women getting fucked by other dudes because they've been trained to enjoy sex vicariously through women since experiencing pleasure themselves is no longer possible.
both of those phenomena also explain why jews invented the idea of tranny surgery and why jews are so obsessed with pornography.

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Wikipedia is owned by jews, jews are the primary benefactor of circumcision.

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>I always thought that routine circumcision was an unncessary, invasive medical procedure, so that's really strange.
Same. It's not the end of the world to be circumcised, but if I have a son, the small risk in reduced STD's isn't worth the other downfalls. You're better off not lopping off a body part unless there's a very good reason.

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The only reason circumcision exists is because back in ancients times they didn't know how to wash or what hygiene was and they all got dick rot. So someone thought it would be better to mutilate kids instead. It's on the same level of medical ignorance that blood letting was but we stopped that centuries ago.

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Uh, blood letting has some merit. Donation works too if possible.

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false, circumcision is a result of penis envy and the fact that jews are a matriarchal culture

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Of course is propaganda, that site was completely kiked by filthy roaches.
They cut it to make it look like their masters'. Those who have knowledge understand.

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it's cock hobbling. Some pathological attempt to socially engineer sex and marriage in the tribe by altering the functioning of the penis.

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The STD thing is bullshit.

Circumcised men in Puerto Rico had a higher rate of STDs

The exaggeration of the benefits of circumcision in regards to HIV/AIDS transmission

Circumcision/HIV claims are based on insufficient evidence

There is no case for the widespread implementation of circumcision as a preventative measure to stop transmission of AIDS/HIV

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Jewish humiliation ritual

Nothing more

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it has some benefits. It shouldnt be a big deal, but i see on this website it really is to some people. Its weird that so many dudes worry about how others dicks look. I never think about this shit until someone makes a thread, and its always some non circumcised dude ranting about how much they hate circumcision. I blame porn and the internet. Most of the nude images and biggest porn sites are american, so these foreign dudes see these dicks and get upset about it.
There is really nothing to worry about. If you live in a place with no circumcision then girls in your area will like your penis uncut.

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>Its weird that so many dudes worry about how others dicks look.
I personally find it even weirder that people are okay with mutilating and (litearlly) scarring the genitals of infant boys due to misconceptions about hygiene.

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That's not even true. The foreskin is there to protect the penis from outside elements. Like the vagina it's nominally self-cleaning.

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where did those misconceptions come from, who circulates the misinformation?

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It's more analogous to the clitoral hood, which also generates sebum that keeps it moist.

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nobody knows

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How come male circumcision "has some benefits" but female circumcision doesn't?

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Better question is, why are people always talking about the worst kinds of FGM when there are literally forms of FGM that are comparable to male circumcision, some of them less harmful, even.

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labiaplasty is a common elective plastic surgery procedure.

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Elective procedures are done in adulthood.
There's no positive purpose for FGM, or genital mutilation at all. Procedures done to repair an issue with the genitourinary system are not the same.

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Bnai Brith sets up its first lodge in 1860, Colorado USA
US Civil War takes place 1861-1865
Lincoln wins the war but opposes a Central Bank
Lincoln assassinated, US adopts Central Bank
New backup host acquired?
Jews targeted in Pogroms in 1890s in Eastern Europe
Jews identified by their gruesomely butchered penises
Jews begin fleeing by the millions to Anglosphere nations (Canada, Australia, US, UK)
UK gets the shit kicked out of it in WW1, no longer an acceptable host
Parasite detaches and swims across the Atlantic
By 1930, Jews rapidly invade US medical schools, US government literally bans them from applying
For literally no reason at all, every single Anglosphere nation randomly at the same time for no reason begins circumcising their children
WW2 happens, giga-jews move from their shadow empire from London to New York City and Los Angles USA
US becomes new seat of world power
Suddenly for no reason at all, a nation of Puritans, after 400 years of leaving their sons uncircumcised, suddenly decide to start circumcising their sons
Jews are the only ones who have the means, motive, and opportunity to accomplish the massive nation-wide psy-op required to convince millions of people to start the alien, hostile practice
Kellogg and Graham get blamed for mass scale routinized baby penis surgery despite neither of them ever advocating for routine infant circumcisions

Oh and btw there are dozens of styles and methods and ages for circumcision rituals, and only Talmudic rabbinical circumcision takes place during infancy and only Talmudic rabbinical circumcision removes as much prepuce/slack skin as possible

Oh and btw it was only Talmudic-style circumcision that gained popularity in Anglosphere nations

But remember you stupid goy, Kellogg is the reason your penis looks identical to Moishe's

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labiaplasty is done for aesthetic reasons, they want to look like degenerate porno whores

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I know a guy who had a circumcision later in life for medical reasons. He said that sex feels better now. different but better.

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probably had phimosis or something, which also prevents stimulation. fairly uncommon though.

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It literally killed me. I was circed at age 25, no phrenulum or mucocutaneous transition zone left. Everything that felt good about touching there is gone. All the tickjling, the sensation, the fine perception, everything good is gone. Kill me please. Before I could cum in 3 minutes, now it takes me 20+ min, its not pleasureable at all if I can even make it until the end. There is no feeling left to focus on that would make me hard or keep me hard. I jst want to die, but the people won't give me that mercy. Please never ever circumcise. It takes everything away that is worth living for. No masturbation is good, no sex is good, every second you feel how there is an integral part of your body missing, a vibration that is just not therte anymore.It feels as if my whole body is less, it just shows how interconnected these nerves were in the CNS and how this is truly the core, the soul of man. It is your absolute center, where your hands lie when still, where nature and god touches you, as in michelangelos picture. That's the only way I can put it. Nothing in the world justifies this. Nothing. Not even death, because this is worse than death. Fuck this "medical" practice. Nothing is fun anymore, no sport, no job, no drug, because all of that had just one purpose, to make me feel down there, alone or with someone else. But that is all gone. I wish I could kill myself, I wish I had the fucking guts.

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That's bullshit. There was not less hygiene towards the genitals. Most cities and places are built near water. You can always washwith water, which is enough by far. YOu should never wash your dick with soap (if you are intact), because it destroys the microflora of the penis, just like with the vagina and then you will get actual fish stench and other things on your penis.

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Your epidermis protects your body from infection. How would removing epidermis from your genitals reduce the likelihood of infection from an STD? Think before you repeat bullshit.

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any help pls?

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why did you choose to become genitally mutilated?

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Most sensitive parts of a penis are
Sometimes removed during circumcision, sometimes partially removed, sometimes intact
>inner foreskin
Sometimes removed during adult circumcision, mostly if the guy wants to last longer. Infant circumcision leaves at least part of it intact.
>tip of the foreskin
Circumcision removes it
>corona of glans
Circumcision doesn't remove it
May be the most sensitive of them all but rarely used for anything sexual. Not removed during circumcision
>circumcision scar
All the nerves that were in the foreskin now end in the scar. Circumcised men who don't have frenulum often say it's the most sensitive part.

Circumcision removes 1-2, rarely 3 of 5 most sensitive penis and creates 1 new. How would it make pleasure impossible? Also, if men didn't feel pleasure during sex, they wouldn't be able to cum.

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>if men didn't feel pleasure during sex, they wouldn't be able to cum.
blatantly false, people ejaculate in their sleep with no stimulation whatsoever other than mental
go tell lies somewhere else shlomo

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There should be a law, you can only get one at age 18 or older and without local anesthetic. If not using a numbing agent is good enough for infants, it should be good enough for adults.

Isn't it funny it's usually removed before there's vocabulary and kids are fucked up and have no idea why?

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LMFAOOO i just burst out laughing at "dick rot". But no, circumcision was invented for religious/ritualistic reasons. Not medical reasons.

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Because I am meantally ill, I had hard times, and I felt like I had to, I felt like there was pressure from my father from the doctor and from the women who didn't want me. Doctor and father said no bid deal, youll get used to it bla bla bla and I knew it was wrong but noone ever wanted me and I was never able to just try it the way it was. Because I was belittled from the very beginning on and noone could teach me how to resist all of this and be true to myself, my father is a gambler who used me as a bank, my mother was a teacher with no energy left at the end of the day, they are divorced, I never had any real friends in school. That's how I just kind of fell into it, I tried to resist, for so long, the first time I showed it a doctor was at age 14. From the first moment on they said circumcision, but I could retract it even when erect. It was just a liiiitle tight, but no big deal compared to what it is now. At least i could still masturbate. Now I'm just dead. :(

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Why didn't you get the right circumcision that leaves the inner foreskin and frenulum?

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You're asking him like it's something everyone knows about. I bet even his surgeons has only ever learnt one circumcision method and stuck with it.

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>no phrenulum or mucocutaneous transition zone left
Anon, you literally got the type of circumcision that is MEANT to make things less pleasurable so that you last longer and are more focused on woman's pleasure. Moreover, if you could cum in 3 min, this circumcision was not that stupid choice cause you will satisfy a woman way more in 20+ min.

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taking the roof from a house does not make it a "new" house.

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i couldn't give less of a fuck about the womans pleasure, there are many ways to pleasure, including a secoond, third, fourth round, cumming as fast and as hard as possible is the thing we strive for because that is maximal pleasure.

This simply was medical malpractice, my doctor ignored the first rule of every doctor: "Do no harm." Everything was intact, I could retract it, I could put it back into normal state (sry english is not my native language), everything was fine, yes it was a little tight when trying out a fleshlight and it didn't always stay retracted without me pulling on it, a very short frenulum as well, so with 14 I show it a doctor for the first time and they always want to fucking cut me, and I managed to resist until 25, but in that time nobody ever wanted me, I kind of had that presence which said, "we have to carefully look what really works, you have to be gentle, and maybe I can't fuck you like tyrone, we'll have to see". So without a partner I couldn't really test it and there was pressure from my dad who said he had the same thing, it ripped during sex and he had to be circed and its no big deal bla bla bla. And that's how it happened. Noone to try it out and to learn with and experience it, noone who was on my side and said don't listen to anyone but yourself, instead pressure from my dad, the doctory, the women (in my head), and noone to just, you know, help me.

Now I am seriously considering suicide. There iis no comparison to being intact, it's not like 80% or 90% is gone, it's like they cut off the whole penis and replaced it with a dildo. That's how it is. Without mindbending I can't even keep an erection, there is no pleasure feeling to fopcus on, nothing good left.
They don't even have the grace to give me the coup de grace. Every second is inhumane.

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I'm going to get circumcised because I don't like lasting 10 seconds, plus having to wash the dick head twice a day if I don't want it to smell like shit. plus it gets inflamed very easily and itches

the grass is always greener on the other side

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complete bullshit

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Men with adult circumcision say masturbation is much worse but sex is still good. I think you need a woman who will accept you as you are.

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>t. cripplecock

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You have a yeast infection, you dumbass.

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The best part about being uncircumcised is that when you coom you can pinch your foreskin so that it doesn’t spray everywhere

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AIDS is fake
HIV is a smegma allergy.

It's like preventing semen allergy by castration.

Unlucky 99% of people against circumcision are trying to beat the oppostion using pharma theories, narratives, statistics etc.

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mfw only got a mini circumcision due to phimosis and can still hide my dickhead when flaccid.
Do amerimutts, muslims and jews really have a constantly exposed dickhead? That must be fucking hell lmao

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Primitive nations have a little foreskin that partially covers the head when flaccid and gives some movement when hard. Americans have more advanced circumcisions so the skin doesn't cover the head when flaccid and is almost totally immobile when hard.

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I guess the mutts maximize foreskin extraction for beauty products ingredients

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Brainlets don’t realize using soap more than once a week is shit for the body re: cleanliness.
In their very simple, elegant brains, more frequent soap = more frequent cleaner.
They also shampoo every day, then wonder why their hair stinks and is shit after one day. Of course, the solution is the "drug" you are hooked on.
They are true smoothies.

The dick gets cleaned the most effectively if you piss enough and never put your dick into weird places.
No soap can beat the body’s built in auto-douche.

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You can work yourself into a state of near bliss by just holding your skin back and gently stroking the outer, ridged band, and inner foreskin. Light touch only. This is not (so readily) possible with the glans corona or frenulum alone.

Circumcision is done for its behavior modification effects. I also doubt it reduces masturbation, it would likely serve to increase it due to diminished pleasure, leading to endlessly chasing orgasms. Then this behavioral pattern is mapped onto the world and becomes the dominant organizational mode. Chasing the climax. It also renders and internal part permanently exposed, ie external, and thus constantly stimulated. It introduces and imbalance into the genital region. This hyperstimulates the sexual centers and either desensitizes them or makes them labile and prone to amplified aggression, dominance and submission dynamics, passive aggression, etc. Childlike and meek when small. Backstabber when possible. Tyrannical when big.

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Just imagine, guys like this will be dead, sterile, or mute soon. Real relief. They deserve it. We need them gone from the gene pool, permanently. They're cattle fit only to be used. Not needed anymore.

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Pharma needs the foreskins, it's a buisness. There is no valid reason why a healthy young men should cut any parts of his body off.

>> No.15816717

They don't need them. Not everything is about the profit motive, goybrain.

>> No.15816782

>he don't know about the baby foreskin buisness
Then why do hospitals sell the foreskins to pharma if they don't need it? It's a buisness.

>> No.15816788

I know all about foreskin fibroblasts. That's not why it's done.

Get over it.

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why are you people obsessed with this topic. These threads are always 9/10 un circumsised dudes angry about it. and 1 circumsied guy who wondered in curious about the topic who could care less.

Ok so whats the goal? everyones dick looks like yours and youre happy? kinda weird but ok. Is it fear of someone taking something away from a mans penis that is scary, like when you see annother guy get kicked in the nuts?

All i know is you guys keep talking about how its traumatic mutilation, meanwhile none of us think about it or care. The pleasure thing makes no sense, it still feels good. As for trauma, I have non memory of it, it was done when i was born. It has no pain or anything. If I had to get it done as an adult i'd be scared as fuck and avoid it.

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You sound practically braindead.

>> No.15816828

Yes thats right you got programmed to love being a slave. Don't worry about it.

>> No.15816830

One could say his brain, will, autonomy, and spirit was circumcised. Amputated. Ablated.

Bunch of retarded as fuck cope from le "I'm smooth and cool because I'm dumb" television programmed NPC Normie cattle scum ANIMAL.

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>If I had to get it done as an adult i'd be scared as fuck and avoid it.
ONLY part of your post that shows a GLIMMER of STRENGTH

The rest is LIES
spoken from the egoic nonsense of some

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That's why they do it at such a young age, they don't want men developing an uncircumcised personality

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You probably want to be a little more polite to someone who generally agrees with you, but you should also try to be correct.

>Circumcision reduces heterosexual HIV-1 acquisition in men by at least 60%. However, the biological mechanisms by which circumcision is protective remain incompletely understood. We test the hypothesis that the sub-preputial microenvironment created by the foreskin drives immune activation in adjacent foreskin tissues, facilitating HIV-1 infection through a combination of epithelial barrier disruption, enhanced dendritic cell maturation, and the recruitment/activation of neutrophils and susceptible CD4 T cell subsets such as Th17 cells. Furthermore, we provide evidence that the genital microbiome may be an important driver of this immune activation. This suggests that new modalities to reduce genital immune activation and/or alter the genital microbiome, used alone or in combination with topical microbicides, may be of significant benefit to HIV prevention.

That doesn't mean I recommend circumcision. Wear a condom, don't screw everything that moves, etc.

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There really does seem to be a lot of anger from the uncircumcised crowd. I'm circumcised and against circumcision, but there's not a lot of point in arguing on an online message board. If you have a son, don't circumcise. It doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.

>> No.15817388 [DELETED] 

Yes. I grew up in the US, not cut. There very clearly is a circumcised behavioral template, which I have grown to find intolerable. It is vital that it is wiped out completely and prevented from regenerating itself. le "dnt cut ur kids" maymay is adequate for normies, but this alone is too slow and not acceptable. It has to be coerced, contrived, and forced from behind the scenes. the others are like clay, they just do what everyone around them are doing. Control their environment, and they will submit. It's not what they do, it's what they are.

This and many things must go. We're approaching the end of the line.

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1. Aids (virus) not exist
2. Africa not a control group
3. Shoot yourself whatever "religion" you are.

>> No.15817450

>mutilating your genitals to make a woman feel better
jesus fucking christ that's worst than cuckholdry

>> No.15817459

It doesn't even make sense. Being uncut doesn't make you cum faster, it actually provides more control. And the type of thrusting a man will resort to in order to get the desired sensations is not pleasureable for the woman either.

Being uncut, your dick basically provides for anything and everything. This depth, this speed, this tightness, this type of pussy. It's all provided for, by design. It all just werks.

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Wouldn't their hypothesis also suggest that uncircumcised men should have better protection against STDs in general? HIV is obviously different because it infects immune cells.
Also maybe uncircumcised men in their sample are just more promiscuous for whatever reason.

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Shhhhh, stop critical thinking. There are no confounders, the science is settled. Circumcision is safe and effective.

>> No.15817486

I am not going to completely dismiss the possibility but it sure sounds odd that some desert cult 4000 years ago figured out this procedure for purely religious reasons, spread that garbage around the globe, and now a scientific field where those same people are massively over represented finds shoddy evidence that it was a good idea all along for medical reasons, but also they're not actually sure why.

>> No.15817487

Anon, come on. I was not being serious!

>> No.15817489

Repurposing the tissue as youth serums in current years seems to be a good enough reason to continue the practice

>> No.15817492

Most of the amputated parts are simply thrown in the medical waste. It's almost more brutal, but it is true.

>> No.15817499

yeah I know just wanted to add on I guess, and maybe explain to the other anon who posted the study I'm not against reasonable discussion about it.
was pretty spooked when I found out about that

>> No.15817501

People brag about it. It's pretty fucked up.

>> No.15817519

It's a good thing I don't know the identity of whoever performed my circumcision, because if I did, I would be too tempted to do awful horrible things that would likely land me on death row.

>> No.15817551

Part of the repair of the world will involve such revelations and accountability.

>> No.15817574

They made an allergy test that test for a male smegma allergy. Made people belive a positive meant they had a deadly virus called HIV.

The "evidence" is not shoddy. It's the whole HIV narrative that is.

If you buy the narrative that HIV is a deadly virus then it's strange you don't buy the "evidence" that shows circumcision protects against HIV.

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the part of you that was chopped off was sold for $500

>> No.15817901

>sold for $500
Not even, I was born in the 90's when circumcision was routine and standard practice. There was a period of time in the United States when they would just circumcise all infant males by default.

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I had a circumcision done two months ago and masturbation and sex feels fine you fucking retarded faggots. Why the fuck do I still take this board seriously? I'm just like what this guy mentioned here>>15812158 , I had phimosis and my foreskin was so fucking painfully tight and shitty, I even used rings and did other shit to stretch but no avail and sex was so painful it was awkward for my gf. So I got cut and sex life has never been better, it can be used for medical reasons too not just fucking jewish ben shaprio nigger jerk off.

>> No.15817923

>and their sexual life revolves around pleasing women rather than caring about their own enjoyment.
oh wow how horrible
guess i'll just have to cope with being able to please and satisfy women to the extent of making them madly in love with me forever. pity.

>> No.15818136

The primary erogenous zone for a female is purportedly the clitoris. The primary erogenous zone for the male is the foreskin. Routine male circumcision removes almost all of the primary erogenous zone.

>> No.15818140

"Medical" used to mean spirits and gods.

>> No.15818141

>cumming as fast and as hard as possible is the thing we strive for because that is maximal pleasure.
no way. edging for an hour+ and then exploding is maximum pleasure

>> No.15818158

The best moments of my life were spending 12+ hours edging from raunchy AOL chat room role playing, busting so hard that it hit the ceiling, and walking hunched forward and wide-legged from my obliterated lower abdomen and sensitive testicles.

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my man

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>> No.15818301

Can I do anything to fix my slight phimosis? I had sex a few times without any injury but it's a bit annoying.

>> No.15818306

No scientific reason to do it. It's a religious and cultural practice, that's it.

>> No.15818625 [DELETED] 

why not completely dismiss the possibility given that the desert cult has a well documented history in every form of manipulative lying?
why give them the benefit of the doubt?

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How do you know the 'angry' crowd are uncircumcised?
Where does this projection come from? Seriously.
Whenever there is an argument about this topic, some blithering idiot who is cut comes along and says some shit like "lol anteaters seething".
Is it impossible for cut men to feel angry about this? Is it impossible for cut men to oppose being cut?
I'm cut and I argue most of the time in these sorts of threads, always against some cutfag unwittingly calling me uncut.

Run me down through this logic, because /mg/ taught me that this sort of train of thought is fucking retarded

>> No.15819076

idk bro I've got my whole dick but I still jerk off to cuck porn lol

>> No.15819365

Try edging without a foreskin. The reason why it takes longer without is because you don't feel PLEASURE. Fuck everyone in here is so retarded. Probabyl noone besides me knows the difference in here.
Circumcision is not equal to circumcision, it depends which parts are cut off.
I know what is missing, it also cut off a part of my soul, of my astral projection. Not even death will bring me relief. That's how bad it is. If I knew death would bring reelief I would jump off the next bridge.

>> No.15819448

It's really that deep huh? Aslong as your entire head of the penis isn't completely removed or butchered I don't see the problem with it? It's just a stupid piece of skin that you all religiously obsess about. Babies shouldn't get it though as I was not circumcised at birth and it should only be for medical/cosmetic and religious purposes.

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All your foreskins are belong to us

>> No.15819461 [DELETED] 

Check em

>> No.15819563

>Now I am seriously considering suicide
Get a grip on yourself, you got this! You're not an eunuch. You can still orgasm and sex is not everything. Sublimate it.

>> No.15819575

dude these people are mentally ill man, im literally cut and i feel barely any difference when i had my foreskin. I can still cum great and I can last longer now.

>> No.15819598

bot / liar


>> No.15819760

I don't know how. This is all I ever wanted from live, it was the only thing I ever fucking wanted. Everything else I have already seen or I left for the others. I was seriously depressed from age 7 on probably. People always mocked me and i could stand above that, but it was the way how everyone gathered together for the sole purpose of hurting me. How noone gave me even the slightest break. My mom said I understand it wrong and they don't mean it, so I believed them and thought they meant it good and that I just needed to behave differently and they would be my friends. But that never happened, I only lost my true self. She was alone in raising me and a full time teacher. Go figure how much emotions there are left for the child at the end of the day. So no break at home either. Instead me saying what was up always ended in screams and fights and tears, and she was the only one I had, the only point I could go back to, if at all. Because my dad is a pathologic gambler who gambled away my mothers pay. So they got divorced when I was three or something. No break there either. I developed a drug habit al the way to i.v. Heroin and Meth. But then I got myself together. I quit it all and I fucking entered medical school, only 30% of applicants make it every year. And guess what. Last month I graduated. I could've had it all. But two years ago I pushed myself to the circumcision for reasons outlined above.

>> No.15819770

And since then everything fell apart. This was the only thing left that I wanted from the world, to feel loved via being touched there, The only feeling I couldn't produce myself. To feel the relief of having waited for so long and finally reaching that place, that save haven, where I can let go and let all the emotions flow because I fainally made it. The only thing I couldn't produce myself was the touchof someone else, and the permission to touch someone else, to smell someone else, to breathe while feeling someone close and letting go. All of this won't be possible anymore because those nerves, those specialized cells were the key to my heart and my soul. Where I was still the vulnerable child who just wanted to be loved and feel secure. That salvation won't come anymore because I'm just numb to everything, physically and emotionally. The impact of this operation can not be overstated. Now I am back on H and not even death can bring me the relief or salvation anymore, because again, not even in my spirit or mind can I feel there.

>> No.15820574

Dunno. Studies have consistently shown circumcision provides moderate protection against HIV, to the significant chagrin of everyone who thinks circumcision is the worst thing ever. The evidence isn't as strong against other STDs. The thing is, it's like a 50-60% reduction. A condom is more like 99%, and protects against other STDs, and prevents pregnancy. So for stupid people who bang everything and ignore condoms, I guess I see the point in circumcising, but an intelligent father would never force it on their child and instead hope they're not a piece of shit when they grow up.

>> No.15820576

>Circumcision is not equal to circumcision, it depends which parts are cut off.
Is it really that nuanced? I thought it was just the entire foreskin removed in just about every case, but I admit I haven't looked into it at all.

>> No.15820636

circumcision as a practice enabled by jews is usually against newborn baby boys. You know how babies come out crying?
It's cause room temperature is cold. It's this brand new experience and it's terrifying them.
They'll eventually acclimate. They'll eventually learn.
But a newborn is being subjected to some amount of torture by just being born and no longer being in a warm place. Think of how sensitive you'd have to be to break into hysterical tears because the temperature dropped 20 degrees.

With that perspective, circumcising a newborn baby boy essentially destroys any sense of bonding that would have been subconsciously invoked through the development process. Would even a full grown woman dare to use a razor to cut her own tender pink genitals? Get it right up in there right around the clitoris, the analog to the male penis head?

That level of pain imparted upon such a sensitivity that thought the world was ending just because it was room temperature is impossible to conceive. It would necessarily fundamentally change the mindset and mental ability of the child for the rest of it's life. It would retard them.
and it does retard them.

Circumcision is literally retarded.

>> No.15820676

>muh studies
>published in a jewish owned soience journal
>by a jewish author

>> No.15821042 [DELETED] 

>It's just a stupid piece of skin that you all religiously obsess about
jews are the ones who are so obsessed that they're trying to remove every foreskin on the planet.

>> No.15821958 [DELETED] 

judaism is a matriarchal culture
women have penis envy
that is why jews are obsessed with destroying penises and denying males sexual pleasure

>> No.15821982

Look man, I'm not gonna bullshit you. This sounds bad. But, at the very least, time could solve it. It really can solve a lot. I had a similar experience both at home and at school, and things have definitely improved since then. You also don't really seem numb, given passionate response.

>> No.15822260
File: 773 KB, 1289x938, 4464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't trade my foreskin for anything. It's not "extra" either. Not "extra" sensation, "extra" skin. It's a key and integral part of the genital apparatus, even if you take a strictly utilitarian view. Circumcision is a "bare minimum" approach, aimed to returne the brain and endocrine system by offering up a sacrifice.

Unfortunately it seems another Anon ITT realized this the hard way. I was also maimed and severely punished for life by going along with what I was told, passively, like an animal. Though not in that way fortunately, but equally crippling.

pic related
>You trusted the MD!

Probably use moisturizer or try to restore, don't know what to tell ya.

>> No.15822280

>I was also maimed and severely punished for life by going along with what I was told, passively, like an animal. Though not in that way fortunately, but equally crippling.

>> No.15822304

As a child, yes, which may have primed or otherwise synergized other factors. It's complex. I think what really did it was, in addition to c-section birth which messes with the neck and pelvis, allowing them to put braces on was what finished it off. Scoliosis, clockwise rotation all the way down starting from the jaw. I had the braces taken off early, but whatever it was, the additional mallocclusion fucked it up. Trigeminal neuralgia, whole body burning pain, autonomic issues, dark vision, tachycardia, couldn't eat, etc. Basically brainstem torsion and compression of the cranial nerves. Something I realized early on but couldn't face because I was a child and had dissociative schizoid tendencies to begin with. Naturally no one else gave a fuck or diagnosed it, which I've recently let go of the anger of because it's an inverted and implicit neotenous savior complex, just turned to rage and counterdependency instead.

So there you go. Ten years later, whatever.

>> No.15822322

The short version is it produced a non-fixed sort of "wallenberg syndrome". Right side of the face, left side of the body. It is always in the back of my mind. I was too crippled to fulfill the creative endeavors I tried to build up layers of indirection and transmutation to channel it into, so a lot of the cope ultimately fell apart. Likewise with quasi-activist behavior, ie trying to help people by telling them things they don't want to know. Because already being so apart from the world, and having shelved everything that a living being is attached to, you lack all inner resistance. The truth becomes very apparent. The others don't want it. You learn a lot about people, and why the place you're in helped you become what you are.

>> No.15822399

The point is a ritual return to Edenic nudity

>> No.15822406

Nahh none of what you said is true. You didn't cite any studies or evidence. No amount of "human experience" will ever change the data.

>> No.15822410

Shut the fuck up, bot.

>> No.15823685

oy vey please stop noticing

>> No.15823965


>> No.15824147

It only existed in ancient times as a blood ritual. The medical rationale didn't exist until Dr. Kellogg. It existed in Europe purely as Jew wank by Queen Elizabeth and a similar reason in a Japanese court.

>> No.15824152

Circumcision feels worse for women.

>> No.15824171

>The medical rationale didn't exist until Dr. Kellogg.
No. this is the biggest piece of misinfo floating around. Trying to pin everything on the 7th day adventists.

>> No.15824178

>no alternative source
>all scientists are Jewish
>all science magazines are owned by Jews
Believable. Totally believable. Idiot.

>> No.15824243

He's partly correct. However his hypthesis has to be generalized.

>Article produced by circumcised men
Will be either neutral or pro-circumcision. Apologisms and false rationales at the least.

>Article produced by men with intact genitals
Depending on the culture, will be either neutral or critical of the practice and its alleged benefits.

>Article by women
Depending on culture, will be detached and closer to neutral. Women who live in genital cutting cultures, or women who's undergone their own genital cutting, will probably not get involved or try to be "balanced". ie not hurt cut men's feelings.

>> No.15824269

incorrect on the last part, women will always be pro circumcision because women have penis envy

>> No.15824275

Women who are used to getting dicked by cut cocks develop penis envy because it's a less comfortable experience, and Jewish women in particular are like Lilith, domineering, labile, needy, engulfing. Normal women who are used to sex with intact penises do not develop penis envy.

>> No.15824553

>jews don't dominate the academic publishing world the same way they do the popular press

>> No.15825874 [DELETED] 
File: 217 KB, 231x191, qui.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15826355 [DELETED] 
File: 693 KB, 1079x1061, 1698432910626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15827541

Willfully so

>> No.15828946


>> No.15829052

Human behavior is the only thing that prevents/causes HIV.

>> No.15829127

>heh, I'll get him to waste his time and then give em the run around

>> No.15829459

>I had a circumcision done two months ago and masturbation and sex feels fine you fucking retarded faggots
has your glans keratinized yet? do you still have your frenulum?

>> No.15829473

He's lying. This is just propaganda targeted at circumcised men because they don't know otherwise. A post or two like this shows up every single thread like this. Somehow there's alays some guy who got cut 2 months ago who just happens to be on 4chan to post about it, every thread.

Yeah, no.

>> No.15829477

whats the point of satisfying a woman if you cant enjoy it as much yourself? if you follow that train of logic, why shouldnt you let your woman fuck whoever she wants if she'd enjoy it more?

>> No.15829482

quit talking like a faggot. also, amputation should always be a last resort, not preventative.

>> No.15829484

Don't even go down that road, there's no magical tradeoff. It's the sacrifice mentality, that tyou cut that pleasure off, so there must be a reward. There isn't. It's called cope.

You can last just fine and control your orgasms even better with a foreskin. The genitals by default are designed to provide mutual enjoyment.

>> No.15830988

women get sexual satisfaction from getting impregnated, sex is a reproductive act. anything else you've been told is a lie.
queen victoria has 10 children and she said she hated being pregnant. she was lying, women tell lies, but the female body is inarguably evolved for pregnancy, thats its purpose. theres a number of animal species in which the females will drop dead if they're not able to get pregnant.

>> No.15831935


>> No.15832337

Computer, include vagina to this topic.

>> No.15832483

No. The correct response is to ensure no one's genitals are being cut, male or female. This includes retarded females and males unfortunately, because they do the most damage.

>> No.15833840

>The genitals by default are designed to provide mutual enjoyment.
> designed
they're evolved to produce children

>> No.15833869

Nope. The biosphere is a conscious organism and decisions are made at the tissue level which affect the germ line. Get over it, cocksucker. Also humans were probably made by aliens or an ancient AI left behind by another species.

>> No.15834975 [DELETED] 
File: 49 KB, 1200x575, 1691944396784981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Also humans were probably made by aliens or an ancient AI left behind by another species.
where are all the aliens !??!

>> No.15834979

Either inside the moon or the Earth and "Created" is used loosely. It's complex, no flying saucer BS.

>> No.15835964 [DELETED] 

That explains it all pretty completely

>> No.15836930 [DELETED] 

If they're inside the Earth they're not really aliens, are they?

>> No.15836943

Alien just means a-lien, something without a lien on it. which so far as us and the nations, would be accurate. In the extraterrestrial sense they probably didn't originate here, their genesis was elsewhere.

>> No.15836949

Uncircumcised is worse. You're doing the kid a favor.

>> No.15837381
File: 67 KB, 1080x904, 5sc946m39dw61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It makes sense if you live in a desert and have never taken shower in your life. But for americans to mutilate their babies genitals.... Not normal.

>> No.15837413

Animals dont understand that sex leads to children. They do it because they enjoy it.

>> No.15837863

>What are the actual effects of circumcision on the human body and sexuality?
none, but the US is run by you know who and they just love genital mutilation

>> No.15838646 [DELETED] 

>i know what animals think
how? because you imagine it and your confirmation bias confirms that the self serving products of your imagination are correct?

>> No.15838682

Well, as someone that actually did get cut when I was younger there's not only hygiene issues with it but there can be other issues like the foreskin being too tight, causing multiple infections and it's just easier and less costly to cut the damn thing off. At least it was back then, hopefully they have better medical procedures about it nowadays.

>> No.15838692

Sorry for what happened to you. Though it's amusing how hard you have to cope about it now.

>> No.15838699

>it's just easier and less costly to cut the damn thing off.
Obvious psychological distancing and indirection (framing it in monetary and utilitarian terms) to cope with your trauma. No one buys it, not even you.

Used to be jsut like you.

>> No.15838744

Yeah but once you don't have to put up with infections anymore you begin not to care. Bitches love the cut cawk anyway.

>> No.15838747

Jews improved ny penis by mutilating it for no reason other than to suit their aesthetic sensibilities

>> No.15838750

If part of your body is getting infected it means you have something wrong with you. And it's not the fact that the body part is still attached. Talk about treating the symptoms baka famalamalam

>> No.15838785

the only people who should actively practice it are those prone to phimosis or related conditions, my father had it, I had it, I wish I had gotten it before but I waited until I was 18 and it was the most painful 3 months of my life during recovery. If you dont have a history of phimosis there is no reason to get it, it's not "cleaner" either, just wash yourself nigga.
You DO lose a good amount of sensitivity on your glands, the first couple weeks rubbing your head against the inside of your boxers will feel extremely weird and sensitive until you get used to it and the gland "dries up", during sex you cant tell because it becomes quite sensitive again though not nearly as much as before, but it's not that big a deal, the amount of pleasure you feel doesn't really go down because sex isnt localized entirely around the tip of your dick.
the scar is really fucking sensitive its basically like rubbing uncircumsiced frenullum on steroids, thats the one part that becomes more sensitive than before

>> No.15838787

not him but i kept mine partially, they sewed it into the scar or something like that its fucking sensitive i felt like i had my dick plugged into the socket when a girl licked it

>> No.15838788

uhh when youre getting the tip of your dick snipped yes, you check and inform yourself retard, its like someone told him to jump out of a moving train and hes acting surprised he broke his legs

>> No.15838789

i think its some sort of fetish thing its always weirdos in this thread >>15816300 LARPing about how they lost both legs and arms and eyes and ears because of circumcision and death is the only release. slide thread most likely.

>> No.15838790

>a history of phimosis

>> No.15838792

This is /sci/ shit for brains, look at the timestamp of the OP. There are no slide threads.

Shill revealed. I hate you people. The world will be so much better when you're long gone and the basis and genesis of your being is eliminated forevermore.

>> No.15838795

daddy chill i clicked here from the front page

>> No.15839165

I suppose what pisses me off in these threads is how cut men act like you must be making it up if you say your foreskin is good. Plainly put, this creepy as fuck behavior marks them as a threat, and amplifies the desire to destroy them.
1) I have body part
2) They don't have body part
3) They think it's fine or good to cut off part
4) They kind of outnumber me
5) They might try to cut off my part
6) Therefore I should get rid of them, one way or another

It's like castration anxiety in reverse.

>> No.15839196

medically speaking, its just really amusing, no other reason

>> No.15839532 [DELETED] 

>the Wikipedia article on this topic literally reads like a pro-circumcision pamphlet.
gee, i wonder who could be behind that

>> No.15840431 [DELETED] 

Oy vey stop being so antisemitic

>> No.15840554

Animal brains lack parts used for abstract reasoning that humans have.

>> No.15841668 [DELETED] 


>> No.15841934

sda are equivlent or worse than jews

>> No.15841936

Get a Low and Tight when turning 12, that should be the best optioin.

>> No.15842016

Nice try, Kellogg, but no-one should have to have their genitals operated on unless it is an absolute medical necessity; barring a fully-grown adult who is entirely aware of what's going to be done.

>> No.15842236

>become eunuch to please women.
Imagine being so sex deprived that you would remove your own enjoyment of sex for the opportunity to maybe make a female orgasm a little bit more

>> No.15842260

>for the opportunity

>> No.15842277

The experience of rolling the foreskin back and putting boxers/underwear back on is all one needs to know.

>> No.15842324

Is really sad the Romans didn't exterminate all the jew vermin when they could.

>> No.15842441

>become youthinasia to please women
whats the point of all this anyway

>> No.15842494

Let me guess, you think female circumcision is a mutilation war crime that should have any country that practices it sanctioned by every other country in the world while the doctors who perform them are arrested en masse?

>> No.15842512

Circumcision is comparable to other forms of genital mutilation. Don't pretend he is anything different from a gaping wound tranny at this point.

>> No.15842537

Your son is going to get shamed into hating you and blaming his failures in like on your lack of foreskin sacrifice rituals because the other kids at school and on his sportball team think his in tact dick looks weird.

>> No.15843100

it's the opposite tards, the foreskin causes a rolling motion which causes sexual pleasure in females, i know that this can't be bait but it's still retarded as shit.
circumcised men only hurt females by literally having a hook for a penis, woman enjoy sex as a pleasure act and sex is a relationship based action which needs for it to be pleasurable deep connections which can only be obtained on deep relationships.
circumcision causes the opposite by reducing the pleasure of the man causing him to not see a point in not doing other pleasurable things and just using the act for an itch rather than a beautiful experience aka cumming and dumping.

>> No.15843123

>circumcised intact z-score
>Number of partners 10.36(11.21) >3.61(5.81) 6.16
>Vaginal fluid secretions* -0.23(0.79) >0.60(0.58) -9.47
>Vaginal discomfort+ 2.01(0.87) >0.85(0.83) 10.93
>Likelihood of vaginal orgasm(%) 34.7(35.2) >60.6(36.2) 6.16
>Orgasm frequency rating 1.68(1.13) >2.39(1.02 -5.39
this was a survey made with people who had sex with intact and cut men.

>> No.15843392

women who had sex*

>> No.15844089
File: 182 KB, 391x236, SurveySays.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who cares about the opinions of a bunch of sluts who ride the cock carousel?

>> No.15845081 [DELETED] 

cucks do

>> No.15845290

It doesn't make sense at all, you can use all that dry sand to dab the smegma off and there will be nothing to get infected.
It'd make a little more sense in damp, rainy, indoor-housing, rat-infested European cities, but that just emphasises how vile of a decision it is.

>> No.15845334

If you're not dead from thirst you can wash your dick.

>> No.15845361


>> No.15845363

Wikipedia is circumcised.

>> No.15845944

so $500 is the medical significance of circumcision

>> No.15847021 [DELETED] 

>female circumcision is a mutilation war crime that should have any country that practices it sanctioned by every other country in the world while the doctors who perform them are arrested en masse?
This is what redditers actually believe.

>> No.15847541
File: 62 KB, 828x864, vTmBzoGjr2KD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15847721

if you do it yourself and do it right you get a nifty little ring for your finger, are you saying big pharma cares about fashion and style?

>> No.15847725


also if you cant make a woman cum in under 5 minutes on demand then you are inadequate to be a male progenitor and shouldnt be attempting the breeding ritual in the first place

>> No.15847995

Watch Eric Clopper's play refuting circumcision. It is a beautiful thing - logical, coherent, spanning numerous topics such as medical science and history. The icing on top is that he is
>Harvard magna cum laude
>captain of the football team
This makes him immune to as hominum attacks

>> No.15848757 [DELETED] 
File: 113 KB, 700x896, wikipedia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15848768

It's kind of creepy in a way. Imagining all these faceless nameless genitally mutilated men editing what you're going to be reading.

>> No.15849364

the post you replied to was deleted by faceless nameless genitally mutilated men

>> No.15849366

I'm cut.
I don't mind the way my penis looks.
I do think circumcision is genital mutilation but because I can't change anything for myself, meh.
I don't care about other people's dicks.
I won't have kids
Opinions don't matter, mine included

>> No.15849382

>they hated him because he spoke the truth

>> No.15849636

because they are woman who show an objective reflection that the intact penis is more pleasurable.
intact females have a lot lesser partners by being satisfied of their intact partner has well, something that you will never have, showing that the woman that leave do by literally being hurt by sex.

>> No.15850539
File: 829 KB, 2833x2880, Ustd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this results in a lot of other psychological phenomena such as men wishing they were women so they could experience the pleasures of sex

Thats an interesting theory, honestly could use further research.
As a counter, in Japan the circumcision rate is less then 1% yet most of their straight hentai is from the internal perspective of the women receiving pleasure. And if its yaoi, its usually from the perspective of the submissive receiver. I wonder why that is?

The std rate is also higher in western countries where circumcision is more prevalent.

>> No.15850544

Men are wired to please women. From their mothers onward. It's a tragic natural state that a man has to be artificially broken from.

>> No.15851113

because sexual pleasure when intact can only be obtained by mutual sex pleasuring by naturally having more similar mechanisms of pleasure with women, so the best technique to get pleasure as a man is to do movements which aid the woman get pleasure, it's a win win situation.

>> No.15851118

It's more than that though. The intact phallus can get some level of pleasure from pretty much any movement, with some movements being mutually encouraged (entrainment) by her body's responses. But ultimately anything is good on some level. There is not window of good vs meh, you can do whatever and it's good enough. This same mechanism facilitates orgasm control without hyperfixation on perineal muscles or whatever.

>> No.15851184

>low and tight at 12
Help me cope by telling me why that's the "best option"

>> No.15851200

Because he's a fetishist that gets off on the idea of a particular type of circumcision being as punishing and desensitizing as possible. Low and tight removes all of the foreskin and some shaft skin, which are known to be erogenous, so that turns him on more.

If I say a phrase like "get him clipped nice and tight" I bet that poster will read it and become erect. Because that's just the type of twisted and malformed creature they are.

>> No.15851205

Oh, also the age they mentioned is because that's the onset of puberty and thus sexual discovery. So to maim and diminish their organ at this age turns him on more, as it will maximize the trauma and sense of loss. It would be the ultimate in being denied by society. Allowed to grow for 12 whole years and then having it taken away right as you'd be interested in exploring it. This is the origin of the arousal. Being dominated, dehumanized, made a robot, with no regard at all. Not seen as a person. Objectified.

>> No.15851206

If males didn't get irrational dopamine hits from looking at females I wonder if the species would even survive

>> No.15851212

>as punishing and desensitizing as possible
But isn't it more likely to preserve the frenulum?

>> No.15851213

Ah, and lastly. Search up "Brian J Morris" and his "acorn society" or whatever it was.

No. The frenulum is part of the inner foreskin, which is maximally removed by a low cut.

>> No.15851563 [DELETED] 

female genital mutilation is based

>> No.15852391

>>15805191 See the Pro / Con arguments in this structured debate: https://www.kialo.com/should-all-forms-of-circumcision-of-minors-be-banned-36847

It could be that WP needs MEDRS sources for updating it (regarding *addition* of info) and so has lots of info from some flawed old reviews without there yet being reviews that correct or point out those issues (see and add them in the linked debate).

>> No.15852660

that too, but for that reason smaller movements cause more pleasure than harsh ones, something that reflects the way to get sexual pleasure is more equal to women and as a result causes mutual pleasuring to be easier.

>> No.15853081

Women get pleasure from ingesting healthy fresh sperm into their cervixes, you don't have their body parts so you'll never know what thats like.
Women are not "men with tits and a vagina" they are women, something entirely different and separate from men, so trying to understand them by projecting your own personality and experiences onto them will never work.

>> No.15853096

It's fairly barbaric to amputate stuff from babies

And it is banned to do it to women but not men, which is a weird double standard.

>> No.15854435

>It's fairly barbaric to amputate stuff from babies
Its cruel and evil for sure, but not barbaric. barbarians never cut off their babies' dicks. jews invented that practice, not barbarians.

>> No.15854847

I am cut and have nut in women to the point where I start shaking. This cope comes from virgins 100% of the time.

>> No.15855007

Do the Jews own China? Japan? Are their studies corrupt? It's one thing to be skeptical, it's another to claim EVERYTHING that disagrees with you must be because of the Jews even if it makes no sense whatsoever. If they really are that all-powerful then kudos to them, they've done a bang up job and everyone else is low IQ trash.

>> No.15855018

>They do it because they enjoy it.
A lot of female animals refuse sex unless they're in heat, meaning it must not be that pleasurable for them.

>> No.15855166

A lot of male animals aren't interested unless the females are clearly in season

>> No.15855441

just because you're a cripplecock cuck doesn't mean everyone is, stop projecting your broken cripplecock psychology onto normal people

>> No.15855448

From an evolutionary perspective it is for the males benefit so he doesn't waste his semenergy on a frigid bitch that won't get pregnant anyways.

>> No.15856032

Oh yeah, I get it, and they must want it when they are in heat, but the end purpose is procreation, and when conception is unlikely they no longer desire it. That's not all animals of course. Humans and some primates use sex for reasons other than procreation, but it's possibly an accident that sex became enjoyable even when conception is unlikely or impossible.

>> No.15856861 [DELETED] 

>sex became enjoyable even when conception is unlikely or impossible.
it isn't, its not all that enjoyable when you know its a pointless act

>> No.15857174

I'm not cut. Though I did grow up in a cutting culture.

>> No.15857532 [DELETED] 

check the official /sci/ server at:


>> No.15858331 [DELETED] 

>muh precious jews!
>they're so innocent and perfect!
>I must defend them everywhere I go
are you jewish yourself?

>> No.15858759

>>This cope comes from virgins 100% of the time.

Virgins aren’t the problem, it’s the infant genital mutilation$& the culture that perpetuates that shit! Population control

>> No.15859487
File: 1.30 MB, 1200x581, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

foreskin donation?