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how many of the posters on /sci/ have been turned into """legal""" drug dependent pharmaceutical addicts?
according to the data in picrel study it should be more than half.
is anyone here willing to own up to being a drug addict?

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Why the quotes?

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>metformin, statins, anti-hypertensives all started in mid 40s
Yeah, if they live to 90, that'd be about right.

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I don't use any meds except the ones i occasionally get from friends that have recreational value. I did take kratom every day for about a yr straight but i have since quit

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>including birth control for girls from puberty up

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Birth control reduces sex drive. Sex drive comes from the desire to reproduce, people who can't reproduce have no sex drive. Any heterosexual man should be against brith control.

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Why should he be against it if it prevents pregnancy and reduces the libido/drive to promiscuous sex?

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Atomoxetine ever since my kike teacher told my helicopter parents I needed meds.
Killed my creativity and switched me to maths skills.
"Addicted" for a decade.

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>brags about not being on prescriptions
>literally took a psued trend poison that gives you permanent brain damage, like every fucking opioid, while simultaneously obliterating your testosterone

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>he thinks birth control reduces sex drive
lol lmao

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It also turns girls into whores who presume that sex is something to trade for personal gain rather than something to use to breed subsequent generations of humanity.

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the absolute state. murrilards are literally just a bunch of willing lab rats for pfizer et al.

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I was, briefly, but got over the addiction. Just quit cold turkey because the alternative was death.

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USA is so corrupt that it takes an unusually high IQ to avoid all the predatory traps and pitfalls that litter society

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good evolutionary pressure
>hard times make smart men

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>drug dependent pharmaceutical addicts
I can feel how you were shaking while typing this tautology. You probably should be taking meds but aren't.

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>You probably should be taking meds

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OP sounds mentally ill.

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>OP sounds mentally ill.
I don't think being ineloquent is a medical condition.

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remove seed oils and sugars from your diet a lot of them wil go away

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You're only upset at the topic because you're a drug addict and you don't like being accurately characterized. You wouldn't have to be so defensive about your condition if you weren't deeply ashamed of yourself for being addicted to Dr. Feelgood's happy pills.

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Considering half the population is retarded is only natural they trust in corporate drugs and shit.
Relevant picture of Dr. Pepe Mengele applying the final canadian vax.

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Probably not many, given that the vast majority of posters are likely to be younger than 50 years old.

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>Jessica Ho

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well that debunks the "gook women don't hit the wall" meme

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How come the drug addicts of /sci/ are so unwilling to discuss their drug abuse and addiction ITT?

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adderall or vyvanse depending on whats in stock. Man I love capitalism.

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Do energy drinks, alcohol, and edibles count?

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at one point early in the story the guy is paying off the cops, then at the end the cops come to arrest him. why? did he miss a payment?

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do they make prescription strength energy drinks?

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more than likely they surveyed some college students and found that half of them take prescription drugs daily

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That would be a great marketing ploy. Imagine selling cans of sugar water and caffeine for $30 each and getting ppl's health insurance to cover the cost.

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all those happy pills have long term negative consequences, they all cause cancer and liver and kidney disease. nobody ever asks what they're synthesized out of

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The army gave me seizures from with hpv vaccine. Now I'm on medication for the rest of my life so I guess that counts

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you agreed to be injected with an experimental drug and now you're on the gibes gravy train for life
worth it?

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Definitely not worth it

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my grandparents didn't take anything till late after 70 years. Fucking murikansky burgerlovsky

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Maim and drain. That's how it's designed.

Wait for business? What are you, lazy? Dumb? Make business!

*rubs hands*

Clamped your cord early.

fluoridated you.

poisoned your food supply

gave you injections which induced chronic disease thus turning you into a permanent customer

hit you in the head with a hammer

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true and processed food

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don't fret over it too much, some VA diversity hire will probably come around and put you out of your misery before you know it

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Doubtful, they'll still be drug addicts

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>cut off the tip of your dick and sold it for $500

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LMAO, you could as well put a bullet in the spine of all your children you stupid moron.

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Truly the only good jew is the jew impaled and burned alive.

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Yes, people like him are the worst. Maladapted human garbage. A dirtiness of the soul. Filth.

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Its worth noting that the people who constantly screech "meds" on this board, which is a lot of people, are all drug addicts who project their own drug addiction on everyone around them
>because everyone is like me

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>everyone is like me
thats the next stage in psychological development after infantile solipsism

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>didn't get the vax
>do exercises for any pains
>don't even take allergy medicine
>hardest I hit is the occasional melatonin
>'caught' covid twice but never tested (senpai got sick but I didn't)
>never get sick apart from that
It's that easy, boys. Just wash your hands obsessively and be tall enough that most peoples' sickness air only reaches your chest

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just one or the other, we've already wasted far too much resources on them, no need to make it any worse

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Race realism is far more sophisticated. I'm always amazed that people can recognize behavioral differences in various breeds of dog, but not in the different types of their own species

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Amazingly, so far nobody on /sci/ is willing to admit to being a drug dependent pharmaceutical addict.
Its almost as if they're ashamed of their drug addictions, but not so ashamed that they're willing to quit being addicts